Watch Dogs 2 – Human Conditions DLC Available Now on PS4

The hacker heroes of DedSec have a crop of new Operations awaiting their unique brand of cyber-justice with the release of the Human Conditions DLC on PS4. Human Conditions contains three new DedSec Operations, new elite co-op challenges, and a new enemy type with the ability to mess with your tech, making for plenty of new opportunities to flex your hacker skills in the open world of the Bay Area. Nanotech implants, self-driving cars, ransomware attacks on hospitals, and the return of a familiar face from the first Watch Dogs await. Get a glimpse of the new Operations and new locations of Human Conditions in this video:

Human Conditions is available for purchase now on PS4, and will release on March 23 for Xbox One and PC. Human Conditions is also part of the season pass content. For more on Watch Dogs 2, check out UbiBlog’s coverage below.

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