Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition Returns to Uplay

The Starter Edition for Rainbow Six Siege is back on Uplay for PC players, and this time, it’s here to stay. With a continuously growing community and a second year’s worth of DLC incoming, Rainbow Six Siege is bigger than ever, and at $15, the Starter Edition is the most inexpensive way to play it on PC. Featuring all of the content in the Standard Edition, the Starter Edition lets you play on every map in tense PvP matches, co-op Terrorist Hunt battles, and single-player Situations. All of the weapons, attachments, and other goodies are here for you to unlock, although you’ll unlock Operators a little differently.

At the outset, Starter Edition players will get two randomly chosen Operators from a pool that includes Rook, Sledge, Ash, Fuze, Mute, and Smoke, all chosen for their accessibility to newcomers. You’ll also get 600 R6 Credits, which you can use to unlock two additional Operators, or spend on other in-game content. From there, unlocking new Operators becomes more time-consuming than in the Standard Edition: adding a member of the original lineup to your roster takes considerably more Renown, the in-game currency earned through play. (The post-launch Operators, meanwhile, cost the same regardless of which version you’re playing.)


If you’re ready to jump in, you can grab the Rainbow Six Starter Edition via Uplay. Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. For more on the game and its Year 2 DLC, check out our previous coverage:

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