Season Pass

Steep Season Pass content announced

As if announcing Rainbow Six Siege‘s Year 2 content wasn’t enough for one day, here come details of the Steep Season Pass. Two words: Rocket Wings. As Creative Director Igor Manceau mentioned in our recent interview, development studio Ubisoft Annecy are very committed to providing plenty of free post launch content for Steep.  Alongside this, the Season Pass … Continued

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 content

It’s the one year anniversary of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege! Well, actually it’s tomorrow – the game was originally released worldwide on December 1st 2015 – we’re just telling you today so you’ve got time to write your birthday cards. To celebrate, we’re announcing details of year two! The game continues to go from … Continued

What’s in the Watch Dogs 2 season pass?

Are you excited for Watch Dogs 2? We certainly are – so excited, in fact, that we’re already thinking about what comes next: the season pass. For £29.99, players can add a bunch of extra content to their Watch Dogs 2 experience – missions, co-op challenges, difficulty levels, outfits, vehicles and a butt-load of customisation items. Each … Continued