Rainbow Six Siege – Free Weekend, Finals and White Noise!

What are you up to this weekend? Really?  Sounds fun.  But cancel it – cos not only is this weekend a Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend, it’s also the weekend of the game’s sold-out Year 2 Pro League finals in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  And not only (not only) that, but the live stream of those finals will feature the full reveal of White Noise, the final content drop of the game’s second year.  All the details are in this very Blog post.

The free weekend runs from now until Sunday November the 19th (check out the full timing details here), and gives non-Rainbow Six Siege players a chance to try out all the game’s content for free!  All the details and information on how to get involved can be found at the other end of this link.

The finals over in Brazil will be streamed live from Sao Paulo on both YouTube and Twitch.  If you want to catch the start, click on one of those links in time for the opening ceremony at 2:45PM UK time tomorrow afternoon, Saturday the 18th of November.  Teams participating will be Penta Sports (German-based favourites, and winners of the two last Pro League seasons this year), Ence (Finnish team who have consistently qualified for the Pro League finals but haven’t won a match this year), Evil Geniuses (the storied esports brand who just acquired Continuum’s strong Rainbow Six Siege roster), 1NFAMY (surprised many by qualifying for these finals, but stand a chance with their experienced new players), Team Fontt (Brazillian Pro League semi-finalists last season, looking to shine in front of a home crowd), Black Dragons (the second Brazilian team here, and the last team to take a round against Penta in the Season 1 Finals), Mantis FPS (the best South Korean from this year’s new Asia-Pacific season), and Eins (winner of the Pro League play-offs in Sydney’s Asia-Pacific Final last month, this Japanese team hope to be a serious contender.)

We’ve already teased Operation White Noise throughout the week, introducing volatile Korean agent Vigil …

… his colleague Grace ‘Dokkaebi’ Nam …

… and Polish GROM’s own Zofia Bosak, sister of last season’s Ela …

… plus the new Mok Myeok map, set on top of a communications and observation tower in Seoul …

For the full Operation White Noise reveal, be sure to tune into the Pro League Finals stream at 8:30PM UK time on Sunday November the 19th, just before the grand final at 9:30PM.

Phew. For more information on Rainbow Six Siege, check out our previous coverage, and stay tuned to Ubisoft Blog.


Rainbow Six Siege

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Rainbow 6 Siege is the latest installment in the acclaimed first-person shooter franchise developed by the renowned Ubisoft Montreal studio for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Inspired by the reality of counter terrorist operatives across the world, Rainbow 6 Siege invites players to master the art of destruction. Intense close quarters confrontations, high lethality, tactics, team play, and explosive action are at the center of the experience.
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