Our new logo: These are just, like, your opinions, man

As our CEO Yves said at the close of our E3 conference last year, “the real magic and innovation happens when teams and players are free to create, free to innovate, free to express themselves, free to take risks and have fun.”

This perfectly captures the interwebs’ reaction to the reveal of our new logo yesterday.


We wanted to share with you some of our favourites.

Yep… OK, you got us with this one Brian.

Ikkkou started a discussion on Reddit with predictions of what the future might hold based on our minimalist approach.

Ikkkou for the year 2025:


Brehcolli for the year 2040:


Timmmmehh for the year 2055:ubilogo-timmmmehh

A simple, classy response from our friends at @electronicarts. Much obliged!

@geoffkeighley rightly pointed out that whatever you think of the logo, it was an unleaked announcement. So we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.

There was also this obscure Reddit post from _NITRISS_ which almost no one has upvoted, that may or may not have been 3D modelled and then 3D printed 0_0


Thank you Marco… at least someone gets us.

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