Hungry Shark VR and Virtual Rabbids: The Big Plan now available on Google Daydream

With Google I/O 2017 underway, what better time to round up our recent virtual reality games for those with a Daydream headset and compatible phone?  No better time, that’s when.

First up, the Rabbids made their way onto Daydream in Virtual Rabbids: The Big Plan. Rabbids have stolen the three digit nuclear launch codes, and it’s down to you to get them back. You’ll work your way through three mini-games to retrieve the digits, communing with the Rabbids through head and controller movements in a bid to get them back. Here’s the launch trailer:

Next up, the super-popular Hungry Shark series comes to VR in the appropriately named Hungry Shark VR. Taking a point of view behind the shark rather than the series traditional side-on view, you control your peckish poisson through head movements (a la Eagle Flight.) In Hunting missions you’ll need to consume vast quantities of marine life against the clock, in Racing missions you’ll speed through undersea hoops as fast your fins can carry you, and in rescue missions you’ll find ways to unlock bigger and better sharks.  Om nom.

Both games are available at £4.99 each on Google Play, here for Hungry Shark VR, and here for Virtual Rabbids: The Big Plan.

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