Harley-Davidson comes to The Crew 2

When multi-discipline open-world motorised-vehicle game The Crew 2 hits PC, PS4 and Xbox One next year, you’ll be able to get your motor running, then get out on the highway astride a Harley-Davidson Iron 883.


The nimble, urban Iron 883 (with its “bare-knuckle minimalism and garage-built style,” it says here) is just the first of several Harley-Davidson creations to make their way into the game, allowing players to pick their favourite hog, mount up, and explore The Crew 2’s spectacular open-world America.

Ahmed Boukhelifa, Studio Managing Director at Ubisoft’s Ivory Tower studio described the partnership as a natural fit, saying that Harley-Davidson “represents the same thirst for unrestrained exploration and the American passion for all things motorised that has inspired our vision.”

Heather Malenshek, Vice President Global Marketing & Brand for Harley-Davidson Motor Company said that “for almost 115 years, our customers have explored American cities and roadways with our motorcycles. With the launch of The Crew 2, we hope to inspire more people, young and older, to engage in the sport of motorcycling”

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot mentioned his love of road-tripping on his own Harley in a recent Reddit AMA, so we’re sure he’ll be keeping a close eye on developments at Ivory Tower over the coming months.

To sign up for The Crew 2 beta, click here.  For more on the game, stay tuned to Ubisoft Blog and check out our previous coverage.

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