The Crew 2 – take to the skies, waters, roads, and dirt of a redesigned USA

You know how it is: you create a massive open-world playground spanning the entire USA, fill it with all kinds of four-wheeled driving disciplines – then you need to top it. That was the challenge facing Lyon-based Ivory Tower, developers of 2014’s The Crew. And it’s one they’ve answered in style with The Crew 2.

Set to release early next year, The Crew 2 not only allows players to participate in ground-based motorsports, it now allows them to take to the air, sea and rivers of a totally redesigned open-world USA.
The Crew 2 puts aside the illegal street racing trappings of the previous game, and focusses on the American Motorsport Spirit. From powerboats to aerobatic planes, rally raid buggies to supercars, jet-sprint boats to iconic American bikes – a huge raft of motorsports are represented (though please note, the game doesn’t actually feature motorsports involving huge rafts.)

With players untethered from just tarmac and dirt, they’ll be able to view the USA from every angle; whether that’s soaring through the clouds above the snowcapped Rocky Mountains, racing down the Mississippi River, or exploring every inch of the Grand Canyon.

As they travel the country, players will meet four distinct motorsport families – street racers, pro-racers, off-road experts and freestylers. Each will have their own unique culture and set of motorsport disciplines, as well as a headquarters and home where players can meet, buy, collect and customise their vehicles. Through organised competitions and in-game encounters, players will find their own style, all while collecting and customising their rides and showing them off in their own HQ. Gradually making their mark on the US motorsport scene.


The game also gives players the opportunity to share their achievements and unique moments. Every time a player achieves something, it’ll be saved as a new challenge for others to take on – and with the press of a button, spectacular moments can be captured and shared.
There’s also a Crew Rewards program, designed to show appreciation for the support players of the first game have shown over the years – offering up to 18 unlockable vehicles for future journeys in The Crew 2.


The Crew 2 will hit the streets (and skies, rivers, lakes and seas) in early 2018 for PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X and Windows PC. For a chance to participate in future betas, sign up at here.

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