Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft at GDC 2017

Once again, developers from around the world are assembling in San Francisco from Feb 27 through March 3 for the industry’s largest conference on video game development. As always, the aptly named Game Developers Conference will be packed with activity, including an impressive roster of speakers, panels and our annual Ubisoft Lounge. To help make … Continued

Watch Dogs 2 free trial available now on PS4!

Like the idea of Watch Dogs 2, but don’t feel like handing over your cold hard cash without trying it first?  What you need is a some kind of – I don’t know – “free trial.”  That might just seal the deal.  Now, hold that thought … Yes, there’s now a free trial of Watch Dogs 2 … Continued

Watch Dogs 2: Make this world a better place

Thoughts on the realities behind Watch Dogs 2, by Thomas Geffroyd, Brand Content Director “From ARPANET to the Internet, from the early stages of the web to web 2.0, from our noisy modems to the smartphone that never leaves our side. Digital technology has invaded every aspect of our daily lives, changed our way of living and … Continued

Watch Dogs 2 NVIDIA PC trailer – fog is good

Think fog in open world games is a bad thing? Not with ray-marching. Let the soothing sounds of Senior Producer Dominic Guay and this footage from the PC version of Watch Dogs 2 running on NVIDIA convince you. Features like HBAO+, HFTS, TXAA, no FPS cap, 4k textures, multi-monitor support, multi-GPU support, an FoV slider, and … Continued

Watch Dogs 2 is out now!

Watch Dogs 2 is out TODAY! Here’s the launch trailer, complete with some great new footage, story details, and Marcus Holloway doing his best “cool guys don’t look at explosions” walk. Obviously we’ve been playing the game, and it’s a blast. If you’re on the fence, bear in mind the following: About 20 minutes in, Marcus … Continued

Catching up with Watch Dogs 2 Remote Access

With Watch Dogs 2 out tomorrow (TOMORROW!) on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, what better time to catch up on the in-depth behind the scenes Remote Access videos? Meet Marcus and Dedsec Lucien Soulban (scriptwriter) and Ruffin Prentiss (the actor behind main character Marcus Holloway) talk about Marcus and Dedsec, the hacker group he joins … Continued

Watch Dogs 2 TV ad revealed!

You might already have seen it on telly, but just in case you haven’t: here’s the Watch Dogs 2 TV ad! As the ad says, Watch Dogs 2 arrives on PS4 and Xbox One in less than two weeks time: Tuesday November the 15th – and on PC on November 29th.  For all the latest on Watch … Continued

What’s in the Watch Dogs 2 season pass?

Are you excited for Watch Dogs 2? We certainly are – so excited, in fact, that we’re already thinking about what comes next: the season pass. For £29.99, players can add a bunch of extra content to their Watch Dogs 2 experience – missions, co-op challenges, difficulty levels, outfits, vehicles and a butt-load of customisation items. Each … Continued