Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid – Guides to the new operators from seasoned veteran CoreRoss

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Health is now complete, and we’ve been given a free prescription for all-out mayhem and three new Operators. Ok, so maybe exploding syringe-traps, flashbang cluster-bombs and concussion mines aren’t likely to ensure everyone’s vim and vigour, but they are ridiculously fun to try out. With team Rainbow now expanded to 33 … Continued

Rainbow Six Siege – The (free) Weekend Starts Here

Ever fancied trying Rainbow Six Siege but object to capitalist trappings such as “money”?  Then this August bank holiday weekend is for you, hippy. Yes, the game will be free to play on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC (via Uplay or Steam) from today till August 27th.  To get involved head over to this website, choose … Continued

New Rainbow Six Siege patch expands dedicated server support for custom matches, voice chat, terrorist hunt

The 2.2.2 patch for Rainbow Six Siege is set to arrive on August 9, bringing additional dedicated server support, bug fixes, and mohawks as a part of the ongoing Operation Health. The mohawk is part of the Elite Pulse Set dubbed “Lucky Seventh,” which also includes new weapon and gadget skins, a victory animation, a chibi … Continued

Ubisoft and ESL announce UK Go4 cups for Rainbow Six Siege on console

With a global audience of about 320 million people, esports is rapidly growing, making it the perfect arena to showcase the skills of Rainbow Six Siege’s ever increasing fan base. Of course, Rainbow Six Siege already has a hotly contested scene on PC through its pro-league and Invitational tournaments, but now Ubisoft is teaming up … Continued

Rainbow Six Siege Surges to 20 Million Player Milestone

Rainbow Six Siege has grown. Its original roster of 20 Operators has expanded to 30, and 16 globe-spanning maps currently serve as the battlegrounds for the ongoing fight between attackers and defenders. And now it has another number to celebrate. Rainbow Six Siege recently hit the 20 million registered player mark, with more than 2.3 … Continued

Ubicollectibles launch the “SIX Collection” – five smooth operators finally available on vinyl

Many words have been used to describe the Rainbow Six Siege operators: deadly, tactical, skilled. Now Ubicollectibles and Ubiworkshop in collaboration with Ubisoft Montreal are adding “cute” to that list, with the announcement of the SIX Collection – five “chibi” figurines inspired by characters from the game. Each detailed, 10cm tall collectible figurine also comes with … Continued

Rainbow Six Pro League goes to Asia-Pacific

The Rainbow Six Pro League will be heading east for Season 3 this September! After a year of intense high-level competition in Europe, Latin America and North America, the Pro League is set to go even bigger, opening up to players across Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and Australia / New Zealand. Season 3 marks … Continued