For Honor

For Honor Free Weekend starts August 10th

Weekends are great. Free is great. For Honor is great. So why not combine the three? Well, starting on August 10th, we’re doing just that – with a For Honor Free Weekend. If you’ve got a PS4, an Xbox One or a PC, you can get full access to the game for the princely sum … Continued

For Honor introduces Ranked Play with Public Test for Duel Tournaments on June 29th

For Honor was designed from the ground up to encourage competitive play, and now the development team wants to raise the game’s competitive bar with the introduction of ranked play through a public test for Duel Tournaments. For Honor’s Duel Tournament feature is a structured tournament system where warriors will battle it out not just … Continued

For Honor Season 2 – Guides to the new Warriors from expert player Sacriel

Unsure how to handle For Honor Season 2‘s new warriors, the Centurion and the Shinobi?  Don’t panic!  Just absorb the following tactic videos from skilled UK For Honor player Sacriel, a man who knows his light-light-heavy from his heavy-light-light-light. “Who’s Sacriel?” you ask. He’s a YouTuber, LiveStreamer and lifelong gamer, and currently one of the most popular … Continued

For Honor – Vikings victorious in first Faction War, New Heroes Revealed for Season 2, Coming May 16

The first season of For Honor’s Faction War is over, and the Vikings stand triumphant over the skillfully battered Knights and Samurai. Players in the victorious Viking faction received an exclusive Ornament for each Hero, the Season Winner Golden emblem outline, and five Scavenger Crates. The second-place Samurais received four Scavenger Crates and the Silver … Continued

For Honor cracks down on Cheaters with EasyAntiCheat

For Honor puts a huge emphasis on skill, so it’s important that it offers a level playing field – and to ensure that nobody has an unfair advantage, the developers have rolled out EasyAntiCheat, a program that detects and flags those who break the rules. Giving the team a way to track cheating, hacking, and … Continued