Starlink: Battle for Atlas – 7 details you need to know

The development team behind Starlink: Battle for Atlas started with a mission a few years ago: to build something new, something creative, and something “out there.” As it happens, “out there” is an open-world, outer-space, multi-planet adventure that involves a physical replica of an in-game star-ship that sits on your controller, and comes equipped with … Continued

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – surprising moments from its E3 2017 demo

On the surface, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle seamlessly blends the visual stylings of the Mushroom Kingdom with the zany antics and humour of the Rabbids. Beneath that surface, though, is a game with layers and depth that kept surprising us throughout our play-time with the E3 demo. Fellow Ubisoft Blog reporter Mikel Reparaz and … Continued

The heroes and multiplayer modes of For Honor

Over at gamescom last week, we shared more information on slashy-slash-shing-shing-poke game For Honor. First up, we revealed the heroes. Each faction has four unique heroes – each with their own fighting styles, weapons and skills. The heroes break down roughly like this: Assassins are fast and deadly one-on-one, but aren’t great at defense (they don’t automatically block, for example) … Continued