Ghost Recon Wildlands


Ghost Recon Wildlands – Narco Road Starter Guide

Ghost Recon Wildlands just got bigger with the addition of Narco Road, a new expansion that sends the Ghosts undercover as mercenaries working for the Santa Blanca. You will also discover a new side of the cartel as the Santa Blanca begin working with various smuggling gangs – Los Kamikazes, the Death Riders, and Los … Continued

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands Title Update 3 and Live Season Challenges

Ghost Recon Wildlands Title Update 3 is now live for console players, and will arrive tomorrow morning for those on PC. This update focuses on improvements on game stability and bug fixing, but the development team have also been busy gathering player feedback about certain issues and implementing changes in order to improve the user … Continued


Ghost Recon Wildlands – Soundtrack Inspired By War Within The Cartel Now Available

Ghost Recon Wildlands: War Within The Cartel now has its own companion soundtrack, featuring the talents of various hip-hop artists including Tip “T.I.” Harris. Inspired by the live-action drama (available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video), the album – created by T.I., DJ Skee, and MyGuyMars – is available now on major music streaming platforms, and … Continued


Ghost Recon Wildlands Now Available

Ghost Recon Wildlands’ depiction of Bolivia is vast, beautiful, and astoundingly diverse – and it’s been overrun by agents of the Santa Blanca drug cartel. In Ghost Recon Wildlands, you’ll join the Ghosts as part of an elite four-person commando team, and your mission is nothing less than to take down the country’s narco-oppressors. If … Continued