The news first hit almost five months ago: On Oct. 15, 2013, we announced that Watch Dogs would be delayed. In a statement that came directly from the Ubisoft Montreal team, we let you know the game would now be coming sometime in Spring 2014, and it was being held back because the team “needed to take the extra time to polish and fine tune each detail so we can deliver a truly memorable and exceptional experience.”

Watch Dogs

Fast-forward to today, and we (finally!) have a new release date: May 27, 2014. Along with the news of the release date, we have our first-ever hands-on preview, and we’ll have plenty more stories to share in the coming days, weeks and months. But that still leaves the second-biggest question (after: When’s it actually coming out?) unanswered. Why was Watch Dogs really delayed? And what exactly does “polish” mean? We cornered Senior Producer Dominic Guay and hacked into his mind to extract the answers.

“Polish” is such a fuzzy word. Let’s look at it from two sides: What did that mean for you as a developer, and what will that mean for the gamer when the Watch Dogs is released?

Dominic Guay - Watch DogsDominic Guay For us “polish” is that very hard-to-plan period where in theory you’re finished but you need to still adjust things a little bit. This is true for any form of content. It could be usability testing showing us that certain UI [user interface] elements aren’t seen correctly by gamers, or certain things aren’t perceived the way they should be, or certain inputs aren’t working exactly the way we want. It’s also experience testing, where we see that some of the features we built need a little tweaking so that it creates exactly the kind of experience that we want. And it’s also the content itself.

Give us a specific example of content polish…

We produced an insane amount of animations and behaviors for the citizens of our Chicago. But once you do a lot of playtests you realize there are certain parts of the city where players go more than others. So look at it and we say, OK, there’s all these things happening in the city that many players may never see, there’s those areas they’re going in, and maybe if we had more variety there it would be better. It’s impossible to plan that a year ahead. You need to do it, see it, make an adjustment, iterate on it. So we actually produced more content that would fit into the areas where the players went more, moved content around a little bit, looked at it again, played it again. Iterating on this huge of a game takes a while. It takes weeks for anyone to get through our game.

Looking in from the outside, a lot of people only saw that we announced this delay very close to the launch date. Can you share a little about the heavy discussions, the wringing of hands, everything that went into this tough decision?

I’ll move back a little. When we announced a date, it was because we thought we would be done by then, and not because someone said, That’s when you’re shipping because that’s when we need it financially, so cut the game and make it happen. It was never that. It was, This is the game you guys want to make; that’s the game we want you to make.

We looked at it together with Ubisoft HQ. We thought we’d be done for Christmas. Everyone agreed. And that’s when we announced the date. And for quite a while, it really looked like we’d make it. We had the game playable front-to-back in spring [2013], which meant we had like five, six months ahead of us to iterate and debug, which is more time than a lot of games need. But because we are a new IP, a new game experience, that wasn’t the case. We needed that time and we needed more.

When we got close to the end, we still could have shipped. That’s why it’s hard. It was not like we were failing miserably, the game didn’t work, or it couldn’t be played! We’d been playing this game from front to back for so long it really looked like this would happen. But when you iterate on a game and you make a change, look at what it impacts, make another change, it takes time. It’s really hard to predict how much time that’s going to take.

The good news is when HQ and the studio management here looked at the game, they understood what we’re trying to do with Watch Dogs and they agreed. They said: We understand, we see the same thing as you, you guys need more time. They agreed to it. I don’t know if I’m going to get that luxury every time I ship a game, but in this case it really was beneficial. It was really what we needed to ship the game we wanted to ship.

Watch Dogs

But with that extra time, how do you stop yourself from saying: I’ve got five more big ideas I want toss in…

No, you’re right there. That’s a really good point. What we did add was not new, random ideas. It was often stuff we planned a long time ago. Sometimes we had ideas and put them aside. And then we played game and were like: You know that idea? We actually needed it. It created exactly the context we wanted for the game. And so we brought back some ideas we put on the side, because we saw that there was a need for them.

Again, can you share some specific examples?

Here’s a quick example. We’ve always had the ability for the player – for Aiden – to hack into an NPC’s communication device – basically, their headset, to block them from calling in reinforcements. We actually used a variation of that in the first demo we showed at E3, where Aiden hacked in the communications system and disrupts a bouncer from talking with someone on the phone. We had discussions about that, but we never implemented other ways of hacking into that system. But we also wanted the hacking of the headset to be useful in combat. Someone had an idea a while ago: What if we had high-pitch, high-volume sound push into those headset? How would someone react to that?

You can imagine how someone would react to that while he’s shooting a gun or is in cover or while he’s preparing to throw a grenade! So we added that in, it created a lot of new emergent moments, a lot of new ways for the player to be smart with hacking.

But there’s a difference between that – which is a variation on something we’d already done and had been discussing for a while – and starting to add all sorts of new, weird ideas. We didn’t go there. We didn’t think that was needed. The game has so many new features, it was really about making those features work well, work smartly and adapt to the kind of players who play the game.

Speaking of hacking, was this extra time an opportunity to make sure hacking is truly a centerpiece of the action so that it plays a role in all aspects of the gameplay, including heavy combat and driving?

Hacking has always been our core focus. We always made sure that most of our missions could be done through hacking and stealth. Obviously you can always take a violent approach if that’s the way you want to do it. There are a lot of gamers who want to play with a very aggressive approach, who want to rush in guns-blazing. And when they did that hacking, became less useful. Especially if you were on the ground. If you weren’t in cars, for example, or traveling through the city. We had a lot of ideas for that. Some were there and sometimes we just needed little hooks to connect certain systems together. We did that in a couple of weeks and all of a sudden we saw the best players were now the ones who could mix combat with hacking.

Watch Dogs

So hacking is always present…

Hacking is present if you’re in combat, if you’re driving, if you’re on foot, if you’re doing stealth, or even if you’re just hiding in a corner and doing everything remotely through cameras. Hacking is central to the way you can approach problems.

You gave us a few specific examples of what you mean by “polish.” Care to share one more? Something very specific that you’re particularly proud of and that you hope players enjoy when Watch Dogs is released this May?

Yes! There is one that that I’m really happy with. We’ve talked a lot about how you can go in other players’ games and interact with each other. How multiplayer is involved in your single-player adventure. And we saw in playtesting gamers who loved it and spent a lot of time doing that. We wanted to give rewards to those players – skills that could be unlocked and used as Aiden in your single-player game.

That’s something we had, but it was very obscure. It was hidden somewhere and we were seeing that players weren’t enticed by those skills. Sometimes they didn’t even realize when they unlocked new ones. They still liked going into other players’ games and playing with others, but the actual reward was not presented correctly to the gamer. The UI wasn’t clear, it was hidden in a stat page somewhere, it just didn’t work.

Now we made it very apparent. We brought it into the flow you follow in single-player to see your skills and buy new skills, so it’s always going to be there, you’re always going to be seeing how you can gain rewards. And when we show you a player you can hack, we already tease you with how much closer you can get to that next skill. It’s subtle incentives. It’s the same core gameplay, but now it’s more rewarding because you’ve got your clear objective and reward in your game.

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Watch Dogs


Release date — May 27, 2014
Developer — Ubisoft Montreal
Players will assume the role of Aiden Pearce, a new type of vigilante who, with the help of his smartphone, will use his ability to hack into Chicago’s central operating system (ctOS) and control almost every element of the city. Aiden will be able to tap into the city’s omnipresent security cameras, download personal information to locate a target, control systems such as traffic lights or public transportation to stop a chase, and more. The city of Chicago is now the ultimate weapon.

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood, Intense Violence, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs and Alcohol
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  1. Dox on March 6, 2014
    That was a brilliant article, thanks for the insight! So pumped for this game.
  2. DM on March 6, 2014
    Good article! It's nice to see a big developer not rushing a game's release. Unfortunately I won't be playing the game on May 27th due to the fact that I won't have a Playstation 4 by then, and I have decided not to buy the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 versions. I'm hoping to play the game by November!
  3. Ital on March 6, 2014
    Awesome article. I'm really looking forward to play Watch Dogs, which, as you may have noticed, is one of the things that I most anticipate in the year. However, today's videos (both Story Trailer and Gamestop game session) left me with a bitter taste in the mouth, And I'll explain why. I was from those who thought that only difference between this and previous gameplays was the weather and time of day, and that it still looked great, but after meticulously watching the videos and reading this article (, I must admit THERE IS an important downgrade on visuals and physics. And that worries me. One good (and irrefutable) example is the vegetation: in the first demo it looked beautiful and dynamic, against the one seen in today's gameplay: it is COMPLETELY STATIC and lifeless. The same can be said about overall lighting, density and almost every other feature of the game's engine. I don't want to call to disappointment, but at least myself is a bit disillusioned. I hope you can reestablish the charm I had around the game with a clarification or anything.
    • Gary Steinman | Communications Manager Author on March 6, 2014
      Thanks for reading. I had the privilege of playing the game, and I can reassure you that the graphics are up to snuff. The city is gorgeous in action, and the NPCs are lively and interesting. We'll have more stories and videos in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned. I'm sure you'll see the game is shaping up to deliver what you've been hoping for.
      • Ital on March 6, 2014
        Ok! Thank you very much for the reply. It definitely soothes me. I'll follow everything you have to share. Be sure I still am super pumped!
  4. Shawn on March 6, 2014
    Where the fuck is the Wii U version?
    • callum on March 10, 2014
      its coming out after the game comes out because they have not made a wii u game yet
  5. Patrick on March 6, 2014
    Shame you couldn't polish the Wii U version. I was really looking forward to hacking with the gamepad!
    • Gary Steinman | Communications Manager Author on March 7, 2014
      It's coming, and we'll share more about the release date for Wii U soon...
      • CDB on March 7, 2014
        So Gary, I'm actually fairly forgiving if Ubisoft is building a "native" Wii U version and the delay is only a couple of months. Not thrilled, but I realize the Wii U runs on new technology, not legacy x86.Can you confirm that the Wii U version is a "native" version?
  6. Omar on March 6, 2014
    I appreciate the current support Ubisoft is giving Wii U owners and I appreciate the time taken to write this blog post, but there still seems to be quite a bit of uncertainty regarding the Wii U version of the game. There are a lot of people worried about Ubisoft becoming yet another developer to treat the Wii U as an afterthought despite claims that the Wii U version is being handled with care. Would you be able to tell us how likely we'll see release date on the Wii U version in 2014 as well as explain why the Wii U version is specifically being singled out here? Honesty is the best policy so if it has to do with more than just polish, feel free to elaborate. Thanks.
  7. Super FOG on March 6, 2014
    Why don't you give the straight and admit you cancelled the Wii U version? It's so stupid this "pausing" and "possibily still in this year" statements. The way you are treating the Nintendo fans and Wii U owners is absolutely PAINFUL! No other word is more fitting for what are you actually doing for Wii U owners. Where is the gameplays? Where is the screenshots? Yoy actually did NEVER showed anything related to the Wii U version, you are only saying the game will hit the Nintendo platform, but WHEN?? It's an obligation the game come out in 2014 for Wii U because you already delayed the game once.Sorry for this rant, but I still want to play this game on the Wii U, but you are not letting me to do this, it's sad and shameful.
    • Gary Steinman | Communications Manager Author on March 7, 2014
      The Wii U version is not cancelled. The team truly is taking the time to address the unique functionality and design of the Wii U and make it the best it can be.
  8. Justin on March 6, 2014
    To follow your own question, why was Watch Dogs really delayed on Wii U?
    • Gary Steinman | Communications Manager Author on March 7, 2014
      The Wii U is unique. We want to make the game fit the Wii U. The team is taking the time to do so, so you can have the best Wii U version possible.
  9. REX T on March 6, 2014
    Although this game claimed a lot of new feature... I think it still a action adventure games.... beside the game play, I believe a lot of content/interesting points are base on story...After it released, a lot of video and film like Twitch will show on internet... for the LATEST released WiiU version [if it really will release], please make a low sale consumption before it release... and never use "no market/low sales on WiiU" as any clause in future...It's UBI choice... just like Rayman Legends, WiiU must wait for other platform version; So... I can understand WiiU owner is very small amount in Video game market nowadays, It is a reasonable choice, then no good sale on Nintendo platform, I think it also a reasonable result.
  10. PCgamer on March 6, 2014
    Just like I thought. The cause of the delay was coz the game was running sh!t on new gen consoles so they had to dumb it down. It's obvious coz the PC req was too high to even play "good" on consoles .It's Ubicrap, who made the disaster of a game called AC 3 and AC 4, we're talking about here after all. Ubicrap screw gamers all the time
    • Gary Steinman | Communications Manager Author on March 7, 2014
      They actually added more to the game, not less.
      • PCGamer on March 7, 2014
        I really really hope what you're saying is true. I hope that you didn't dumb down the game's visuals again just to compensate for new gen consoles. I don't want to experience again with what you did with Far Cry 3 where the reveal "gameplay video" turned out to be just a tech demo and looked nothing like the final game to lure us gamers into buying the product.Screwing us PC gamers with AC 3 and 4 optimizations and downgrading games' visuals. I've long lost trust with this company.
  11. Mantiskilla on March 6, 2014
    Looking forward to playing this on PC. One slight problem means PC gamers have to use the god awful UPlay Client. Seriously Ubi you make great games but still treat PC gaming as second rate and honest owners have to use your poor excuse for a client hell even if we already have the game on Steam. Get that nonsense fixed seriously. I second the Wii U concerns from people as well. I have a bad feeling they are gonna screw over Nintendo supporters after game releases and give an excuse like "were moving on to the next project" nonsense. We shall see though
  12. Vijay on March 6, 2014
    Thanks for this fantastic game!!! But why the graphics looks like downgraded?? Whether the story trailer is captured is PS3/Xbox 360? Please answer!
    • Gary Steinman | Communications Manager Author on March 7, 2014
      The game looks amazing in action. I saw it and played it. But I know, I know... I work for Ubisoft. Check out the previews on other sites, and they loved it too...
  13. Merky Water on March 6, 2014
    I to would like to hear some of the same questions posed answered in respect to the Wii U. Rayman was unfortunate, and for that, I'll never buy the Rayman game on ANY platform. But, Ubisoft does put out decent games I thoroughly enjoy and Watch Dogs has surely peaked my interest. If, however, the Wii U gets the shaft thinking you can shift our sales to the other platforms, think again in my case. I'm interested in playing this game that seems designed for multiscreen (which has been implemented so well on other Ubisoft games i've purchased) on the U. I believe not buying Rayman was a measured response to the BS fed us. But, if you guys weren't great story tellers, we wouldn't buy your games to begin with! In this case though, we'd rather the stories be saved for your game's campaigns. While the above article sounds good(yet, a little canned), we need to see consistency in both words and actions to remain loyal customers. My preorder will come once I start to see that. Else, hopefully you'll see me day one barring any BS.
  14. For we are many on March 7, 2014
    For 30 years I've been an avid gamer and a collector of games, Nintendo fan, and for a little less than that, I've been a Ubi fan. I was very intrigued and excited for the prospect of Watch Dogs Wii U utilizing the Gamepad which made perfect sense and had me excited and intending to buy that specific version of the game seeing how it fits the overarching gameplay mechanic and at the same time would benefit from the hardware power of the Wii U and the way it's efficiently designed which is apparent in games like SM3DW, DKCTF, Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3 and NFS Most wanted U among others. To be honest, to me and to many other gamers who I met online and in real life, it was the only version that stood out and seemed very exciting and interesting even from a developers/designers perspective.But to say that we were disappointed by the treatment we got in regards to this specific version is an understatement, it's not only about Nintendo or riding the media and corporate trends, hype and downright hate for Nintendo, but also disappointment in the level of creativity in this industry and disappointment from the way one of our beloved companies, Ubisoft, treat us long time customers who are also Nintendo fans and Wii U owners .I hope that we specifically hear more about the Wii U version and its specific features, and I really hope that Watch Dogs on Wii U takes full advantage of the hardware power as well as the gamepad features that would make it an instant buy for Wii U owners and not end up being a delayed afterthought of a port.Thank you for listening to us and please let us continue to be happy customers!
    • Gary Steinman | Communications Manager Author on March 8, 2014
      We hear you loud and clear. Thanks for sharing your insights. And we promise, we'll share with you more info on the Wii U version soon...
  15. J-Money on March 7, 2014
    The main reason that I am upset with Ubisoft right now is that the release is not delayed for all platforms until each version is ready.When Rayman Legends was a Wii U exclusive and then changed to a multiplatform release the Wii U did not get its version first. Ubisoft delayed the Wii U version so that all versions for all platforms could release at the same time.Why is the Wii U not getting that same courtesy for Watch Dogs? Because it's a higher profile game? Because Ubisoft is losing faith in the Wii U?I am still going to pick up Watch Dogs because I am impressed with what I've seen so far but I am very disappointed that I have to wait for who knows how long to get it for my Wii U.Ubisoft is one of my favorite AAA third party publisher/developers but this is ridiculous!
  16. DannyBoy2k on March 7, 2014
    The problem was never the wait. The wait was fine, as the makers decided they NEEDED the wait. No, the PROBLEM was that, one month before the game is due to be released, the crew decides to push the game back to some nebulous 'spring' date, and then SAY NOTHING ABOUT IT FOR FIVE MONTHS. That, there, is a MAJOR issue. Not word one. 'We're working on it, and expect to have it out by May'. 'This is what we've done over the last month or so.' These things aren't difficult, and would at least keep the potential buyers informed. To go to total EmCon, as it were, since mid-October? Is NOT a very smart thing.
    • Gary Steinman | Communications Manager Author on March 7, 2014
      We didn't want to start talking about it again until we were ready. Meaning, we needed to ensure we have a final release date and could answer your questions. Stay tuned, because we have a lot more info coming in the next weeks and months until release. We hope to continue to win you back!
  17. James on March 7, 2014
    I'm still not entirely sure why the Wii U version was delayed (releasing "possibly" in 2014!?) while the other versions weren't...didn't you guys do the opposite for Rayman legends? It makes me feel insulted as a customer. I'd feel ok about it if there wasn't this strong speculation of the wii u version being cancelled, or if we had a time frame of when the game was actually coming out. I'd personally be fine with it coming out closer to fall if it had all the DLC, used the gamepad and the Wii U hardware to its fullest, etc though.
  18. Andres Candela on March 7, 2014
    Please give us Wii U owners exclusive DLC becuse of the delay like you did with Rayman
  19. Chris Margin on March 7, 2014
    Really frustrating about the wiiU version. Is ubisoft trying to kill sales for the wiiU version? I can see them being mad, blaming the install base, and never developing again for the wiiU. This is really frustrating, Ubisoft!
  20. Nintendojitsu on March 7, 2014
    Promises and excuses. This is what I have come to expect of Ubisoft. Thanks for not failing to meet those expectations!
  21. Y on March 7, 2014
    Hey guys, well done! I've got only one question, the gameplay of the newest launch date trailer is from which platform? If it's from the PS4, I think there is a obvious downgrade in graphic, do tell you record those gameplays from last-gen!!
  22. Justin on March 7, 2014
    Thanks for taking the time to Polish watchdogs, even if the game is not a success thank you for being responsible creators and putting the extra time required to make your game the best you could. In an age of Battlefield 4's and Dungeon Master EA we should be so lucky for investors, directors, creators, everyone involved to have the foresight and the maturity to let this cake bake just a little bit longer. When the game launches just feel satisfied you did the best you could.
    • Gary Steinman | Communications Manager Author on March 7, 2014
      That was the team's hope: to deliver the game they intended. And Ubisoft HQ and studio management agreed. This was a decision made with the consumer in mind, to deliver the best game possible. Thank you for the kind words.
      • LaerHeiSeiRyuu on March 7, 2014
        Thanks for the reply but I just wanted to know, will the WIiU version have the 8 player multiplayer? And why isnt there a collectors edition for the WiiU?
  23. Mike on March 7, 2014
    Everyone above has stated why this "response" regarding the Wii U version of the game is nonsense. My beef is that you hold off on Rayman for Wii U for other consoles, but not this when the shoe is on the other foot? What if you push the Wii U version back a month or so (give a hard date), after the user base has [hopefully] increased after MarioKart 8. That way it sells better. Win-win situation, and nobody can fault you for wanting to make profit. I hope you are truthful about utilizing the GamePad, as that would be the only way to justify this debacle for Wii U owners
  24. Andres on March 7, 2014
    I am ok with Ubisoft delaying Wii U version of Watch Dogs to make it great on Wii U but please don't cancel the game
  25. brigthside on March 7, 2014
    i have one question and no one ask, this game still have the promo code of upgrade the game from ps3 to ps4 for $10dls
  26. Mike on March 7, 2014
    PS - I am not harping on you and your company. I, like many other Wii U owners, are tired of third party companies completely disregarding the system, and this response from Ubisoft seems to follow that pattern, so many are annoyed. I'm personally hoping for the GamePad to be UTILIZED in the game (to make it stand out), rather than just be INCLUDED with the game. That makes it being pushed back worth the wait
  27. Laer_HeiSeiRyuu on March 7, 2014
    Will the WiiU version have 8player multiplayer?
  28. Laer_HeiSeiRyuu on March 7, 2014
    Why is there no collectors edition on WiiU? I'd like to buy a steelbook case.
  29. William Short on March 7, 2014
    Can the Wii U players get a collection edition too? And maybe a beta lol jkjk
  30. TheZefMyster on March 7, 2014
    You people need to calm down, so what if it's delayed for wii u its going to come eventually and ubi wants to use as many of the gamepads features as it can. It's never good when so much hype is behind a game and it doesn't live up to that so let ubi take there time and make it the best they can. Keep up the work ubi the games gonna be awesome and will be memorable.
    • Andreas Sunde on March 7, 2014
      "so what if it's delayed for wii u its going to come eventually"When Ubisoft made Rayman Legends a multiplat release, did they release the finished Wii U version, and then ported it over to the other consoles? No, they delayed the Wii U version to release all versions simultaneously.Delaying the Wii U version will make many people buy the game on other platforms instead, and make others boycott it completely. This was to be the game that would measure third parties chance of sales on Wii U. New IP, non-gimped, released alongside other versions. But Ubisoft has destroyed that now.I say we have a right to be mad.
  31. Andreas Sunde on March 7, 2014
    After delaying Rayman to get a simultanious multiplat release, delaying the European version of Assassin's creed IV on Wii U with no stated reason, and now delaying Watch Dogs on Wii U more than the other versions, I'm only keeping my preorder because I got it 50% off. I'm seriously considering boycotting Ubisoft, the only exception would be a Wii U release of the next Rocksmith.Just don't blame us when Watch Dogs doesn't sell on Wii U. Blame yourself.
  32. Nintendo Freak on March 7, 2014
    I just hope this isnt cuz the of the mario kart 8 release, i know it would be hard to sell at that time of year since its one of the games everyone bought a wiiu for, n its probably since mario kart will sell units that will equal more sells, but just remeber that WHEN YOUR RELEASE THE GAME ON THE WIIU DONT BITCH ABOUT SALES after all the people that really wanted the game aren't gonna wait for it to be realeased 5 months later
    • Merky Water on March 7, 2014
      Ubi announced the U version delay long before they would have known the MK8 release. And shifting sales are nothing Ubi'd complain about as it's still money in the bank. The game's got a shot on the U though. When you think about feature options, it looks the most promising. But I think those of us holding out for the U version(with no interest of a replacement on another plat despite how much time is thrown between releases) need to stay informed of their hopeful product from Ubisoft as well. Especially if not ready to put a light at the end of that tunnel. If they are trying to shift sales though, it's doubtful we'll hear anything more of the U version until after May. But hell, I'm still hoping the company's hippocratic back and forths(Rayman U delay to allow for other plats to be finished) will some how yield they'll change their mind and toss the AC4 DLC up on the eShop. Would be nice to see a loop thrown for the positive. And in that spirit, I'm trying to stay positive on Watch Dogs for the U. ...but it does prove difficult in the dark.
  33. Tron Benjamin on March 7, 2014
    Ok here it is. So Ubisoft you want us to accept your lies and anything you give us. You said last year MANY DIFFERENT TIMES the game was up and running on WiiU and you guys had not started the ps360 version at that time. NOW oh the game was not running on Wii U we had to send it to another studio. So you guys were able to start and finish the ps360 version in that time. As others have said why not wait for WiiU version like when you delayed Rayman legends. I understand it's not all the developers fault but the publisher but either way it's BULLSHIT and Wii U owners and any gamer deserves better. People that have a Wii U most likely also have either one off the other platforms whin in the HELL do you guys think they will wait on Wii U version. IF the game does even release it's going to bomb and maybe that's what you guys wanted. Most of all we haven't even seen the game on Wii U no press at all but hey that's the good support and marketing Wii Nintendo fans get right.
  34. Tron Benjamin on March 7, 2014
    I know many that have cancelled their WiiU pre-order and are getting ps4 or PC... mission accomplished Ubisoft.
    • Merky Water on March 7, 2014
      I know many that haven't and are going U or nothing. If a sales shift is their motivation, we'll not give it. And if it's not their motivation, then hey, they still get our money when the U version hits! ...of course mine's not preordered as I'd rather it wait in savings while we wait for more word. ...or just pay them at release if it still sounds like the product we thought it would be by then.
      • Tron on March 7, 2014
        Why not show any footage of Wii U. I mean how long do we have to wait. If you give the others a release date give us something better than " IT HAS A POSSIBILITY OF RELEASING THIS YEAR" yeah thats a way to hype the game on Wii U and get gamers excited for that version tell them the game MIGHT release this year.
  35. Tython92 on March 7, 2014
    Like many others here I am pissed that there is no hard release date for the WiiU version as this game does look interesting. My problem is that you guys at Ubisoft are going to use this as an excuse for saying that your games don't sell on the WiiU.Also the fact that you guys also denied the WiiU version of AC4 the DLC also made people reconsider which version people purchased. If you want to truly see how your games sell then make a non gimped version of the game with all the bells and whistles.But since you are delaying it you better make it worth it like say a collectors edition perhaps all the DLC that was previously released included on the disk maybe even a lower price who knows alll I say is that if you do delay it be prepared to have lower sales on the delayed version because people who want this game will get it for another console.Your marketing department must be smoking something really interesting if they think delaying WiiU version is good for sales. I will however be getting this game for the WiiU just to show you that people do care.
  36. Colin Marks on March 7, 2014
    Building unique features into a multi-platform port would normally be a tough job. Is Ubisoft definitely going to custom tailer the WatchDogs engine to utilize the WiiU gamepad beyond the standard off-screen map and items menus? Is Ubisoft taking thought processes from other titles like Splinter Cell, or Deus Ex Can we expect 'keyboard' typing/programming, or system hacking on the pad, remote video cameras/drones to control, maybe use the gamepad as a literal in game picture camera via gyroscope? How about live video calling another player in the game with gamepad as a video phone? The original Zombie U game trailer demo'd using the gamepad gyro to execute a melee attack on a Zombie via a pick with a side swipe. We never saw that in the retail game. Be nice to see that effect used in Watch Dogs if no other title down the track Again because of the "porting" factor, most 3rd party titles don't use the gamepad to it's proper potential, i.e. games like Splinter Cell and Deus Ex simply used the gamepads 2nd screen as a diverted view from TV. Even the sniper rifles in games like ZombieU and Deus ex don't use the gyro for 1-to-1 motion aiming with the scope. Ideally the TV would still view the standard game view while the gamepad acts as a dedicated motion based scope. I'd understand that using the gamepad as an asynchronous point of view in game would require more rendering power from the graphics card. And though not to any extreme degree games like Nintendo Land and The Wonderful 101 do actually perform asynchronous camera based gameplay. Will Ubisoft endeavor to implement any of these ideas discussed above as at least control wise an exclusive feature on the WiiU version??
    • Merky Water on March 7, 2014
      For the record, I actually liked how they used the second screen in Splinter Cell. But yes, keeping the wide view more active for seeing bad guys while peering under a door with the snake cam would have been nice.But great questions man! My vote(as if i'm a deciding factor) is for Colin AND Gary to co-host the next sit down with the game's big wigs! And soon!
      • Gary Steinman | Communications Manager Author on March 8, 2014
        The Colin & Gary Show! You know that Colin is one of the game's bigwigs, though. :)
        • Merky Water on March 9, 2014
          Good! With ideas like those, sounds like he should be :)
  37. Noel on March 7, 2014
    Can your parent company justify a delay which could be up to 8 months? They do realise the appeal of a new game outweighs the appeal of specific, most likely very rudamentary functions in a game out for 8 months on "more powerful" consoles, and on more powerful PC's, correct? Or are they delusional, as they showed with previous titles? (citing rayman legends and splinter cell blacklist which were either delayed for other systems, or lacking features of other systems)
  38. SupportedUbifromDay1 on March 7, 2014
    I have bought every Ubisoft game Day 1 for the Wii U and preordered Watchdogs the day Gamestop took preorders. I get this is a numbers game but you do have loyal fans that need your games.
  39. R00bot on March 7, 2014
    Hey, cool article. Just wanted to ask whether the Wii U version would have meaningful GamePad uses, not just tacked a tacked on map. This game seems like it'll be the perfect game to use the Wii U gamePad for, but if it doesn't use it well then I can't imagine it doing that well, especially since it releases after the other versions. A trailer showing off the Wii U-specific features would be great. Even better if the trailer was released before the other versions of Watch_Dogs, it'd certainly help me choose which version to go for. Again, cheers for the article. The game looks brilliant.
  40. Father of Janitor on March 7, 2014
    I am worried by the time Ubisoft releases Watchdogs for Wii U that it will be $59.99 while all the other systems will be down to $19.99 so it will kill Wii U version sales and give you an excuse to not develop for Wii U. You are basically killing the sales before it is released. Can any one say EA? They did that to Need for Speed and then complained about wii u game sales and pulled,the plug on Wii U games.
    • Merky Water on March 7, 2014
      That's slightly different for at least two reasons. One: EA had no plan to create NfS:MW on the U and, once they did, they actually put forth arguably the best version with all the bugs worked out that plagued the other platforms. Yes, they had enough time but that leads me to my next point. Two: That was EA! Anytime I even think of preordering an EA game I have to kick myself for even momentarily forgetting all the burns. EA wasn't just voted the worst company by American gamers who own a Nintendo. They've been repeatedly voted the worst company by the whole of American gamers! Ubisoft needs to screw up far more to be placed in a category with the likes of EA(and please don't take that as a challenge Ubi.) Ubisoft's not in the business of putting out half finished products at full price for gamers to basically pay to beta(BF4 and SimCity come to mind recent and QUICK!) Most of the above article speaks to that. They don't put out games with major bugs! The pieces missing from the above are related to the U version. If you're gonna sooth the minds of those buying the delayed game in 3 months, great! But there's also an obligation to those of us who apparently have a longer wait. Rumors are rumors, dispel them if ya want(regarding some of the authors replies to rumor the U version is cancelled) but what's more meaningful is what is being worked on for the U version. I do understand your concern though Father o' J, that price difference will make it tough to attract the sales they'll want. There are those of us who will stick it out for the U version because that's the version we're looking to play though. As far as Ubi turning tail and running from the U though, I think if they were going to, they would have done so by now. With 2 major first party multiplayers from established series coming out on the U this year sure to bolster console sales, it would be hard to justify sticking with the U this long just to walk out as the party arrives.
  41. Karm on March 7, 2014
    It goes without saying that many Wii U users are tired of always getting the short end of the stick. If you do release this game then you should compensate those who have waited eagerly for this version. If it's the gamepad's unique gameplay then great but still, Wii U owners are gamers too and we deserve the same great content as other platforms and not be denied just because of the silly excuses of only buying nintendo consoles for nintendo games and the console's lack of processing power to name a few.I look forward to playing this game on my Wii U. Don't disappoint us Ubisoft. Please!
  42. Darth Malice on March 7, 2014
    I am torn on this. If Ubisoft is really taking the time to maximize the use of the gamepad and make the Wii U version stand out, then I will be forgiving of the delay. However, the shifting stories about the delay reek of Aliens: Colonial Marines. After this delay, I expect the Wii U version to look close to the Xbone version as well as have some awesome Gamepad features. Ubisoft has a real chance here to help boost Wii U sales and make a Wii U version of a third party title the "go to" version for the best experience. In the words of Darth Sidious...."do it."
    • Tron on March 8, 2014
      What sad is this WAS my most anticipated title for Wii U from a 3rd party standpoint. My thinking was if done with Nintendo type quality this game could boost sales of 3rd party games on Wii U and kill some of the 3rd party games dont sale on Wii U stigma. I really want to hope this game first is EVEN RELEASED and also that it gives us a good quality game and not a 360 port that has horrible framerate and visuals. WHAT WILL WE GET? the one thing I will give Ubisoft credit for is they have done the best out of 3rd parties with utilizing the gamepad. So I am not worried about that or i hope i should be but i want a solid framerate and visuals that outperform consoles released in 2005-2006.
  43. marcelo on March 7, 2014
    This is the same reason i still haven't bought Ryman yet. Ubisoft delayed the game because it got greedy and released it on the most stupid date, september when gta v came out. Well you can probably guess which game i bought. I want watchdogs on my wii u, not my ps3! even xbox one users will get it earlier while there are less x1's sold than wiiu's. this feels like console discrimination... Well who knows what other game will be out by the time it gets released 4 wiiu... maybe this will be the next ubisft game i'm skipping
  44. Lakelander on March 8, 2014
    First, Guillemot announced that the Wii U version will be delayed, so the programmers working on it can be made available to hurry the other versions. Morin said the same to Eurogamer, almost exactly at the same time that Guay told Polygon, that it's actually being developed by Ubisoft Bucharest at the time (they just needed time to play around with the game pad). Pretty much the same is said here.I get the impression that Ubisoft is such a large company, the left hand doesn't always know what the right hand is doing. Being realistic, I'd assume the version is on pause for the better selling platforms to get a head start. Going further, I'd say it's been on hold for quite a while longer than we're being told. The whole truth we'll never know.That aside, I do respect the decicion of delaying game as a whole to release a good, complete product.
    • SC on March 8, 2014
      I agree, I think it was put on hold for longer than they told us. If they truly believed in their own words about the Wii U version on how implementing the gamepad effectively and how unique it is, then they would see the value of this version and put forth the resources to make sure it would be ready on the same day as the other platforms.
  45. Sharon on March 8, 2014
    You do realize by releasing the wii u version of Watch Dogs after the other console versions of the game you are intentionally lowering the number of wii u copies likely to be sold. Gamers have been waiting for this game especially wii u owners who have next to no retail games to buy. To the wii u owner this is like a slap in the face, like you think they are less important , or just a bunch of ill informed idiots. Let me tell you they are not, in this internet connected world gamers of all platforms are quite informed and know what they are getting and when. This is why some games fail on wii u because developers try to skimp on content thinking wii u gamers are desperate and will Madden 2013 is a fine example of that. So please think more highly of the wii u owner, of all consumers in general. We want to buy your games it's just when you pull stuff like the Rayman Legends situation and now this with no release date for Watch Dogs Wii U it makes it hard for the wii u owner to trust you when it feels like you're treating consumers on other platforms better.(And FYI had Rayman Legends stayed exclusives it would have helped sell a bunch of wii u consoles just saying, I don't know where you got the idea it wouldn't do well on Wii U)
  46. Justin Magee on March 8, 2014
    they all sound like robots... no insight on wii u's uniqueness and the development issues it created. just the same reply....., we are making sure the wii u version is the best it can be. it load of bs. i was anticipating this title christmas last year, then it got delayed till mid 2014, and now nintendo wii u owners get the shaft. even IF you release watch dogs on a later date there is no incentive for wii u owners. for 1 when/IF wii u owners final get theyre copy the rest of the world will have been playing for months already, for 2 any wii u owner that happens to own any other console its being released on theyre not going to wait....... and you wonder why ubisoft titles arent selling well on wii u.... it might have a bit to do with the fact you set them up for failure.
  47. Farmerlynch on March 8, 2014
    With so many games been rushed out the door for what can only be described as a cash grab I was not too disappointed to hear this was delayed, In fact it filled me with a renewed optimism in ubisoft that they care more for content than cash. A delayed release of a positive gaming experience is always far better than an on time release of a disappointment. I'm looking forward to playing this especially since i get my ps4 for my birthday on the day before release :D
    • Gary Steinman | Communications Manager Author on March 8, 2014
      It'll be a grand birthday, indeed. Thanks for understanding.
    • Gamerdan on March 8, 2014
      On this topic, I thought it was partly due to a finacial decision as well. Because, Assassin's Creed 4 was being released at the same time and I know people who were debating to get AC4 or Watch Dogs. So, I figured the same company didn't want to release two different major games and have them competing against each other...
  48. ramil on March 8, 2014
    why did the game got grapichs downgraded
  49. Justin on March 8, 2014
    why not push back all platforms versions? wouldn't pushing only the wii u version make the game sell less? i mean if the game bombs that would only be your fault i don't understand all of the versions should be delayed or id the wii u version being delayed do to the close release of mario kart?
  50. SC on March 8, 2014
    So as many have said before, it's a shame that they are willing to delay the game for Wii U when they did the opposite with Rayman Legends. RL is a great game as was ready to be released, but when they decided to go multiplatform they delayed it. That's BS. That's why I didn't buy RL when it was released. I do have it now, but I wasn't going to support Ubisoft playing favorites with the other companies. I am grateful for the initial support they gave the Wii U, but it's obvious where their interests lie. Yeah, I know that it's a business, but hopefully you can see that what you did with RL was a mistake considering it still sold the best on the Wii U and probably would have sold more if you had just released it when you promised. Now with Watchdogs, you expect us to eat this new brand of BS. And now I see that the game will come out "possibly" in 2014. I am canceling my pre-order until I get a specific date and specific details about what you are doing with the Wii U version.
  51. ramil on March 8, 2014
    why is the grapichs downgraded?? plz answer
  52. Commander B on March 8, 2014
    Why do 3rd parties shoot themsleves in the foot when it comes to Nintendo? It honestly seems like they try to make their products fail so they can belittle Nintendo when it is the 3rd party's own fault that their games don't sell well. You either don't make a Nintendo version of your game, thus alienating your potential customers. Conversely, you make a Nintendo version but it is so inferior in terms of, graphics, gameplay, online connectivity, DLC offerings, etc. to the competiton versions that it is quite frankly insulting that they would release such a product and expect us to buy it and be happy with it. How do you expect an inferior version to sell? Do you think we are dumb? Well, newsflash, we're not dumb, we're sick and tired of the discrmination Nintendo suffers at the hands of 3rd party companies who just want o make a quick buck. Tell you what, I'll help you out. First off excuse my ignorance if this is not possible but how hard can it be to make a game that is the same in all respect, graphics, gameplay, online connectivity, etc. (DLC is on the company) and then to conform that game to each of the Big 3's hardware? Second make a game that is similar in capabilities, scale down the compettion if you have to. Would you rather sell to 2/3 shares of the market or 3/3? It seems to me that 3rd party companies expect o out sell home titles. Is that true? My thinking this comes from a top sellers list a commenter on another site sent me to explain why 3rd parties hate Nintendo. Sony & Microsoft's top sellers were 3rd party titles. What that says to me is your systems only sell because you have 3rd party support. Nintendo's top sellers are its own software, kinda hard to have 3rd party games up in the top seller spots if precious few bother to support Nintendo in the first place, and quite honestly to expect to out sell Mario, Zelda, etc. is foolishly optimistic. I think that 3rd party companies should support all 3 big names, as I said support all the market with quality games, and you'll enjoy good business. Clearly your games won't appeal to everyone, and never will, but starting a new attempt to recover some trust from Nintendo's fans now will help in the future. It will be difficult, we Nintendo fans are very wary to trust 3rd parties, based on the quality of games we were given, or not given. Simply make the games play the same on all the systems and it will work out. Don't make Nintendo the black sheep. Pease send this to other 3rd party companies. I think I organized my thoughts well enough that they can be easily understood. I hope you read this and inflict change.
    • Merky Water on March 9, 2014
      For future arguments, try not to use the term "Big 3." as you'd be alienating some platforms as well. Most notably, PC/Mac. And to your idea all versions of the game should be the same: sorry man but I don't like that idea. I bought my U (and all nintendo products) for it's unique features. I'd like to see those focused on and not lumped together kind of like PS/XB games are developed where i know I can choose one version at random and know i'm not missing anything(apart from maybe some timed "exclusives".) PC/Mac also offers some unique experiences as not held to console limitations that I'd like not to be overshadowed by a 'same across the board' situation. Watch dogs, in particular, has peaked my interest for the Wii U potential abilities. So I surely hope they continue playing to platform's strengths. That said, skimping on some features that can clearly be done on a given plat is not cool and I agree with ya there. My AC4 title on the U would love to see some DLC and my Splinter Cell would have loved to see local co-op and longs for better online connection(or, at least it did when last i popped the disc in.)
  53. Rama on March 8, 2014
    What happened with the wiiu version, dont understimated the wiiu, Its a very good machine,
  54. Rama on March 8, 2014
    The market Is understimating the wiiu, but nintendo Is the one that makes the market, always they are making innovation, they come with the Wii, motion control, and the others copy them. Soy you maybe be thankfull with nintendo, but maybe in business no one cares about the right way.
  55. Flop’ on March 8, 2014
    I saw that you started giving answers for every question at the beggining and that now, you don't answer when there is "Wii U" in the sentence, but is that true you've got a special partnership with Sony which give you the excuse of your favoritism for them (recently for collector editions of Child of Light) ? Or is the delayed of the Wii U edition a pure fortuity ? Cause if you do not prioritize the other ones, why don't you delayed them too ?
    • simon on April 1, 2014
      might be because the comments about Wii U are filled with hate coming from people that cant see how much work would be needed to fully make the gamepad into an ultimate tool in watch dogs
  56. Linkus on March 8, 2014
    Gary, can we have video taken from a Wii U version? So we can all know, definitively, whether or not this game will even be released for Wii U. It seems rather odd how Ubisoft is willing to compromise their support for there Wii U version just to rush others to release so quickly. Randy Pitchford said the same things Ubi' is today. I am looking forward to this game on Wii U. So show me proof it exists.
    • CDB on March 8, 2014
      Gary - if you can't supply video from the Wii U version, can you kindly state - FOR THE RECORD - that the Wii U version is "native" to the console and will not be an x86 port? That would make me very happy.Having played Deus Ex HR Directors Cut on the Wii U, I truly can't imagine Watchdogs on any other console, playing as well.
    • Merky Water on March 9, 2014
      Nothing about this game seems 'rushed.' But, not putting forth all platforms at the same release also seems hypocritical following the words fed us on pushing back Rayman release.
  57. chris on March 8, 2014
    i am just stopping by to leave you some of my two sense. First as an ubisoft supported from the beginning of the wi u( i paid full price for zombie u, ac3 and 4, just dance 2014 for my kids, and rayman[ which i over looked for the snub of postponed to make other console failures,]) i am generally angry over the delay of wii u version of watch dogs. You postponed a wii u exclusive in rayman to make other version and now in reverse u postponed watchdogs u to make other version. I DID have it pre-ordered but since your announcement i switched mh money from watch dogs to bayonetta 2. you can only screw someone over so many times before they quit supporting you, and i know i am not the only wii u owner to make similar moves. by releasing watch dogs u about a year later then the other version u guarantee a fail. period. watch dogs will b old news when i comes out and most likly played on other systems. Why not postpone all versions of watchdogs till we get a simultaneously release? ubisoft did it with rayman which i said earlier was a wii u exclusive at first. end rant for now since i have other things to do.
    • Chris on March 8, 2014
      Ok another thing I thought of, when/ if watchdogs u is released the other version will b much cheaper by that point. I imagine gamestop selling Xbox one and ps4 version for $30-40 by release of watchdogs u. Will ubisoft make watch dogs u price to match others Version or still charge $60 just to guarantee it has a small sale rate thus reason why u don't release other games on time if at all? I calling out your BS support for the wii u on this game!! Waiting for your answer
  58. Gamerdan on March 8, 2014
    I am curious and worried about the character himself. In past games like Assassin's Creed, it turned out okay, but future versions were better, one reason being that the character was dull or too plain. It that to be the case with Aiden? Or does Aiden have enough depth and interesting aspects to him to really fit well with the player???
  59. Tython92 on March 9, 2014
    Can you clear up what Johnathan Morin meant in his recent tweet about the WiiU version?
    • Tython92 on March 9, 2014
      Becasue it sounds like the WiiU version is going to be a dirty port of wither the PS3 version or the XBOX360 version.
  60. Tom on March 9, 2014
    Are we going to get a Mac release or do just a lame iOS app?
  61. L. Laws on March 9, 2014
    I love UbiSoft games for the Wii U (only console I have), and I look forward to Watch Dogs. Thanks for keeping us informed. Keep up the good work, folks!
  62. Erik Mozolik on March 9, 2014
    Gary, like most of the Wii U owners here I am concerned. I can summarize my comments as: 1) if a delay means bringing about a better version of Watchdogs for the Wii U that is acceptable. 2) we sincerely hope as Nintendo users we are not being hosed, and we will indeed actually see a playable version, with gamepad support. 3) with so little 3rd party development taking place for the Wii U, Ubisoft finds itself at a unique point where it may really impact the future of the Wii U and may even help drive console sales. Competition from 3rd party developers is low and you have the chance to capitalize on that need for more games.
  63. Doc on March 10, 2014
    I'm actually a little less excited for this game to come out and it's due entirely to the "multiplayer" aspect. I HATE multiplayer games and I pray that it is a feature that you can disable without penalizing your game. Mass Effect 3 had the same crap. To get the "good ending" you had to play online. I find it hard to believe that all the play testers loved someone else messing up there game. Have to stop whatever you are doing and having to respond to the hacking of some pinhead 12 year old won't make me happy at all.Doc
    • Zarathustra on March 11, 2014
      It has already been confirmed, that you can disable it.
  64. Tron on March 10, 2014
    Well I believe they have come out and said the multiplayer can be disabled. I am going to see what this game looks like on Wii U. Will tell how much "effort" was put in or not
  65. Nuev on March 10, 2014
    Will we as Wii U owners get anything special as a bonus because of this delay? And will we recieve online play as well? I pre-orderd this game the day you said it was coming to Wii U. Please deliver on this promise!
    • Tron on March 10, 2014
      As far as I know they said no special bonus for Wii U owners. Gamepad integration is the most we can ask for and "IF" they can push the graphics past the 360 version. All we can hope for from any 3rd party devs at this point. Sad but true.
  66. chris on March 11, 2014
    Stop lying about the graphics. If you haven't already slapped us in the face with falsely advertising a better looking game, only to delay and come back with a significantly worse looking product, at least have the decency to admit it. I've never been so outraged by a cheap move from a company as this, and there's been a lot of cheap moves in this industry. The game looks so much worse. The lighting in the city used to be so much better, among other things. I hope gamers call you out on this. I'll be speaking with(out) my wallet on this game.
  67. DEMON1C_UNICORN on March 11, 2014
    I keep hearing that you guys messed with the lighting and downgraded it or something is this true or just a rumor?
  68. Marc on March 11, 2014
    I can honestly say that I do agree with all of the polishing. I for one never lost hype for this game. Once I saw the delay, I knew it was for good reason. And realistically (don't take this as an offense), releasing two Ubisoft games at the same time would've been bad marketing and a self contradicted competition. I think someone must have looked at the next gen consoles release dates and thought "Uuuuuum.... why are we releasing both Assassin Creed IV and Watch Dogs at the same time"? I'm glad that they polished a game that's gonna be great, but I'm also glad that they saw that mistake to.
  69. Alex Sørlie Glomsaas on March 11, 2014
    Just preordered earlier today! So excited for this game
  70. Mark on March 11, 2014
    This article was very informative. Thanks for publishing it.
    • Gary Steinman | Communications Manager Author on March 12, 2014
      Glad you enjoyed it!
      • NADIR on March 12, 2014
        hi is the atmosphere and the feel of places in the city alive like that place where aiden got money from atm will it be like the level of that place. please also, in the game is there still leaves moving on the floor . please answer especially the leaves query lol
        • Merky Water on March 13, 2014
          I've talked to many a gamer anxiously anticipating this game. And heard many will-there-be questions posed. Although I never asked them direct if leaves were their selling point, I'm sure everyone is surprised they left the topic of leaves out of this interview. Such a must to lay the ground work for a successful franchise! Hopefully, there will be so many they'll add a mini-game challenge to rake up as many as you can before the wind blows! Stop dodging the leaf question ubisoft! ;)
          • Gary Steinman | Communications Manager Author on March 13, 2014
            This is, indeed, the most important question. And -- finally! -- I have the answer right here. It is... oh, hang on... I have a phone call... I'll be back in a bit...
  71. Alex on March 11, 2014
    Thank you guys so much for posting this, I have always believed in ubisoft, and knew that the delay has meaning. This is one of my most anticipated games this year and cannot wait. Does anyone know though if on the ps4 it utilizes the touch screen thing
  72. Jayson on March 12, 2014
    I find it hard to believe that gta v had nothing to do with the delay. Why deny it by avoiding mentioning it? It was literally the most successful entertainment launch (of all forms of entertainment, ever) in history.
  73. NADIR on March 12, 2014
    Hi.. in Watch_Dogs is the city still alive and is the atmosphere the same like in the e3 demo personaly i think that the game looks good might even buy two copies lol...thanks hopeing for a sequel lol
  74. Damian on March 12, 2014
    I was just looking at the preorder possibilities, and noting that depending on the vendor, there is a different "bonus" shipped with the game. Will the bonus packs be available at some point via some other means? Who wants to miss out on additional content!?! Buying four copies just isn't in the cards ;)
    • Merky Water on March 13, 2014
      This happens with near every game. The retailers use these bonus' as incentives to buy from them over the other guy. They're never game changers -just little fun things to play around with that add to the game minimally if at all. Occasionally, I'll see preorder bonus' bundled with a pack of later DLC. Sometimes not. Best thing to do is pick out the retailer who seems to be throwing the best offer. For me, it's bonus missions or moneyoff/storecredit. Outfits and weapons are just aesthetics in these types of games. An ability to get more money from an ATMhack in-game is also not making me think i need it from that retailer. I'm buying a game to play... allowing me to rush might be something... but I'd rather enjoy the journey.
  75. Kyle on March 14, 2014
    I'm really concerned about the PS4 version. I have a gaming PC as well but I don't like uPlay plus I prefer my quieter PS4, but the graphics just look like crap in the videos I've seen recently. There are tons of websites talking about how downgraded the visuals are from the E3 2013 PS4 demo, is there any way you can deny that? No one from Ubisoft seems to want to answer me on this, I've tried reaching out to Ubisoft in multiple places but never get a response. Bottom line: is the final game identical to the E3 2013 PS4 demo or not?
  76. Nadir on March 14, 2014
    @ubisoft, is the graphics gonna be like the e3 2013 demo or not we dont wanna hear it looks good it looks next gen, is it like the e3 demo because if not it is called downgrading my ubisoft freindsp.s. ubisoft you really need to do something about this graphic issue because you wont get sales until you release some new info on graphics people dont want to hear it looks what a next gen should look like.. is it like the e3 2013 demo yes or no?????thanks...
  77. johnnyboy on March 15, 2014
    Great behind the scenes article. Now al lwe need is to wait for this awesome game! Looks like I'll be getting mine from Target...
  78. Nerxa on March 16, 2014
    Hope to have more than 20-25h of content this time, DLC excluded obviously.
  79. Dan Stone on March 16, 2014
    This is going to be a great game. This game could knock out all other open world games.If you do have the time please answer the following questions. Will there be a variety of clothing shops (such as in gta 5 with binco clothing the discount store etc.)? Will there be a safe house? Can you store cars?
  80. Kali on March 25, 2014
    Waiting to see the graphics of Watch_dogs.. hope it is as attractive as "The Division"
  81. Tron on March 27, 2014
    So ANY updcate on Wii U version. Will we see any footage of it before it comes out months and not just the week of the release?? Can we get a timetable at least for when you guys plan on releasing the Wii U version... a months after the others 6 months after the others?I mean seriously we are asking for anything dang even a screenshot of the Wii U version would be appreciated.
  82. Matthew Kenealy on April 2, 2014
    More comments than most posts on here and I can see why. I think the thing that really shocked people was how late in the game you guys delayed it. It was only a few months from being released and it seems like you should have known a while earlier just how behind you were.
  83. Nigel on April 10, 2014
    Just wondering, how will the multiplayer of watchdogs be like? If everyone is aiden, then when we meet some other player online, how will there be a diff? Oh and also, will we also be able to make friends and make our own mobs?
    • Gary Steinman | Communications Manager Author on April 10, 2014
      Everyone sees themselves as Aiden. So on your own screen, Nigel, you'll always be Aiden. But if you hack into someone else's game, they'll see YOU as another citizen of Chicago. We'll dive into more multiplayer details soon, and fully explain it in greater depth in the coming weeks...
  84. Colin on April 15, 2014
    I'm sick of seeing the words Wii U after reading the comments. Seriously, that community seems pretty preppy and snobbish. Here's a huge article about this guy super passionate about the extra content they put into the game to make it better. The Wii U response?: "Ehh, a delay, I'm angry."Please. The attitude is off-putting. Sorry to the other Wii U owners who are not affected by a delay and understand/are grateful.
  85. Suminda on April 16, 2014
    Hey thanks for the article : ) I see some downgrade of graphics shown from the E3 2013 demo. Is this graphics downgrade only for next gen consoles and would I be able play it with graphics just like E3 2013 Demo on a powerful gaming PC ? Please answer...Thanks.
  86. kostas on April 24, 2014
    How many euro will it cost
  87. Nasugo on April 28, 2014
    How do the visuals look maxed out on PC when compared to the original 2012 E3 gameplay reveal? Wasn't that found out to be on a really beefy computer anyway? I think I've read somewhere that comparisons of "then and now" show more recent builds actually having less visual quality (lighting, shadows, apparent mesh detail, etc). However, this could just have been an example of an in progress 7th or 8th gen console build, not PC.TLDR: Does the quality of the finished product maxed out on PC hold up to the initial 2012 E3 gameplay reveal? Is it better? Worse?Thank you!
    • Nasugo on April 28, 2014
      Well shoot, there were new videos that I didn't know about! That multiplayer! But do you really need a i7 3930k to run that at 1080p with good frames? =)
  88. sonarctica on May 14, 2014
    Bethesda, you are a disgrace compared to ubi. They delayed 5 month's to polish an alreaedy awesome game while games like skyrim where rushed and was pathetic into it's first year before it got decent!Can't wait for watch dogs to be released! The first pc game in years that has been done right!
  89. Joseph on May 22, 2014
    If you hack something in Watch Dogs, will the hack reset? I'd hate to come back to the same area in later on in the game and not be able to hack anything.
  90. Daniel on May 27, 2014
    What kind of polish you made the last 7 months? Cars are undriveable!!!!!! Acceleration is ridiculous. Steering is like a remote controlled toy car. Hard corners are frustrating. Why the F I added cars when they are useless?!?!??

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