Watch Dogs – Welcome To Chicago

Chicago. The Windy City. Home to deep dish pizzas and Wrigley Field. Chicago is also the most surveilled city in the world, which makes it the perfect setting for Watch Dogs. We’ve shared our insights about Chicago with you already, but now we’re back to show you why the Second City will become a premiere destination, thanks in part to the powerful next-gen engine Watch Dogs is built on.

Grab Watch Dogs for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PC on May 27 and step into Aiden Pearce’s shoes as he hunts down the people who hurt his family. The PS4 and PS3 versions will come with their own exclusive content, including an in-game outfit and bonus missions. The Wii U version will be coming at a later date.

Watch Dogs - Welcome To Chicago

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Watch Dogs


Release date — May 27, 2014
Developer — Ubisoft Montreal
Players will assume the role of Aiden Pearce, a new type of vigilante who, with the help of his smartphone, will use his ability to hack into Chicago’s central operating system (ctOS) and control almost every element of the city. Aiden will be able to tap into the city’s omnipresent security cameras, download personal information to locate a target, control systems such as traffic lights or public transportation to stop a chase, and more. The city of Chicago is now the ultimate weapon.

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood, Intense Violence, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs and Alcohol
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Zach 5pts

I would like to say you have done a great job on the division I have always wanted a game where u can explore but in great detail and I love the way you have taken in game detail and put it into your own.

Abhishek Sachan
Abhishek Sachan 5pts

You can find answer of this question in ""IGN India's Interview with Ubisoft Montreal" in IGN India's official site.

ia 5pts

i've heard befo about this, but now that i've got a vision on it

baby i like this!

but let me tell you that this AINT

Airwane 5pts

Morin say they will be no demo because Demo takes time!!???

Now that's f up because I believe they own us a demo. with the delay and stuff beside if they were almost read to launch it last year how can they not make a demo????

Ital 5pts

I loved every single frame of this trailer! Saying that is amazingly beautiful is an understatement. ...However many of us are still concerned about the graphics controversy. Will the PS4 version look like this? How will the PS4 be compared to 2012's demo? Those kind of things. I genuinely can't imagine a greater present from you guys than a recreation of 2012's demo with the current PS4 built of WD, but even a plain text clarification would be nice too. Is that too much to ask? I think it's justifiedly insane the way I'm looking forward to WD. The world you have created is A UNIVERSE. Can't wait!! But, PLEASE, take into account what I and other have said. Cheers!

Sam 5pts

I am still wondering if this is set in the same universe as assassins creed? I am really excited to play this game

Airwane 5pts

Hold at 3:36 of the trailer was that a giant spider robot? and then there was like people with their head of fire?????

Shaun 5pts

Awesome trailer, but you should once and for all make a clarification about graphics. I mean, this trailer looks really great, but, will my PS4 version look like this? Will it look like what you showed on 2012's and 2013's E3? Many of us without a high-end PC spent much money on a next gen console and we're genuinely and justifiedly concerned about this. At least myself would REALLY appreciate any answer on this... (Anne, Gary, and all others... don'l let us die in the dark!)

dan0019 5pts

There is nothing cooler than ROBOT SPIDERS and DRAGONS!! Interesting addition, can't wait to see how they fit in to this story and kick some metal arse ha!

Airwane 5pts

Does Aiden got a safehouse with parking where he can keep some of the cars? does get to keep the cars he drive?

Airwane 5pts

How accurate is Aiden Chicago to the real one I've been looking at Chi-town map on Google just to familiars myself with but without the game map it's difficult.

also if Aiden is a hacker how can he let the media advertised his id like? is there a way to do something about it in the game?

Airwane 5pts

I wish they made a demo. and looks like I'll be spending a lot of hours in this game. I already feel like not playing any other games.

Andrew 5pts

I assume this trailer was produced with the PC version? Looks a lot better than previous PS4 trailers.

Daniel Nixon
Daniel Nixon 5pts

I have been waiting as patiently as I can. Need this game.

Rock4one 5pts

I live in Chicago. Go Bears! Can't wait for this game!

Airwane 5pts

they aren't in the same universe. but each of them got Easter eggs.

WatchDogs borrow things like parkour or way to move in the city by foot from AC, combat technique from Splinter cell, unlocks territory from FarCry and cars driving from the Crew. they will be some ester eggs. like in AC4 Blume sent a sales email to Abstergo about having a localized system in Montreal. but that's it so it's 2 diffeent companys that's for sure but same universe unlikely. but will see when we play the game

Airwane 5pts

This looks like console graphics.

Sam 5pts

Not sure if you cant spell, or you are from another country