Watch Dogs – Single-Player Mission DLC

The newest DLC pack for Watch Dogs is here, and it’s a big one. Now you can explore even more of Chicago with three brand-new single-player missions, complete with a bunch of unlockable goodies – all detailed below. Season Pass holders have had access to the pack for a week, but if you don’t have the Pass, now is your chance to grab these exciting missions for $6.99. Of course, you can still pick up the Season Pass for $19.99 and get access to this pack as well as the already released Conspiracy! Digital Trip.

Watch Dogs - Single-Player Mission DLC

Single-Player Missions:

The Palace – Infiltrate the home of an Internet mogul before the police can raid it and find information on Aiden and Dedsec on hard drive. Break in, wipe the drive and make your escape before the raid begins. Oh, and don’t forget to take out the mogul. You wouldn’t want him telling anyone what he knows.

Signature Shot – Aiden is a fan of new toys. Such a fan that he’s willing to break into a Viceroy stronghold for one. A shipment containing a biometric weapon has been smuggled into Chicago. It will only fire for the first person to imprint his palm on the handle. Make your way through the stronghold and steal the weapon before anyone else has a chance to imprint it. The Biometric Rifle is perfect for long-range attacks, but it’s high rate of fire makes it a choice weapon for when the fight is a bit closer.

Breakthrough – Part driving, part assassination, all mayhem. The Chicago South Club is meeting with some corporate CEOs and it’s up to Aiden to put an end to their dealings. Scramblers have been hired, so you’ll have to track down their vehicles and take them out before you can locate the secret meeting area and eliminate everyone in attendance.

Watch Dogs - Single-Player Mission DLC

Along with the Biometric Rifle, this DLC pack also nets you the Auto-6 pistol – a burst-fire weapon that is ideal for dealing heavy damage. As you progress through these three missions you’ll also unlock new outfits (the South Chicago outfit), bonuses, perks and boosts – including a Dedsec Battery boost, which gives you an additional phone battery; a Blume Weapon boost, which reduces recoil and increases loading speeds for all your weapons; a Driving Master boost to raise your vehicle’s hit points; and an ATM Hack boost that will put a little extra green in your pockets.

Watch Dogs - Single-Player Mission DLC

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Watch Dogs


Release date — May 27, 2014
Developer — Ubisoft Montreal
Players will assume the role of Aiden Pearce, a new type of vigilante who, with the help of his smartphone, will use his ability to hack into Chicago’s central operating system (ctOS) and control almost every element of the city. Aiden will be able to tap into the city’s omnipresent security cameras, download personal information to locate a target, control systems such as traffic lights or public transportation to stop a chase, and more. The city of Chicago is now the ultimate weapon.

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood, Intense Violence, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs and Alcohol
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RastaThadd 5pts

I found that if you find the right criminal and Chase him for a lil while he'll call for backup...the closest to gang hideouts we can get until that DLC of renewable gang hideouts.

David 5pts

I'm a little annoyed, not by the game, apart from not being able to shoot whilst driving and the abhorrent drinking game which is the only achievement I don't have, but I'm annoyed because I bought the dedsec edition with the extra missions and then I bought the season pass also. It seems that the only thing I'll get that I don't already have is T-bones mission which means instead of saving money I've paid way more than necessary. Can ubisoft include the ps3 exclusive game play for xbox to make the season pass worth it for those who bought the higher value editions? I loved the game though. As for a lot of the issues mentioned above they seem to be PC related. My Xbox edition has multiple save slots, runs perfectly, has great graphics, and seems faultless with no bugs at all. I was very pleased with the game. Something that would improve the realism for me would be for Aiden to only be able to carry one of each weapon type at a time, perhaps saving the others at his safe houses with a switch out option like his wardrobe. He would still need super human strength to carry just one of each weapon type but it would be more engaging to have to select your weapons like your outfit.

romano 5pts

i downloaded the extra content i played it then i restarted the game and now i dont have the extra missions can you play extra missions once?

Wesley 5pts

I agree with everyone else. We got sucked into the hype machine UBISOFT created and now we the gamers suffer. You should give us our money back.

Dillon 5pts

It makes me sooo mad that this game literally just came out, and they are already trying to shove DLCs down our throat. how about you fix the freaking game, so I can actually finish the story first. It runs sooooo bad on my Gtx 770 4gb. I've been waiting for a patch since I got the freaking game, but it never came (besides the one that literally did nothing!!!) I don't know if I even want to buy games from ubisoft anymore, this made me livid!!

Julia 5pts

Fix the bugs please

FlyingTitan 5pts

Can you please fix the bug that everyone is having, where after you have finished the campaign, you no longer can surrender in a level 1 police chase.

sean 5pts

I havnt had my new missions yet i brought the season pass 2nd of july and still not recived anything whats going on

Michael 5pts

When is the T-Bone DLC coming out? Also, please put random gang hideouts in the game. There's nothing to do once you have gotten platinum. No armies of people to kill, just random muggers who give no challenge. Fix this, fix it now.


Where can you access to content on PlayStation 4? I downloaded it from PS store know that it's there. But it does not show on the map! Is that because I have beat the game and I need to start a new one???

anon 5pts

Breakthrough mission is under 5 minutes. It's a convoy mission.

The Palace is about 15 minutes. Then you go around collecting hard drives. It's a hacking mission.

Signature Shot is about 10 minutes. Of that time 5 is just tailing someone. Then you must acquire the gun with stealth or kills.

masterstickboy 5pts

um... those 3 DLC missions you have listed.. they were all out day 1 for those that bought the deluxe edition on steam... (probably with more then just on steam)

none of you business ubi
none of you business ubi 5pts

Hey, how about a patch to fix that horrible drinking game instead of just unlocking preloaded content already in the game disk. Ubisoft update post on watchdogs is such a waste of time. They are really hurting the chances of a sequel being successful.

QIDOM 5pts

The biometric gun is basically the acr with a camo from the brief moment I played with it...went right back to the goblin spec-ops....didn't notice a high rate of fire at all...and the auto-6 seems to basically be just like another pistol in the game...forget the name...there should of been more customization in the game characters....really let down by the idea why I got the season pass...

Sam 5pts

How about actually set-up a ps3/xbox360 dlc for Decryption and free roam? The game itself isn't exciting since most of the mission are a good 10 minutes long. Not telling you should scrap the idea its just that something if there's another sequel or something..

Simon 5pts

If you want to publish something how about an effective patch that stops your whole game being wiped from 95% to 0% and you lose all your weapons,skills,notoriety points and can do nothing about it but start again

Seriously 5pts

You call this DLC ? This is ULC "Unlock-able Content" You are just unlocking content (already on the disk not downloading) that was given for free for various pre-orders. I received "The Palace" for pre-ordering at Gamestop so now I get to pay for it again? I am so thankful I didn't use my season pass money yet. These missions and weapons should have been sold as something else but not as Season Pass or DLC content. It's sad what the game industry is doing to it's client base. Give us something new and fresh not something that everyone has paid for already.

Hwis 5pts

The palace pack isn't new I got that when I pre ordered the game.

Dan 5pts

Nice DLC,but those screenshots look like the game's running TheWorse's mod 0.8 :p ,they look way better than vanilla W_D :)

ceekay 5pts

And I thought you're giving us T-Bone's story.

How much time do we still have to wait for it?

Nathan 5pts

Hold on a second, I missed a step. How are the gamers suffering?

I've purchased and completed the game and the DLC and I thoroughly enjoyed all of it, I wouldn't take my money back even if Ubisoft offered.

Yeah, no
Yeah, no 5pts

those configs belong to ubi, kadzait found them, theworse stole them.

Matthew 5pts

No, watch dogs looks like that lol, get your facts right.

Wesley 5pts

Really? It was a quality game? Tell me how you thought so?

Assassino 5pts

Yeah Kadzait found them,he didn't say that the configs don't belong to Ubi...from what I heard,TheWorse,Kadzait and Maldo are working together now on making the mods,and the vanilla game doesn't have that "depth of field" or motion blur in the background,I checked multiple times,the blur appears when concentrating on a certain spot,the rest gets blurred out.

Nathan 5pts

There's no reason to get defensive or change the subject, I only wanted to know why you felt that gamers are suffering. We can do this your way if you insist though. I do feel like the game is of a high quality; The story was good (though shorter than I would have liked), there are plenty of side activities to keep it interesting, I like that Ubisoft added extra content to the game and I think it only fair that they want to get paid for this content, The only real problem I can think of is that the game only supports a single save, I would have liked to play the game a second or third time without removing the data for my first game. If and when they make a second Watch_Dogs I'll happily pre-order it too.

Now, why do you feel like gamers are suffering with this game?

Nathan 5pts

OK, it's fair to say that replayability is lacking but that doesn't make it a bad game. At most it takes it from a great game down to a pretty good game. There are many games that are widely considered good or even great that lack replayability (Batman: Arkham Asylum immediately springs to mind; reviews all put it at 4-5 stars and I personally loved it though I don't recall it having any replay value). Unless you have any other points to make I'm gong to go ahead and say you're looking for a reason to dislike a good game instead of actually assessing the game objectively.

ceekay 5pts

Oh, come on! I did all the side missions and now I'm just roaming the city scavenging for some "crime detected" activities which became boring. There's no "replay missions", the game doesn't create any other "gang shootout" and I kind of hate the Fixer Contracts which I did only to have he achievement unlocked. Every other side mission from the Season Pass and stuff are done, so all that remains now is the Multiplayer. It just became boring. I did everything and lost interest in it. Does this look happy to you?