Details on the Watch Dogs Season Pass have been revealed. Get access to exclusive missions, weapons, outfits and much more including a brand new single-player campaign starring the crazy genius T-Bone Grady. Grab the Season Pass for $19.99 on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Check out the trailer and see the list below for the add-ons featured in the Pass.

The Season Pass will include:

    New single-player campaign – Puts you in the role of T-Bone, eccentric hacker and ally to Aiden Pearce

    Conspiracy! – a new Digital Trip which sets you on the hunt for cyborgs

    The Untouchables Pack – Go oldschool with some classic Chicago mobster film gear including a 1920s mobster outfit and a M1 SMG (in North America, the Untouchables Pack will only be available with the Season Pass)

    Additional single-player missions, outfits and weapons

    One week early access to all Watch Dogs DLC

All that, for 25% less than what it would cost to buy each individual piece of content. Watch Dogs will be available worldwide for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on May 27, with Wii U arriving at a later date.

Watch Dogs - Season Pass Details

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Watch Dogs


Release date — May 27, 2014
Developer — Ubisoft Montreal
Players will assume the role of Aiden Pearce, a new type of vigilante who, with the help of his smartphone, will use his ability to hack into Chicago’s central operating system (ctOS) and control almost every element of the city. Aiden will be able to tap into the city’s omnipresent security cameras, download personal information to locate a target, control systems such as traffic lights or public transportation to stop a chase, and more. The city of Chicago is now the ultimate weapon.

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood, Intense Violence, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs and Alcohol
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  1. LeaYo on April 29, 2014
    Looks fun!
    • Jonas on May 25, 2014
      if u get the season pass after the game cums out do you get tbone
      • Steve on May 26, 2014
        Of course. It doesn't matter when you get the Season Pass, it will always give you the DLCs listed above.
      • watch doggggggs on May 26, 2014
        Tbone dlc will not come out untill a coupel of months l8ter they need time to make it
        • jskcha on June 4, 2014
          is it true
        • Ivan on June 23, 2014
          Any idea when the t-bone missions will come out?
          • Isaac on June 25, 2014
            They take so long to release it
    • luffy on May 31, 2014
      How do I start the season pass
    • luffy on May 31, 2014
      How do I start the season pass because I've been playing single player
  2. Andrea on April 29, 2014
    Ehmmm what about NOPE? Do you really want to release a 20$ season pass after months and months of waiting? Bleah
    • Aheradrim on April 29, 2014
      Delay or not, Ubisoft is always making very good DLCs for all of their games, with a lot of extra content, new customisation options and exciting new stories. Colour me interested on this one.
      • hiko 25200 on May 14, 2014
        Why they sell a game 60 dollars when they can sell it 60 + 20 dollars ?
  3. Derek on April 29, 2014
    I think it's not a bad idea. Being able to get the untouchables pack would be nice and new outfits are always appreciated. I also think it will be interesting to play as T-Bone
    • Isaac on May 1, 2014
      Sure it is neat stuff. And I'm an absolute fan of DLC! But I don't think Ubisoft wasted one second of time thinking about their customers. What is one DLC costing? 10$? 15$? That is too much! For outfits and just another skin? And that's not everything: They developed all this in the time we could already have played this!
      • ReezoTek on May 5, 2014
        Do let you know, the outfits come with buffs similar to Sleeping Dogs outfits. Like Aiden's White Outfit gives you ATM Hacking Boost & other outfits might give you like Gun Fire Boost and so on. Season Pass gives you all outfits of instead buying them separately.
      • The Lie on May 8, 2014
        Not only outfits, another playable character and a digital trip, plus extra missions. Sure the game could have been released already, but it wouldn't have been up the developer's standard of experience. They admitted they found a few bugs, so they wanted to fix them. I'm more than willing to wait for a game if it means when I actually get to play it the game will be bug-free. The reason why we keep getting season passes is because we keep paying for them. Correction: the fans. But there's nothing wrong with that. If I really enjoy a game (or I'm 99% sure I"ll enjoy it in regards to W_D), then I'll pay for the season pass, simple as that.
  4. Fatteh on April 30, 2014
    I think advertising DLC before the game, which was delayed, probably creates the wrong impression that content was removed to milk the customer base a little more out of cash for what should already be in the game before it has been released. It's probably good extra content but a little bad on the PR side.
    • DannyBoy2k on April 30, 2014
      JUUUUUUST slightly, does this sensation come, yes. Let's delay the game with a month to release. Let's then go absolutely silent about it, TOTALLY, for 5 months straight. Let's then FINALLY say, 'Oh it'll be out in two months time'. And with ONE month left? Let's say, 'Oh, and by the way, even though the game isn't out yet, you can buy stuff that we didn't include in the game, for extra money.' So...why isn't this stuff in the game already, particularly when you've delayed the game over 6
  5. Ellie on April 30, 2014
    I don't get why people are whining about the season pass announcement. This is what happens every time. Of course they're advertising the DLC before the game comes out. They want people to get it. This is such a stupid thing to complain about. Every damn game has DLC. It's not like this is uncommon. Jeez. I'll be buying for that Tommy gun and the cyborg hunting stuff for sure.
    • Isaac on May 1, 2014
      Wow! Such stupidity! I'm sorry, I didn't want to be mean but his topic annoys me. I mean you aren't really thinking that this is good, do you? Because every one does it it becomes a good thing? No. Really not. They delayed this game without telling us shit about why and when it is finally coming out. Then they are advertising the shit out of us with extra super special editions and pre-order bonuses and now they are wanting us to buy something wich could have easily been in the game already and something wich relys so heavily on trust. I mean you have to be confident that the DLC will be good.
  6. Ital on April 30, 2014
    Agreed with Ellie. I think they're completely entitled to sell the game as they want. And personally I believe it's worth every cent, so I'll buy this pass. For those who don't see it that way, is up to them whether they get this content or not. The "normal game" will be really huge itself alone. If they offer us even more content to keep us interested in the game after release, it's a good thing, and we should pay for it... Simple, isn't it?
    • Isaac on May 1, 2014
      I agree that DLC is a great thing in concept but they really just try to milk their customers. They announce like 17 different special editions with each individual extra content and they give PS systems extra content no other platform gets. And then they delay the game for mounths without telling us why and now they want to sell us something that could have been easily in the main game! Season Passes are a dumb idea. You pay for something wich isn't even out yet. And what do you get? Outfits. You now have to pay for something so simple wich was made before the game was released! Paying a buck for a new outfit after a mounth of playtime or so I'm cool with but paying 10$ for outfits already made when I buy the game is just crap!
      • Ellie on May 1, 2014
        Outfits? You totaly didn't read the article, did you? It's basically the Freedom Cry for Watch Dogs, plus new missions for Aiden and a bunch of other stuff. Ease up, Debbie Downer.
        • DannyBoy2k on May 2, 2014
          Which has been announced a month before the game is even out. Which then basically means that they delayed the game for 6 order to make something that ISN'T part of the game so they could charg extra for it...and, you're ok with this?
        • Isaac on May 2, 2014
          I did read the article. They give you: T-Bone! The totally gamechanging he-is-not-a-rip-off-of-Trevor character wich is probably not changing the gameplay in any way but he is craaazy! Buy now: some new skins for Aiden, besides the one we call T-Bone but he isn't just a skin he is craaazy! And new Digital Trips! This craaazy stuff from the main game. You. That one we aren't letting you play so we can make this Season pass. And don't forget the new Singleplayercontent we aren't telling you of wich it contains but buy it now! You just need to trust us! And a whole bunch of dollars! Don't forget about the dollars! And I'm cynical not a Debbie Downer.
          • Jay on May 2, 2014
            Oh hey! I know how to solve your porblems with the DLC. Don't buy it! Fixed! Let those of us who actually wnat it waste our money on it. You don't have to drop a dime. Plus, it takes way longer than 6 months to make DLC. They were probably working on it waaay before the delay.
          • Another Isaac on May 29, 2014
            Its not actually necessarily a re-skinned version of Aiden, they already set he has his own playstyle and his own abilities on his skill tree. And if you don't want the new digital trip & skins fine, but don't complain, you come off as bitchy whiny troll. Most AAA games to this these days, I'm sure you don't really have time to do this on ALL game forums, do you? If you do, you are severely lacking a life.
    • Isaac on May 2, 2014
      I did read the article. They give you: T-Bone! The totally gamechanging he-is-not-a-rip-off-of-Trevor character wich is probably not changing the gameplay in any way but he is craaazy! Buy now: some new skins for Aiden, besides the one we call T-Bone but he isn't just a skin he is craaazy! And new Digital Trips! This craaazy stuff from the main game. You. That one we aren't letting you play so we can make this Season pass. And don't forget the new Singleplayercontent we aren't telling you of wich it contains but buy it now! You just need to trust us! And a whole bunch of dollars! Don't forget about the dollars! And I'm cynical not a Debbie Downer.
  7. Mel Jones on April 30, 2014
    It's worth every single penny I've pre-ordered Watch Dogs DEDSEC Edition... Although I think the Season Pass should come FREE with the DEDSEC Edition considering how much money we're paying. I'm not knocking the price or the game. I can't wait for the release. At Midnight it's officially 27 days and counting. Just waiting for the announcement to say that it's gone gold and then it's off to productuion and shipped out to retailers.
    • Isaac on May 1, 2014
      I'm sorry how do you know if the game is good or not? That is like the dumbest statement you can make pre-realese.
      • Dylan on May 6, 2014
        Isaac you reply to every last person that comments downgrading the game. Move on to something else if you don't like it. Stupid Troll.
        • Isaac on May 7, 2014
          I'm not downgrading the game. I'm so excited for this game. Believe me. I just hate Ubisofts behavior. And I'm not a troll. I'm answering them because they replied me and I don't want them to think I didn't read it. That is called discussion and not everyone doing it is a troll. Do you think I would have been on this blog in the first place if I didn't like the game or at least the concept? I'm answering people who have questions or who I disagree with. Again: discussion. I was mean a few times and I'm sorry for it but Ubisoft just makes me angry.
  8. Aiden hacker on April 30, 2014
    I am a true gamer and with ubisoft you can count on dlc for your games, I went an purchased the season pass before this trailer was released because I knew that I was going to want every piece of dlc that comes out for this game, season pass ensures that now that I see how sweet the first wave of content is I am truly excited, and I'm pretty sure that it has only been developed within the last month.
    • Isaac on May 1, 2014
      Oh great! They only wasted one mounth of our playtime milking the shit out of us! Fantastic news! Call me cynical but I don't think this is anywhere near good news.
  9. Mel Jones on May 1, 2014
    AIDEN HACKER hit the nail on the head with a truly well presented answer. I agree with you 100%. With the most anticipated game of 2014 now 26 days and counting. I think evrrybody will be darting to Ubisoft to buy the DLC before the game is even released. I'd take a guess there will be more DLC released within the next 26 days. And furthermore, I'd say they'll keep them coming right up to the end of 2014 to keep us gamers pinned to our chairs playing Watch Dogs and forgetting everything elese being released because we'll be too engrossed in playing Watch Dogs.
    • aiden hacker on May 8, 2014
      thanx alot mel jones your a sweety! =)
  10. Tiler on May 1, 2014
    Ubisoft does a great job with DLC. I don't understand why people complain about the release of DLC for a delayed game. Honestly, the game seems to have a lot more detail and things to do then what was initially completed pre-release. Also yes there were times where there was silence and all but the game still is coming out. I just don't understand the complaints. If someone could explain their reason for why this is unfair or bad I would greatly appreciate it.
    • Isaac on May 2, 2014
      The problem is the following: They invested development time into these DLCs. Of course. But you usually make DLCs to keep the game from getting boring and redundant. Great thing. But Ubisoft nuild this in a time where the game wasn't even released. So this content was cut from the maingame. Meaning: you have to buy something wich could have been in the main game and if this isn't enough look at this: They want us to buy this damn thing they call Season Pass without you knowing if the game is good or if the DLCs will be good or if you have any interest in playing the game any further in the first place. This Season Pass stands for Ubisoft milking their customers and caring shit about anything but money. That is why anyone complaining.
  11. D500 on May 2, 2014
    So basically you want us to order a season pass without even having tried the game and without knowing if it's even good and if we like it..... yeah....No thank you. No offense, Ubi normally has nice DLC's, but the whole season pass thing really seems to get out of hand, especially if you even start doing it for a brand new gaming franchise which did yet not have a chance to prove it is worth it....
    • Isaac on May 4, 2014
      Thank you! You got why season passes aren't any good!
  12. IdgetheSquidge on May 2, 2014
    £20 is a bit steep isn't it? I'd probably get it if it was £15. BUt now that means in total I'd have payed £80 for it. I don't have that much to spare.
    • Abid on May 21, 2014
      I know, but games like watchdogs doesn't come every year, it takes 4 to 5 years I think £80.00 is a small prise for that... trust me they worked very hard on this game just close ur eyes and hit buy :)
  13. Unknown_hacker on May 4, 2014
    will you be able to get this for free if you pre order a specific thing?
  14. Travis on May 4, 2014
    Chill out Isaac. It's not like they're devil. They are completely entitled to sell the game as they want. So they want money? Yes, it's not necessarily a bad thing. Do we should pay? Of course. The "main game" will be really huge itself alone (most likely bigger than almost every other game out there, which you can get at a very similar price). It doesn't matter when is the content developed. I see it this way: they're saying "our game costs $60 plus $20", if you don't want to pay full price, you won't play it all. If you do (because you think it could be an amazing game and you want its potentially beautiful world to be expanded, like in my case), you pay for it and you have a game that is slightly more expensive than others but much greater. What is the problem?
    • Isaac on May 4, 2014
      I don't think they are the devil. They are something way worse. They are the EA of Europe. My problem is not that I think neither the main game nor the DLCs are gonna be good but what it means to gaming. It means that you can advertise a game and then suddenly delay without any excuse at all but: "It is not as good as GTA V" and "We could make the thumb animations better" then be successful at selling us 14 different special editions with all their unique features and give the PS users a bonus and no one else and then sell us a season pass before the actual game launched! Do you think this is a good development in gaming? I don't. Season passes are generally a bad idea because you have to absolutely trust the developer. Buy each DLC separately? Great! But all at once without even having played the game? No. Absolutely not. Don't bother to convince me you won't be successful but write a reply if you want to, maybe I convinced you.
      • Ryan on May 25, 2014
        You're such a fucking douche.
      • Another Isaac on May 29, 2014
        Actually, they gave a perfectly valid excuse. They delayed it due to the fact that the game needed extra development time or they would have had to cut several features. So your argument therefore collapses in on itself, because you are angry about them 'cutting' t-bone and suits from the game, yet if they didn't delay you'd probably be paying just to be able to use the blackout ability. You are being a douche.
  15. sam on May 4, 2014
    do i understand this correct. with the seasson pass you'll get all packs from the "exclusive" deluxe-edition?
    • Isaac on May 4, 2014
      You get every DLC they'll publish.
  16. Bijin06 on May 5, 2014
    I have a question (or two): When we play the minigame, where we have to drink alcohol. Can Aiden get a drinking problem, or does he already have one? O_O AND: when we go on a ... digital trip, can we get addicted to the drug? thx for reading my question(s) :P
    • Anne Lewis | Communications Associate Author on May 5, 2014
      It's not actually a drug. It's an audio device he puts in his ear. So I don't think he can get addicted, per say (but you certainly can. Those games are super fun). That said, my Aiden has a very serious gambling problem. He flips a lot of tables. I'm thinking of having him see a therapist.
      • Bijin06 on May 5, 2014
        Ahhh thnx for the quick reply :D I am soo excited for the game (pre ordered on october last year lol) and I want to get every little piece of information :D So I am happy to know, that Aiden won't be a ... junkie :'DCan't wait for the 27th 8D and the best of it is: the game comes out 6 days after my B-Day! Sorry... my hype-O-meter is goin' to burst lol ^^"
  17. Vonn on May 6, 2014
    Is there any difference between the PS3 and PS4 version? Besides the Graphics, Wind, number of NPC's spawned? also after i've done all missions will there be a option to reset it back to normal? or redo those missions? or are there any side quests? reference Far Cry 3 reset outpost
    • Michael “IndyIrish” on May 15, 2014
      There are a million side quests. And I am sure there will be a lot more with DLC. The Season pass already has some. As far as differences, game experience wise, it's most likely the same game. It will just be a graphics change. The ps3 I think is set to 900p30fps and the PS4 is 1080p60pfs. But that might not be accurate. And to say the game missions reset? I am guessing not. But I bet there will be a multiple games save option, allowing you to save a finished game and still open a new game profile to play from the start. These are all speculations. But someone should give you an answer. And I am pretty sure I am accurate because I am hardcore following every piece of media found on the subject.
    • Santicgy on June 28, 2014
      On ps4 There are more characters on the street and it has two more game modes. Decryption and Free Roam. There are also more side missions. But ps3 is better because it comes with an a-6 gun and cyberpunk outfit.
  18. ceekay on May 7, 2014
    Tricky question // Last year, when I bought the Black Chest edition of AC4, there was a "logistics problem" and there was no DVD with the game inside the box, and almost everyone got the game via the Ubisoft Game Launcher, which is not a bad idea, technically speaking. It was good because people could play the game before the box arrived and everything was automatically linked to the uPlay account. Will Watch Dogs have the same fate, or we'll have to wait for the box to arrive and then be able to play the game? I pre-ordered the DedSec Edition (PC) via amazon, in July, last year, and I know there'll be quite a while to wait before the box arrives at my door.
  19. Magnus on May 7, 2014
    My only question is, an i buy just the season pass on the PS store, because they have that gold edition thing but i don't buy digital games, and i Xbox already has the season pass on sale separately, can anyone tell me please!
  20. The Lie on May 8, 2014
    The only thing I don't like is the exclusivity of the planned DLC's. Why isn't Xbox getting an exclusive mission like PS4? What about PC? So if I want a complete experience, I'll have to buy a PS4? This kind of practice is what alienates gamers. Now Xbox owners will miss out on that content. I'm fine with the season pass. I'm sure it'll be worth it. I know it's all about the money, but I'm willing to pay it because I want to support innovative entertainment.
    • Jeff on May 10, 2014
      at least xbone owner's are able to play the game. Microsoft seems to think its okay to always make their games exclusive to their console.
    • Michael “IndyIrish” on May 15, 2014
      Blame Sony. They paid extra money to Ubisoft to get special content. It allows more sales. It's not Ubisofts fault that Xbox didn't make the same offer.
      • Another Isaac on May 29, 2014
        Then you should blame microsoft for making the mistake. You are making it sound like Sony are the bad guys because they made a smart business decision. And @The Lie, xbox was happy to keep titanfall off ps4 (sequel is coming to PS4 but this was not always the case). Nor did we get Ryse, Dead Rising 3, PvZ Garden Warfare, the timed exclusivity of all CoD DLC, Forza 5 and the Halo franchise. I'm sure you didn't complain about that.
  21. MoodiQ on May 10, 2014
    Thats not fair ubisoft so if someone bought the dedsec edition and got the 3 extra missions now has to pay another 20€ and he will get the same missions he got from the dedsec edition
  22. joseph on May 13, 2014
    hey guys if i buy the season pass for this game will I immediately get all the dlc's upon its release, I am really confuse because I think this season pass will only give me discounts for this dlc's which will totally sucks if it does. (fyi. I never bought any season pass before and this is the first time I wanted to so if someone can help me please! help me. thanks
    • Anne Lewis | Communications Associate Author on May 13, 2014
      Hey Joseph, you will automatically receive the DLC. You just pay the flat price for the Season Pass and then you can download the content as it releases.
  23. Viccurs on May 13, 2014
    So sick of this, why can't I just play the actual game before you shove a bunch of additional content down my throat. Don't get me wrong I'm so hype for this game, it is truly something new and fresh, but I'm going to have a serious frown if I see day one DLC, why not just put it in the game if you have made it already? Oh that's right you want all my money, I forgot. So I give you twenty bucks and I will get a 25% discount (how expensive is the average DLC? Will 25% even make a difference), and all this extra stuff that apparently comes out 2 days after the game launches according to my consoles description. ROFL oh so day two DLC never mind sounds delightful. Anyway hockey games on - au revoir!
  24. Dan on May 14, 2014
    Will the Season Pass be available on the PSN prior or at the same time the game's launched?
    • Michael “IndyIrish” on May 15, 2014
      It's available the day of game release.
  25. Michael “IndyIrish” on May 15, 2014
    Done... Purchased..... Ready for DL. Bring it, what else you got that I can add on to my already preordered Collectors Edition Gamestop PS4 copy?
  26. ゲーム攻略マン on May 16, 2014
    Is there the plan when DLC is released in Japan?
  27. Dr. Chim Richalds on May 19, 2014
    Honestly don't care about the whole season pass/DLC before release thing. It's a solid chunk of content, and if you are that worried about twenty dollars don't buy it. I can promise you complaining on the ubi blog comments will do nothing for you. Only question i want answered is this whole "week early access to DLC's". Does that mean these are playable on the 20th?
    • Anne Lewis | Communications Specialist Author on May 19, 2014
      Hey, the DLC won't release the day the game does. It's there to extend the experience, so it will be releasing in the following months. You'll be able to access all DLC a week before each official release.
      • Mike on May 20, 2014
        Wait.. So let's say i buy the season pass does that mean i am going to have to wait to use the untouchables outfit and tommy gun and the rest of the preorder outfits?Or is it that i get those things immediately but it's the dlc missions that i have to wait for?
        • Anne Lewis | Communications Specialist Author on May 20, 2014
          You'll receive all the DLC a week before each one comes out, so it depends on when they release.
  28. Brandon on May 19, 2014
    Just curious before I purchase the gold edition if anyone knows if the season pass will or will not include all the pre order dlc that you can get from different places
  29. Abhishek Sachan on May 20, 2014
    Hey Anne, I just wanted to ask, Does this season pass includes main game? or I've to buy that separately?
  30. Abhishek Sachan on May 20, 2014
    Hey Anne, Just wanted to ask, Does this season pass includes the main game? Or I've to buy that separately?
    • Anne Lewis | Communications Specialist Author on May 20, 2014
      The Season Pass is $19.99. It does not include the main game.
  31. Anum on May 20, 2014
    I've pre-ordered the standard edition watch dogs for my xbox one. I was wondering if the season pass will include all/some of the deluxe/special edition perks (e.g. vehicle expert, breakthrough mission pack etc)?? Any idea anyone?
  32. Dave on May 23, 2014
    Hey Guys, Can i still play this on pc without buying the season pass?
  33. Paul Alverio on May 24, 2014
    Is the conspiracy mode a horde mode or online multiplayer as well?
  34. Billy on May 24, 2014
    All I can say is that for those of you who feel as if they are being robbed of their well earned cash. I can feel you pain. Everyone doesnt have the means to continue to fork out the cash that Ubisoft is asking for. Yet if you look at it from a developer's point of view, this is still the beginning of new era on nextgen consoles. I say QUIT your complaining and fork out the cash. Not only does this help supply the funds for videogaming to go further then we have ever seen it before, it helps pay for those you spend all day and all night fighting to make the game (and future games) that much more enjoyable for you.
  35. Dominic on May 25, 2014
    The whole point of DLC is to release new content that was made AFTER the full game was released. Season passes are ways to get easy access to the DLC packages. The specific content is never supposed to be known BEFORE the game comes out. Its just wrong to do that. If we already know what we're getting in the so called DLC before we get the actual game, then theres no point of calling it DLC. More like, buy the rest of the game for 20$ wen we decide to release it.
  36. Ik on May 25, 2014
    Money already reserved :)
  37. Zakotah on May 26, 2014
    My gamestop friends told me t-bone will be available at release
  38. Tony on May 27, 2014
    Hey buy or don't buy, do you ever think that there was divisions working on this and it was meant to be out 5-6 months after game originally came out. But because of problems game was delayed, won't stop the division working on the extra content who've been working on it all along.I for one will be getting, but hey if you think it's a rip off, don't buy it. I don't get why people are getting themselves worked up over optional content.
  39. DTAIZ4EVER on May 27, 2014
    When exactly will the outfits and side missions from the season pass be able to be accessed
  40. mark on May 27, 2014
    Season pass code not valid all other dlc and preorder codesare fine
    • DTAIZ4EVER on May 27, 2014
      I redeemed my season pass just fine I just don't have my doc costumes guess they will release itwith tbone dlc
  41. stuntlyd4 on May 27, 2014
    Does the season pass carry over from PS3 to PS4, like CoD Ghosts and AC4
  42. KingpinKaroly on May 27, 2014
    So I feel like this is becoming a common problem where you can download the season pass, it shows up under the acquired content but in reality you don't have it......awesome $20 purchase right there. I mean I get that the season pass is going to let us get future DLC for that flat fee but why say that we are going to get all of these missions and outfits "at release" then wait for a future date to give it to us. Come on Ubisoft you are way better than that!!
    • Anne Lewis | Communications Specialist Author on May 28, 2014
      The DLC is meant to extend the experience. It rarely comes out on day one.
  43. Bryan on May 27, 2014
    So I bought the Gold Edition on PS3 (of course season pass included), but it won't allow me to download it.. anyone have any solutions or heard anything?
    • Anne Lewis | Communications Specialist Author on May 28, 2014
      Hey Bryan, it sounds like you may need to go through customer support. I assume you've entered your code through the PlayStation Store?
  44. Heidi Stanley on May 28, 2014
    I have the xbox one watchdogs and got the season pass. For some reason I can not play as tbone? Can anyone tell me how as I have not got a clue
    • Anne Lewis | Communications Specialist Author on May 28, 2014
      The T-Bone DLC is not available yet.
  45. Jake on May 28, 2014
    I dont feel robbed because its expensive I feel robbed because I paid for the season pass on ps3 weeks ago and I cant even use it until they fix their issues. I paid in advance for a product i expected to get on the 27th, and they did not deliver. They should offer some sort of reperation for the inconvenience but they wont and lord knows when we'll actually be able to redeem our season passes.
    • Jake on May 28, 2014
      And worse still Ubisoft hasn't even commented on the problem which seems to be affecting several ps3 gamers.
      • Anne Lewis | Communications Specialist Author on May 28, 2014
        Hey Jake, we're sorry you're having issues with your Season Pass. Have you tried going through customer service? They have been trying to help the people having trouble. If you entered your code in the PlayStation Store and nothing happened they might be able to help you out.
        • Jake on May 28, 2014
          I keep getting told its the playstation network so I go and ask them and they say its Ubisoft. I just keep getting redirected.
  46. Jake on May 28, 2014
    And I love the game! c:, I just want to know when I can expect the other stuff.
    • Anne Lewis | Communications Specialist Author on May 28, 2014
      Hi Jake, really sorry you're having problems. We haven't announced the full calendar of DLC yet but we will be updating the blog as more comes out. For now, we ask that you keep on truckin' and enjoy the main experience.
  47. DTAIZ4EVER on May 28, 2014
    I believe and I may be mistaken but there are "special" side missions being unlocked as you progress which may unlock the doc content I'm almost done with one that has to deal with stolen weapons containers so I believe that maybe the mission that gets me the biometric assault rifle and outfit that comes with it I will post later wether I am correct or not
    • Anne Lewis | Communications Specialist Author on May 28, 2014
      There are a few missions that are unlocked through progress in the game. These are not DLC missions, just fun bonuses for folks who want to see those storylines through.
      • DTAIZ4EVER on May 28, 2014
        Well damn that blows I wish I could at least have my doc outfits I've got plenty of other stuff I'm trying to do in the game just want all my outfits
  48. ritchiethakillah on May 28, 2014
    I have got the season pass but i didnt get the extra skins and when i try to download (ps3) it loads and than it stops i only can find like a skin for online conspiracy and a club outfit but i cant find the gangster look? please respond because i dont get it
    • Anne Lewis | Communications Specialist Author on May 28, 2014
      Not all of the Season Pass content is available upon release of the game. It's meant to extend the experience.
      • ritchiethakillah on May 28, 2014
        Okay so the extra outfits will come later in this year?
        • Anne Lewis | Communications Specialist Author on May 28, 2014
          Yep! We will update the blog as the DLC rolls in. Plus, because you have the Season Pass, you'll get each piece of content a week early.
      • flodelis on May 29, 2014
        Why are some of us unavailable to download the season pass and not given a redeem code.. via:ps3 - psn
  49. Junior on May 28, 2014
    Been all over the net since last night trying to figure out if it's just me, am I doing something wrong. Guess not. Same story, the codes are valid, My PS4 reads "Installed" But no content.This story came out about 30 minutes ago. Looks to be a server issue. Hoping this clears up soon, this was an additional $20 bucks."Watch Dogs server issues are affecting season pass content unlocks" for the Palace add-on. Now I know I have to make some more progress in the game to access that content. Ok, that's fine.
    • Anne Lewis | Communications Specialist Author on May 28, 2014
      Hey, the DLC content isn't actually available yet. Like with Assassin's Creed IV it will roll out over time. The only piece you should see now is the Conspiracy! Digital Trip. I believe that should appear in your game where the other Trips are.
      • Tomos on June 7, 2014
        Why does a lot of people have all the outfits but they are not there for me only the club justice pack and conspiracy?
  50. Jake on May 28, 2014
    Hey Anne! Same Jake as before. Wanted to thank you exponentially for the help earlier my season pass finally went through! c:, im one happy camper xp Cant wait to see what else I can expect from watch dogs c:, keep up the good work!
  51. Stephen Hesketh on May 29, 2014
    Hi. If my season pass is showing up as purchased on my ps4 does that mean its downloaded.thanks
    • Garrett on May 30, 2014
      If you go to notifications on the main menu of your ps4 it should say downloaded and installed. If it does then it is downloaded and installed, but if it doesn't then you need to download and install it. Hope this helps answer your question.
  52. Vincent on May 29, 2014
    hello, i bought the gold edition of watch dogs for ps3 on release day. its a digital version of course. i cant download the season pass. i have the option to download it on psn, but the loading will not boot when i select it. also, i only eem to have access to the white hacker bonus. where'nt all the other preorder bonuses included in that edition ( consiparcy, chicago mob, etc) wondering if im the only one having those problems. Thanks
  53. Garrett on May 30, 2014
    I bought and successfully downloaded the season pass, but I don't have the conspiracy digital trip in my watch dogs game. What should I do to fix this?
  54. Garrett on May 30, 2014
    By the way I'm on a ps4
    • Garrett on May 30, 2014
      Nevermind. I figured it out by going to Ubisoft's support website.Here's the link for PS4 users:
  55. DTAIZ4EVER on May 30, 2014
    Well I just finished watch dogs main campaign and I must say.... VERY WELL DONE UBISOFT. it was everything a story should be and it definitely had my full attention I felt every emotion you could and it was definitely something I don't ever feel when it comes to any storytelling game. I won't spoil anything for any other gamer who hasn't beat it. Can't wait for the tbone dlc story.
  56. Santana on May 30, 2014
    I preorder the game through PlayStation store for PS4 and the seasons pass dowloded fine but i only got the preorder stuuf is the only I got and can use
    • Garrett on May 30, 2014
      I just went to Ubisoft's website and here is what I found for PS4 users for season pass content so far. Everything else is not available yet. Follow the instructions on this link:
  57. Trace on May 30, 2014
    So tbone comes out later?
  58. john on May 30, 2014
    Fuck this season pass dlc fix it ubisoft your full of promises same with full of problems! I cant down load the dlc even though i bought it already and sends me email that my dlc prob is ok? Guess what havent changed! Still cant download it haha!
    • bryan on June 3, 2014
      Dude the same happen to me. The download button does not appear.
  59. luffy on May 31, 2014
    How do I start the season pass because I've been playing single player :)
  60. Jordan on June 1, 2014
    The DLC sounds cool. It sucks that it was announced with promotional art so soon, it completely neutered the scene that introduces this character.
  61. scott on June 1, 2014
    i bought the dlc after i beat the game will i be able to do new missions? or do i have to start over
  62. Blevans on June 3, 2014
    Sustain the good job and bringing in the crowd!
  63. Nico on June 3, 2014
    When can I get the palace pack and hacking boost? And the other add ons
  64. watch dogs on June 4, 2014
    I have download the season pass but nothing show up
  65. Jatzor on June 4, 2014
    I bought the season pass for PC but subsequently bought a PS4 version of the game as well. Does the season pass for PC apply to PS4 version of the game linked to the same account?
  66. bradley on June 6, 2014
    Guys i have bought the season pass through the ps4 store and no download came but IT does say i bought it. Please help me and text me please cause im not going to this website again
  67. bradley on June 6, 2014
    Woops almost forgot my number is 0479715094
  68. dean mills on June 6, 2014
    I live in the uk and have the watchdogs season pass but the only content i can download is CONSPIRACY, the white dead sec out fit, the south club enforcer out fit and south club perk.Virtually all the content from the season pass is unavailable to me and anyone in the uk.Just thought i should raise this to someone's attention
  69. dtaizforever on June 6, 2014
    The season pass content will be released periodically to season pass holders nothing but conspiracy has been released and the gangster outfit and gun
  70. Dr Phill on June 7, 2014
    So i pre ordered season pass with the game at game stop for xbox one but xbox one only excepts 25 characters codes this is a 19 character code on my recipe. For the love of god can anyone help
  71. Dan on June 9, 2014
    The dlc doesn't work at all on the Xbox one why is that????
  72. Flip on June 9, 2014
    Can someone help me?The season pass is a season pass? I have to buy a new one every season? Or is it a one time purchase like it says on the playstation store, making it more of a DLC rather then a season pass?
  73. dtaizforever on June 9, 2014
    Well Ubisoft I must say I am very disappointed with watch dogs thanks for letting a great game get turned into a load of shit with the bug that wipes complete and utter progress on our systems and makes it seem as if we had nothing and not to mention all the money I spent on this
  74. Josh on June 13, 2014
    Hey, I got the season pass and redeemed the code and installed it for the ps4. How do I access Conspiracy? Its not in my digital trips menu on Aiden's phone, so how can I get it?
  75. Connor on June 14, 2014
    So I bought the season pass for Xbox One but not with the preorder, I got it in the middle on the main story. So is the only content available right now is the conspiracy trip and the mobster pack? Am I supposed to have the other DLC outfits and missions later?
  76. Angus on June 15, 2014
    I do not get this - i have paid for something i can not use yet, that in summary is crass.
  77. Archie on June 16, 2014
    I see people with the untouchables pack but for some reason i don't have it! Ive bought the season pass and only got the south club pack, but other people have cyber punk, blume agent etc.
  78. kevin on June 19, 2014
    Well beat the game and only DLC I had access to with season pass was untouchables gun and outfit. Also played conspiracy but no blume agent, cyberpunk or south club. I understand waiting on t bone but when would I use the DLC packs now?
    • Connor on June 19, 2014
      Not the mobster pack, the untouchables pack I meant -.-
  79. CJ on June 19, 2014
    I think thuis The eason pass is really disappointing.I lover watchdogs.I wanted tot play T-bone now! The season pass says i can. It does not say: pay 20 euro's now and don't play T-bone.Very disappointing.
  80. SmokeCZ on June 20, 2014
    hi ...i buy watch dogs seasson pass and i need play new game??? i complete all mission and i buy and download seasson pass but how i give load game and i dont have new mission,outfits nothing...:(
  81. Smileface1112 on June 21, 2014
    Any 1 have an idea when any DLC will be released?
  82. Andrea K. on June 21, 2014
    I just wanna know if there are going to be any DLC's released with trophies! I don't care much for the game anymore after spending hours on the stupid drinking game to get the platinum. I really liked this game when it came out and I LOVED the idea of hacking EVERYTHING u possibly could...however, the drinking game KILLED it!!! I mean what is it, 8 rounds per level = 80 rounds to reach level 10 at one location = 240 freakin' rounds for the trophy!!! OMG!!! So my question to Ubi is should I get rid of this game or will there be more trophies for upcoming DLC's? If there aren't any trophies, I'll take Gamestop's $40 guaranteed trade deal and be done w/Ubi till AC Unity!
  83. Ryan on June 22, 2014
    I have xbox one and all the dlc but my season pass wont let me see the new missions or tdog its downloaded and shit but it just wont work what the fuck
  84. Khall on June 26, 2014
    So...Ubisoft should be able to at least give us some information about when the T-Bone DLC is actually going to be on our systems? 30 days, 60 days, 90 days? 180 days? I mean...hopefully they know at least what stage what they have now is in and what's going on.The problem with waiting too long for DLC is that your players go to other games, they forget the 'skill' of playing this one, some new shiny comes out and they don't care any more. It might not affect this particular product, Ubisoft/Sony/etc have gotten their money for the season passes. The problem is, you want to keep interest at least on the back burner of people's minds. Otherwise, the next DLC package, or the next one for some other game, just doesn't get noticed. And the whole reason-to-buy mechanism in the console world becomes deemphasized economically. I think that's bad.K.
  85. Scout on June 27, 2014
    For season pass buyers will we get all dlcs free or discounted or mixed. I'd rather it be free as I'm looking forward to a couple other games coming out and I may not have money for bills and food with those video games to add even discounted prices.
  86. Santicgy on June 28, 2014
    How much does it cost to buy each dlc separately?
    • Jake on June 29, 2014
      $25.00 i think I got the season pass
  87. Austin on July 2, 2014
    The crap you guys are so stupid, your mad because they're giving you a better game that can fit to next gen standards, no bugs, and they are giving you better dlc's. The only reason 99.99% of you said it is stupid because once one dude does it everyone does it just to feel special. and thats sad
  88. gianni on July 5, 2014
    I bought the season pass and I got the costumes and weapons but the missions are not there and then all of my weapons disappeared too. has anybody had this problem and how if u did did u fix it?
  89. ron on July 7, 2014
    Bought the season pass but I can't find any missions... Is there something special I need to do to play them?
    • gianni on July 8, 2014
      I have the same problem have u fixed it yet?
      • antony hand on July 11, 2014
        Check the top right island around the bottom of the train station you will find them there parshally see through you will find them!
  90. antony hand on July 11, 2014
    Replay the game and after third mission in the right top half of the three islands you will find the extra missions near the train station !!!!!!!
  91. antony hand on July 11, 2014
    Has anyone played as t-bone yet??????????
  92. josh on July 23, 2014
    if i don't get pass when can i download just tbone dlc
  93. iceman63 on July 24, 2014
    I got the watchdogs game around end of June, beat it and installed 'season pass', got it all installed,DLC but... the T-Bone Game is not accessible at this time because Ubisoft has not released the 'actual' playing game! This T-Bone Game will be playable from a PS4 notification prompt in the near future. Peace, JR
  94. Roy on August 12, 2014
    Hi please help I have just been given a copy of watchdogs on my ps4 from my cousin who has finished with it but he had used the exclusive dlc code if I buy the season pass will I get this if so I will if not I already have hit on my xbox one with the season pass I will leave it and play the extra content on that I do enjoy the graphics a day smoothness more on ps4 and wish I could just transfer my save and dlc from my xbox one but that's never gonna happen outside of my dreams lol thank u in advance peeps
  95. Chimbim21 on August 17, 2014
    I bought the Season Pass yesterday and me and My brother was running around Chicago and checking all the hideouts to find the T-Bone. The strange thing is that I got the Blume, Dedsec. 1920 Mobster Costumes, and I got the Conspiracy Digital Trip, but THE SOLE REASON I GOT THE SEASON PASS WAS FOR T-BONE AND WE CAN'T FIND HIM. We spent 20 dollars that we earned. IT SAYS IT HAS T-BONE. And if you say that T-Bone has not been added in the game yet, THEN WHY WOULD YOU SAY IT COMES WITH ALL THE MISSIONS THAT I DIDN'T GET, AND THE T-BONE I DIDN'T GET, AND IF T-BONE ISN'T GOING TO BE OUT FOR A WHILE, THEN HE BETTER BE ADDED WHEN HE'S DONE.
  96. Timmy on August 18, 2014
    The Tbone dlc still hasn't come out for 360 I'm starting to gen annoyed
  97. Timmy on August 18, 2014
    I brought watch dogs at game a day after it came out and that was in May and they said the Tbone dlc will come out in June and I don't see Tbone missions anywhere and it has been 3 months
    • john on August 31, 2014
      still waitin' on haste's under GTA5... over a year now ^^so, I guess we need 2B patient :-)
  98. stooge3 on September 4, 2014
    Is there any way to transfer season pass from 360 to Xbox one? Upgraded system so I swapped games and now my season pass is gone
  99. beegizle on September 23, 2014
    im a season pass holder for watchdogs and my bad blood dlc isnt showing up in my game
  100. beegizle on September 23, 2014
    can anyone help?
  101. Heikki on September 24, 2014
    Wheres T-bone mission PS3?? Have some get it PS3
  102. Lucas on September 27, 2014
    wheres T-bone mission xbox360?!?! i've bougth… bought on the same day of release of the game !
  103. C_moon on September 28, 2014
    Purchased season pass on PC and can't find the Bad Blood Dlc in the game menu. Wth?
  104. colin bertram on October 13, 2014
    i bought the season pass and i downloaded bad blood the i played it the next day it say i have no acquired content. please help?
  105. Damien Rourke on October 17, 2014
    Quick question if I already have watch dogs season pass on ps3 do I have to purchase it again on ps4?

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