Watch Dogs – Season Pass Details

Details on the Watch Dogs Season Pass have been revealed. Get access to exclusive missions, weapons, outfits and much more including a brand new single-player campaign starring the crazy genius T-Bone Grady. Grab the Season Pass for $19.99 on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Check out the trailer and see the list below for the add-ons featured in the Pass.

The Season Pass will include:

    New single-player campaign – Puts you in the role of T-Bone, eccentric hacker and ally to Aiden Pearce

    Conspiracy! – a new Digital Trip which sets you on the hunt for cyborgs

    The Untouchables Pack – Go oldschool with some classic Chicago mobster film gear including a 1920s mobster outfit and a M1 SMG (in North America, the Untouchables Pack will only be available with the Season Pass)

    Additional single-player missions, outfits and weapons

    One week early access to all Watch Dogs DLC

All that, for 25% less than what it would cost to buy each individual piece of content. Watch Dogs will be available worldwide for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on May 27, with Wii U arriving at a later date.

Watch Dogs - Season Pass Details

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Watch Dogs


Release date — May 27, 2014
Developer — Ubisoft Montreal
Players will assume the role of Aiden Pearce, a new type of vigilante who, with the help of his smartphone, will use his ability to hack into Chicago’s central operating system (ctOS) and control almost every element of the city. Aiden will be able to tap into the city’s omnipresent security cameras, download personal information to locate a target, control systems such as traffic lights or public transportation to stop a chase, and more. The city of Chicago is now the ultimate weapon.

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood, Intense Violence, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs and Alcohol
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Ninjachibi 5pts

Maybe someone here can help me. I've had the season pass since the game came out, and yet the Bad Blood (TBone) DLC never came. I can't find it, I mistakenly deleted my saved game thinking it would be under 'new game', and the season pass is paid for, installed and listed. Somehow, however, it is now October 29th, a FULL MONTH after the DLC came out for season pass owners, and I still don't have it.

Damien Rourke
Damien Rourke 5pts

Quick question if I already have watch dogs season pass on ps3 do I have to purchase it again on ps4?

colin bertram
colin bertram 5pts

i bought the season pass and i downloaded bad blood the i played it the next day it say i have no acquired content. please help?

C_moon 5pts

Purchased season pass on PC and can't find the Bad Blood Dlc in the game menu. Wth?

Lucas 5pts

wheres T-bone mission xbox360?!?!

i've bougth… bought on the same day of release of the game !

Heikki 5pts

Wheres T-bone mission PS3?? Have some get it PS3

beegizle 5pts

im a season pass holder for watchdogs and my bad blood dlc isnt showing up in my game

stooge3 5pts

Is there any way to transfer season pass from 360 to Xbox one? Upgraded system so I swapped games and now my season pass is gone

Timmy 5pts

I brought watch dogs at game a day after it came out and that was in May and they said the Tbone dlc will come out in June and I don't see Tbone missions anywhere and it has been 3 months

Timmy 5pts

The Tbone dlc still hasn't come out for 360 I'm starting to gen annoyed

Chimbim21 5pts

I bought the Season Pass yesterday and me and My brother was running around Chicago and checking all the hideouts to find the T-Bone. The strange thing is that I got the Blume, Dedsec. 1920 Mobster Costumes, and I got the Conspiracy Digital Trip, but THE SOLE REASON I GOT THE SEASON PASS WAS FOR T-BONE AND WE CAN'T FIND HIM. We spent 20 dollars that we earned. IT SAYS IT HAS T-BONE. And if you say that T-Bone has not been added in the game yet, THEN WHY WOULD YOU SAY IT COMES WITH ALL THE MISSIONS THAT I DIDN'T GET, AND THE T-BONE I DIDN'T GET, AND IF T-BONE ISN'T GOING TO BE OUT FOR A WHILE, THEN HE BETTER BE ADDED WHEN HE'S DONE.

Roy 5pts

Hi please help I have just been given a copy of watchdogs on my ps4 from my cousin who has finished with it but he had used the exclusive dlc code if I buy the season pass will I get this if so I will if not I already have hit on my xbox one with the season pass I will leave it and play the extra content on that I do enjoy the graphics a day smoothness more on ps4 and wish I could just transfer my save and dlc from my xbox one but that's never gonna happen outside of my dreams lol thank u in advance peeps

iceman63 5pts

I got the watchdogs game around end of June, beat it and installed 'season pass', got it all installed,DLC but... the T-Bone Game is not accessible at this time because Ubisoft has not released the 'actual' playing game! This T-Bone Game will be playable from a PS4 notification prompt in the near future. Peace, JR

josh 5pts

if i don't get pass when can i download just tbone dlc

antony hand
antony hand 5pts

Has anyone played as t-bone yet??????????

antony hand
antony hand 5pts

Replay the game and after third mission in the right top half of the three islands you will find the extra missions near the train station !!!!!!!

ron 5pts

Bought the season pass but I can't find any missions... Is there something special I need to do to play them?

gianni 5pts

I bought the season pass and I got the costumes and weapons but the missions are not there and then all of my weapons disappeared too.

has anybody had this problem and how if u did did u fix it?

Austin 5pts

The crap you guys are so stupid, your mad because they're giving you a better game that can fit to next gen standards, no bugs, and they are giving you better dlc's. The only reason 99.99% of you said it is stupid because once one dude does it everyone does it just to feel special. and thats sad

Santicgy 5pts

How much does it cost to buy each dlc separately?

Scout 5pts

For season pass buyers will we get all dlcs free or discounted or mixed. I'd rather it be free as I'm looking forward to a couple other games coming out and I may not have money for bills and food with those video games to add even discounted prices.

Khall 5pts

So...Ubisoft should be able to at least give us some information about when the T-Bone DLC is actually going to be on our systems? 30 days, 60 days, 90 days? 180 days? I mean...hopefully they know at least what stage what they have now is in and what's going on.

The problem with waiting too long for DLC is that your players go to other games, they forget the 'skill' of playing this one, some new shiny comes out and they don't care any more. It might not affect this particular product, Ubisoft/Sony/etc have gotten their money for the season passes. The problem is, you want to keep interest at least on the back burner of people's minds. Otherwise, the next DLC package, or the next one for some other game, just doesn't get noticed. And the whole reason-to-buy mechanism in the console world becomes deemphasized economically. I think that's bad.


Ryan 5pts

I have xbox one and all the dlc but my season pass wont let me see the new missions or tdog its downloaded and shit but it just wont work what the fuck

Andrea K.
Andrea K. 5pts

I just wanna know if there are going to be any DLC's released with trophies! I don't care much for the game anymore after spending hours on the stupid drinking game to get the platinum. I really liked this game when it came out and I LOVED the idea of hacking EVERYTHING u possibly could...however, the drinking game KILLED it!!! I mean what is it, 8 rounds per level = 80 rounds to reach level 10 at one location = 240 freakin' rounds for the trophy!!! OMG!!! So my question to Ubi is should I get rid of this game or will there be more trophies for upcoming DLC's? If there aren't any trophies, I'll take Gamestop's $40 guaranteed trade deal and be done w/Ubi till AC Unity!

Smileface1112 5pts

Any 1 have an idea when any DLC will be released?

SmokeCZ 5pts

hi ...i buy watch dogs seasson pass and i need play new game??? i complete all mission and i buy and download seasson pass but how i give load game and i dont have new mission,outfits nothing...:(

CJ 5pts

I think thuis The eason pass is really disappointing.

I lover watchdogs.

I wanted tot play T-bone now! The season pass says i can. It does not say: pay 20 euro's now and don't play T-bone.

Very disappointing.

kevin 5pts

Well beat the game and only DLC I had access to with season pass was untouchables gun and outfit. Also played conspiracy but no blume agent, cyberpunk or south club. I understand waiting on t bone but when would I use the DLC packs now?

Archie 5pts

I see people with the untouchables pack but for some reason i don't have it! Ive bought the season pass and only got the south club pack, but other people have cyber punk, blume agent etc.

Angus 5pts

I do not get this - i have paid for something i can not use yet, that in summary is crass.

Connor 5pts

So I bought the season pass for Xbox One but not with the preorder, I got it in the middle on the main story. So is the only content available right now is the conspiracy trip and the mobster pack? Am I supposed to have the other DLC outfits and missions later?

Josh 5pts

Hey, I got the season pass and redeemed the code and installed it for the ps4. How do I access Conspiracy? Its not in my digital trips menu on Aiden's phone, so how can I get it?

dtaizforever 5pts

Well Ubisoft I must say I am very disappointed with watch dogs thanks for letting a great game get turned into a load of shit with the bug that wipes complete and utter progress on our systems and makes it seem as if we had nothing and not to mention all the money I spent on this

Flip 5pts

Can someone help me?

The season pass is a season pass? I have to buy a new one every season?

Or is it a one time purchase like it says on the playstation store, making it more of a DLC rather then a season pass?

Dan 5pts

The dlc doesn't work at all on the Xbox one why is that????

Dr Phill
Dr Phill 5pts

So i pre ordered season pass with the game at game stop for xbox one but xbox one only excepts 25 characters codes this is a 19 character code on my recipe. For the love of god can anyone help

dtaizforever 5pts

The season pass content will be released periodically to season pass holders nothing but conspiracy has been released and the gangster outfit and gun

dean mills
dean mills 5pts

I live in the uk and have the watchdogs season pass but the only content i can download is CONSPIRACY, the white dead sec out fit, the south club enforcer out fit and south club perk.

Virtually all the content from the season pass is unavailable to me and anyone in the uk.

Just thought i should raise this to someone's attention

bradley 5pts

Woops almost forgot my number is 0479715094

bradley 5pts

Guys i have bought the season pass through the ps4 store and no download came but IT does say i bought it. Please help me and text me please cause im not going to this website again

Jatzor 5pts

I bought the season pass for PC but subsequently bought a PS4 version of the game as well. Does the season pass for PC apply to PS4 version of the game linked to the same account?

watch dogs
watch dogs 5pts

I have download the season pass but nothing show up

Nico 5pts

When can I get the palace pack and hacking boost? And the other add ons

Blevans 5pts

Sustain the good job and bringing in the crowd!

john 5pts

still waitin' on haste's under GTA5... over a year now ^^

so, I guess we need 2B patient :-)

gianni 5pts

I have the same problem

have u fixed it yet?

Jake 5pts

$25.00 i think I got the season pass

Connor 5pts

Not the mobster pack, the untouchables pack I meant -.-

antony hand
antony hand 5pts

Check the top right island around the bottom of the train station you will find them there parshally see through you will find them!