Watch Dogs Hacks Into the Ubisoft Record Books

Sure, it’s easy enough for us to call our game highly anticipated. After all, we saw the copious comments from the community and amongst the media – all that lovely chatter about how everyone can’t wait to get their paws on Watch Dogs. And, after a modest delay, we couldn’t wait to deliver Ubisoft Montreal’s innovative take on the open-world adventure. The good news: You really meant it. In its first 24 hours of availability, Watch Dogs sold more copies than any previous title in Ubisoft’s history!

Watch Dogs

“I once said that the buzz around Watch Dogs was driven by the incredible passion of our early fans,” says Creative Director Jonathan Morin. “Today we broke the record for the biggest first day sales in Ubisoft history. I can never say it enough: thank you everyone! We love you all for your passion and your creativity.”

In development for over five years, Watch Dogs was, from the very beginning, designed to offer a next-gen experience on any system. Introducing hacking as a new gameplay mechanic, Watch Dogs was built on an all-new game engine called Disrupt, which delivers an immersive world packed with emergent gameplay. You take control of Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker who suffers a family tragedy and is now seeking justice. Pearce can hack into Chicago’s Central Operation System (ctOS) and literally turn the entire city – traffic lights, security cameras, cell phones, more – into a weapon or tool.

“Watch Dogs is an amazing achievement and our teams should be proud that the creativity, innovation and long hours they invested in making this game are paying off,” said Ubisoft’s co-founder and CEO Yves Guillemot. “It’s great to see so many customers enjoy playing the game, and it shows that Watch Dogs has cracked the code for developing a new blockbuster IP and a thoroughly new-gen experience.”

Thank you all for playing Watch Dogs. Let us know some of your favorite gameplay moments (no spoilers!) in the comments below.

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Watch Dogs


Release date — May 27, 2014
Developer — Ubisoft Montreal
Players will assume the role of Aiden Pearce, a new type of vigilante who, with the help of his smartphone, will use his ability to hack into Chicago’s central operating system (ctOS) and control almost every element of the city. Aiden will be able to tap into the city’s omnipresent security cameras, download personal information to locate a target, control systems such as traffic lights or public transportation to stop a chase, and more. The city of Chicago is now the ultimate weapon.

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood, Intense Violence, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs and Alcohol
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YouBurnedAFan 5pts

Both my single player and multiplayer for Watch Dogs (pc) don't work, and Ubisoft refuses to give any refund. Anyone considering buying anything from Ubisoft, DON'T DO IT.

I bought and beat every Assassin's Creed game, and I will never touch another Ubisoft game until the day I die.

ruination 5pts

unlucky, i tought maybe i could get a saved game from my friend but the stupid game will not let me load the game on my ps4 (NO DATA)


Дмитрий 5pts

The failure of the year! The worst parody I haven't seen!

ruination 5pts

Cmon ubisoft please hurry with the fix this is A known problem sinds May. This Will make ubisoft lose gamers.this is my frist ubisoft game and i think my last.

PS4 today I lost the use of my hackphone so the game is fucked cant use square button.

Hurry ubisoft !!!!!!!!

Sorely Disappointed
Sorely Disappointed 5pts

Grand Theft Auto with a smart phone. We rode the hype train and you stood to profit. Good job. Fool me once, shame on you...fool me trice, shame on me...

Buynomorefromubisoft 5pts

After assassins creed2 i realised not to buy any of ubisofts games till price drops...way down! Everyone ccomplaining about these but still will do the same thing next year lol.. If you like wasting your money on companies (ubisoft)that you know will do this all the time then stop complaining cause you seem to buy theyre crap anyways

Chad 5pts

What do you get when you take Steve Carell, give him a batman voice, give him the personality of a tree stump, and dress him like a total douche? aiden pierce...not to mention the cliche support cast which includes the girl with the dragon tatoo/christy mack knock-off. The story is a hot mess, the fetch quests are way too "samey". On top of this, everything feels like a qte. Hit O for a takedown. Hit square to hack. It gets old quick. Btw how about implementing a quick menu for weapons and grenades? Or the ability to shoot while driving? I mean, if I can fiddle with my cell phone in the middle of a high speed chase, would this also make sense since you know...its advertised as a play-to-your-style game? This is not a terrible game, Its just mediocre. Its no surprise that it made 4 million since it delayed so it could be released when it would not have any other games to relase against. Also yes, I call bullshot on watchdogs, not colonial marines bullshot, but still disappointing when compared to how nice infamous looked in comparison. Fortunately, gamestop is offering 40.00 towards trade-in on this one, so its not a total loss. I would say it was worth 20.00 at the very least. Sorry ubi, Im gonna have to hold off on the division, far cry and ac. After this fiasco. This was a new IP for you, and it felt last gen in every aspect. Hopefully, you learn from this as i suspect sales are already tapering off (unlike gta v did weeks after release). 4 mill isnt all that impressive when you consider ot was out for everything not wii u.

Jessica 5pts

Same issue as above t bone is not moving in this mission plea sasses fix it !!!!

Alcollins 5pts

T bone keeps not moving in the single player mode having same issue as Richard D is.

trashthisgame 5pts

the game biggest fucking let down of all time. u should have just kept shoving the release date back so it would have never been released

Richard d
Richard d 5pts

What a brilliant game there is just one issue I am having and that is from act three when you have to follow T bone through to progress it doesn't freeze but T bone does not move so you can't progress through the mission I've tried this same mission 6 times and still no joy please fix this issue because the game has got to be one of the best I have ever played!

RevelationS 5pts

I am concerned about this game and it's loading issue. I have tried several times to load an reinstall the game and to no avail. I uploaded the data to online storage and re down loaded, still it's not loading up. I have worked hard to get far in this game, and don't feel like doing it again. If there is any advise that can be given to solve this loading issue after you hit continue on the beginning screen, pls help. Otherwise, I will be trading this game in and will never purchase a ubisoft title. I was not quite impressed already with Assassins Creed and am certainty not with Having to restart watch dogs with its 100 repetitive missions. Now it will be 200, no thank you.

GreenPkl 5pts

I have mixed feelings about watchdogs. Had so much potential but feels like it really falls short on things like driving, etc. Please tell me why every video shows Aiden shooting from his car while driving with FOCUS active....and we can NOT drive and shoot? ?? Seems like a huge mis-lead. Maybe WD2 will be far superior :) also, my Xbox one has some major lag in-game....especially while in or around the train. I want to love watch dogs but feel sad....please don't let me down with Tom Clancy/The Division

aiden 5pts

when does the t bone single player champain come out

TopcatsLair 5pts

Took a while to ease into but once I did I really enjoyed it. A wealth of content even without the DLC. A great start for a new IP. I think graphically you guys can do better on the next gen consoles and it's possible the previous gen consoles held back what this game could have been. Love the characters surrounding Aiden. Aiden himself is interestingly messed up, compelled to help people. I like it this time around but for the sequel can we have the character we play be less gravelly. Love to play a protagonist voiced by Danny Wallace or someone similar, just to mix it up. Well done, I can't wait to see where the game series will go now that it has a very certain future thanks to its sales.

Sirius 5pts

I love the bickering, I really do. I not only managed to play without a single problem, but I preloaded on steam and got in an hour early lol. Not to mention my computer doesn't lag or hiccup and it's by the far the best game I've played in year. I'm glad it broke records, WAY TO GO UBI.

John 5pts

Your excuse for not giving ps3 and xbox 360 users two modes(free roam and decryption) is our systems will not handle it? Try again. GTAV works just fine and so does BF4 both of which are better engines. What you really mean to say is you are not advanced enough to make the game modes work for our systems. Very misleading advertising. i.e. not mentioning it. I will never purchase another game from you ubisoft even when I do get a new system.

Ollie 5pts

and as of yet the game still isn't in my uplay library

MusicIsLove 5pts

Just a thought, don't forget your new customers who are mainly people who didn't get their hands on a PC version of G.T.A. 5

Joel. monserrate
Joel. monserrate 5pts

Loving the game lots to do sometimes I obey the traffic laws sometime I don't ,I like that i can hear everyone's conversations and I try to help if I can but sometimes its fun to break the law.Where r the buses I waited 20 minutes for a bus not one came what's up ,we a bus to drive!!

Partnur 5pts

My favorite moment is when I had to blow up an electrical box to destroy boxes in order to uncover the hackable device. I'm hoping there's a lot more of that (& harder) puzzles. I had hoped Hard mode would not have brackets highlighting cameras & hackable items or radar/seeing enemies through walls so that it was more challenging.

Sam 5pts

Congrats on the record breaking sales. I have almost finished Act IV and am loving the game heaps, I never get tired of profiling different targets to see what their profession is or if I can find an easter egg or little joke.. My favourite thing is to hack the electronic signs.. Props to whoever was in charge of them. Another thing I find funny is the amount of posts about how bad the PC optimization is, Now I am not hating or anything, but I find it funny how before launch everyone was saying "PC master race" and "PC will be better" but turns out they were wrong, I am playing on PS4 and havent come across any problem so far, all my content downloaded great and I havent noticed any game breaking bugs. Maybe some of the "Master Race" should realise that "console peasants" can be stronger in points.... But seriously, I congratulate Ubisoft on their tremendously awesome game, This truly is a Next-Gen Game. _/|

wtf 5pts

This game sucks soo hard, I can't even start to rant... Not enough time....... Bad ubisoft! I kinda like the coaster idea though. :)

shawn 5pts

I would like to say you guys at Ubisoft did a tremendous job. For a multi-plat title that I purchased for my ps4, it looks incredible on my 80" led. unbelievable when set to 'Dynamic' in the picture setting of the TV. Makes the game look as good as PC and runs slightly faster frame rate. For me the game totally lived up to the hype and as a 3-D animation student and modeller, I am proud to see a studio pump out great game after great game.

Vipirak 5pts

my best moment would be the moment in multiplayer, when we had stolen a sports car, popped its tiers, and a friend climbed ontop of it, then we went chasing the guys for the encrypted item just like that, fiery wheels and gun shots, we could barely stay on the road!

for anyone who hasn't tried it, i recommend shooting all four tiers on a sports or muscle car, and drive like that. if you dare, try evading the police like that!

j 5pts

And meant to say splinter cell. Not me3;)

j 5pts

Oh, don't get me wrong ubisoft is great, that's why I'm so disappointed with watch dogs... You naturally compare them to all of the other great games they have made and it just sucks! Lol if you are trying to play on pc I hope you are not using amd lol lots of big issues... what a joke! How do you categorize this game? As a shooter? Open world? They have done a way better job at both of these game types before so why put out a half ass game? I'll tell you why, it's because people are used to great games from ubisoft, and suckers like me will buy it on the first day! lol I'll let this one slide, this one time ubisoft, because of all the other great games you have, but i won't get tricked by a aggressive marketing campaign again. Get your sheet together ubisoft!

mitchell 5pts

I picked this up on launch day and haven't looked back! totally loving this game. thank you ubisoft montreal for creating an amazing jam packed game. I have put around 40 hours into this game so far and barely scratched the surface.... anyway enough chatting, back to watch dogs :)

Travis 5pts

Watch Dogs it's breathtaking no matter how you look a it. I can't believe it has an average (across all platforms) of 77 and 5.0 on Metacritic. Judging for what I've played, I would have expected at least a 90... But don't let some people's opinion dishearten you. Sure it has its deficiencies but its virtues are much much larger. I love you guys, really, congralutations for such achievement.

j 5pts

This game sucks... It's the same as far cry 3 and splinter cell, just a few things switched around. come up with a better game idea! If you're going to release an open world game it had better be comparable with grand theft auto at least.the only difference between this game and assassins creed is you can hack and drive... Boo, I say, and shame on you ubisoft. what happened to great titles at Mass Effect 3

Ital 5pts

Congrats!!! As I said in your previous article, I'm in love with the game. It's wonderful. You deserve this and much more!

Jeroen 5pts

My best moment must be the multiplayer. You are constantly in a kinds of new situation where you have to hack you enemy. This one time I jumped into a hacking "game" and my target was just being chased by the police. So I hacked him, waited with initiating it when the police got out of there cars. Stole one of them and initiated it. The police moved up a bit, so moved the car as well and decided to hide in it. It never occured to him to check inside the police car. He bumped into a officer, who did not hesitate and shot him.

Anonymous 5pts

Well so I get about to the 4th campaign mission and then my game will get stuck at about 90% on the loading screen, please have a fix soon

Nick 5pts

I think this is the first game that is better suited for a console (PS4) than a pc or was not given special bonuses for xbox users. Ps4 seems to have no problems and all I hear form xb1 and pc users are "it isn't working".....shoulda woulda coulda get that p..s..4.....

Italodance 5pts

Please bring Splinter Cell: Blacklist to Vita.

Victorius 5pts

I am very much disappointed with the game. This is unfortunately Sleeping Dogs quality. Mediocre.

GTA V excels the game almost in every aspect. How come they (Rockstar) have managed to come up with such beautiful graphics on previous gen, whereas on PS4, this game looks mediocre? There is significant difference between the hardware, but the graphics are not really even.

The physics of the car is crap, sorry to say, but this is UNACCEPTABLE from such a title. This would do in Mario Kart games, but not in a sandbox game where there is primary focus on driving cars.

Missions are short and mainly of no interest, mini games are totally useless. If I want to play an 8-bit game, I go for Minecraft, but do not play Watch Dogs. Whose idea was this?

Even though there are enough pedestrians, you cannot feel the vibe of Chicago like you did with GTA V.

If I recall the E3 2012 presentation, THAT game has nothing to do with what we got for 80 dollars!! I feel conned, cheated and let down by Ubisoft.

This is what I felt with Assassin's Creeed IV. How come in such a game there are only missions with evesdropping and following people? In 2014, I would expect much much more from these titles.

Partnur 5pts

My favorite gameplay moment in Campaign is when I had to blow up an electrical box to blow up boxes blocking my view of a power supply I needed to turn on. It gave me a challenge that I hope I see more of. In Hard mode, I don't think there should be brackets highlighting hackable things. It should be where players have to initiate the hacking by finding them & holding the button. And there should be less HUD help (I.e. radar). Realistic mode should be even less HUD help. WD is a great concept but the harder modes should be more challenging puzzle, not just more lethal enemies.

Anuran 5pts

Congrats guys! XD

SpooledOne 5pts

Hmm. Posted a comment, told me I'm posting too fast? Not sure if my previous comment will show. I'm not even tryingto play WatchDog, just bought Just Dance 2014 for ps3, apparently its impacted too... hard freezes, spinning hourglasses, etc.... fyi

SpooledOne 5pts

Uplay? never heard of it until I just bought Just Dance 2014 for ps3. Apparently, whatever is up over there not only impacts the WatchDogs, but at least, also Dance 2014. Froze my ps3 a few times, either with Working... spinnign forever or simply hard freeze/locks. I'll just have to give this a try again later this week. Btw, interesting game, always had and played Everybody Dance, first time trying Just Dance. Can't figure out how to switch from Hard to easy or medium, seems to be preselected with each song being different?

Ochi 5pts

Goood job ubisoft very big work . thx ;)

Jake 5pts

The game is fun, but the state of the PC version is pretty embarrassing. I should not have constant frame drops, and this game is not nearly good looking enough to stagger my system the way it does. Please fix this.

rccola18 5pts

I was profiling a security guard and it showed that he "Plays Rayman on mobile" nice little easter egg there.

LoyalCustomerScrewed 5pts

Well I am so happy that Ubisoft hit record sales, however I activated my key which doesn't show up in my game library. Nothing to download or play. What a steaming pile of garbage. For those who can play Enjoy IT!!! because the other 99% of us who wasted 70 bucks on this game are still wondering why we waste our hard earned money to line the pockets of a company who has yet to get their POS front end working correctly. As if they didn't learn anything from SimCity or Assassins Creed Black Flag. Sadly I own all of them and told myself each time to save my money unless they could fix the issues. Now I guess its just another weeks wait or longer until they actually answer the support tickets, or fix all the issues with a patch. Meaning why would you release a game that is not finished or instead have a dedicated team to actually make things work for launch day as well? As much as I am sure your sick of hearing it you should really look at other companies that don't have such issues. If not to sell through them how about you do the research into their backend and frontend systems so you can have something that works for 99% of the customers rather then 1%. I am beyond frustrated at the fact your tooting your own horn saying you hit the records and passed them when those of us who helped make that possible are unable to even have a taste of the game. Sorry to say but contacting support doesn't do anything, its just like having the game that does nothing so I guess you got those two things to work together. I ask that someone actually takes a look into this before everyone relates UBIsoft with UBISuck due to the lack of support. Great outstanding games thus far if you can get them to work or play without issues. I am wondering if everyone else has the same issues, you activate the serial in the account that says its tied to your account however nothing shows under games other then what you had beforehand. Why does no one answer the questions with a real answer? Are they actually fixing things that everyone is talking about or are they just celebrating and having the one employee who drew the short straw, send out tweets every 8 hours that they are working on it.

Jake 5pts

Love the gameplay and especially the online Decryption game mode although it's kind of a drag joining a lobby at times but very addicting!

aiden 5pts

shut up about gta 5 no one likes that peice of shit games

Irish 5pts

Releasing a PC version that only runs on about 55% of the rigs that meet the game's stated system requirements might have something to do with the low ratings. So might the company's refusal to listen to customers' legitimate concerns. The game in its PC variant is simply not fit for purpose.

If a game can't be played, none of its virtues mean squat

mitchell 5pts

mass effect 3? What the hell are you even talking about. That game was made by bioware with EA publishing. This game is amazing.