What Makes Watch Dogs a True Next-Gen Game

Aiden Pearce is crouched behind cover in a dark alley. From the safety of his vantage point, he spots two guards directly in his path. He then hacks his way from one rooftop security camera to another, spotting several more. At this point, Aiden has a multitude of options. Perhaps he’ll hack into a fuse box, setting off an explosion that’ll kill one guard and draw several others away from their spots. Or maybe he’ll distract the first guard by setting off a car alarm, sneak past him, then distract the next by remotely opening a garage door. Maybe he’ll open fire with a machine gun, mowing down all his foes aggressively and with prejudice. Or, he could hack into one guard’s earpiece to trigger a head-staggering burst of sound, then hack another guard’s phone to stop him from calling for backup. All these options – and more – are available for players.

Watch Dogs

Welcome to Watch Dogs, a true next-gen gaming experience in which every choice is up to you.

In development for six years, Watch Dogs was started long before the next-gen arrived, and years before the team at Ubisoft Montreal had any clear insight into the exact specs they’d find in the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and present-day PCs. Yet Watch Dogs was designed from the very start to be a next-gen experience, regardless of the technology.

How so? “We focused on what kind of experience players want to play next,” says Creative Director Jonathan Morin. “That’s more important for me than defining what technology can do.”

Fast-forward to today, and we’re a few weeks from the May 27 release of Watch Dogs. The game will be available on both console generations, yet Morin is confident it’ll deliver a unique experience that speaks to the notion of next-generation gaming – regardless of what platform you play it on. Here’s why…

Play In Your World

“The next generation of gameplay is any form of entertainment and interaction that will bring your brain to a place it’s never been,” Morin says. Indeed, that was one of the early goals in Watch Dogs’ development: to create an experience in which players can interact in completely new ways.

Watch Dogs

The key to success: dynamism. Players had to feel like they could truly influence the world around them. This goal came to life through Aiden’s hacking abilities, along with Watch Dogs’ contemporary urban setting of Chicago: an open-world city where everything is hyper-connected – but there are flaws in the system, allowing savvy operators to interact with their environment in new ways.

But simply offering the newly created game mechanic isn’t enough. “It’s one thing to invent something like hacking in an open city, and another to make sure it’s done in such a way that when you’re in a stealth situation or a combat situation or a car chase situation – even though you understand driving, shooting, reloading and all of those things – you start feeling like every traffic light around you is a valid solution,” Morin says. “Every fuse box you can use in combat will help you turn the tide. All those elements come together so that when the player puts the controller down he or she can say, I really like this. And when they pick up the controller to play another game, they try to hack the traffic lights, but that option’s not there anymore.”

Express Yourself

And that’s what hacking is ultimately about: real choices with real consequences. As Morin says, hacking isn’t a switch that you turn on and off, like when other games go from pure stealth to all-out action. Hacking allows players to influence their world – to move from stealth to action to driving and back again, in any way they choose. The world around Aiden will react accordingly, and new choices will emerge. Every action causes an appropriate reaction, and the player can’t help but be further immersed in Watch Dogs’ Chicago because their choices matter.

“Players can express themselves,” Morin says. “The big challenge is to make sure the game responds to their plan.” In other words, if a plan makes sense, it should work. And if the player makes a “mistake” along the way, he can improvise and the game should respond accordingly.

For example, if you blow up a guy while hidden in a dark corner, no one will have any idea that you’re there. If you destroy a fuse box, it will look like an accident. If you hack into an explosive that an enemy is carrying and he starts freaking out trying to get the bomb off and it kills his friend, he won’t turn around and say, There’s the player! “That would feel wrong because you were playing well,” Morin says.

‘Players can express themselves. The big challenge is to make sure the game responds to their plan.’

“The game shouldn’t do that.” Instead, enemies will behave appropriately: they’ll get stressed; they’ll group up and start searching for clues; they’ll get frustrated and angry at objects (instead of you) because they assume they’re broken.

“That was tough to do because there’s really no reference for it,” says Morin. “But it creates a new layer of gameplay where you can mess around with AI. That’s one of the things that feels completely different about the game compared to what I’ve played before.”

And therein lies the heart of the next-gen experience in Watch Dogs. It’s about player agency. It’s about action and consequences. It’s about choice. It’s about a dynamic and ever-changing world that’s a full simulation, with NPCs who react appropriately in a city that demonstrates a full range of weather, time, density and naturally occurring situations. (For more on the citizens of Chicago, check out: Watch Dogs – Animating a Next-Gen City.) Then you layer in Watch Dogs’ innovative approach to seamless online gameplay that smoothly blends a range of multiplayer experiences without disrupting the single-player experience, and you have a next-gen game regardless of which system you play it on.

Across Generations

Yes, Watch Dogs is coming May 27, 2014, to both generations of consoles and, yes, the game is almost exactly the same. The single-player experience is largely untouched, aside from the density of Chicago – there’ll be fewer NPCs in some areas, but not in a way that affects the core gameplay. The seamless online is also intact, as that’s “part of the essence of the game,” Morin says. The only missing modes on PS3 and Xbox 360 are the Decryption competitive multiplayer mode and the ability to free roam with multiple players (which Morin describes as more of a “bonus” than a core gameplay experience). But all the other online modes are fully intact.

Watch Dogs

The game also looks great on both generations of consoles. On new-gen systems the game will run at 900p on PS4 and 792p on Xbox One, at 30 frames-per-second on both consoles. While some new-gen games now offer native 1080p, Morin says it’s much more important to deliver an amazing next-gen experience than it is to push a few more pixels onto a screen. “Resolution is a number, just like framerate is a number. All those numbers are valid aspects of making games,” he says. “But you make choices about the experience you want to deliver. In our case, dynamism is everything. Exploration and expression are everything. You want to have a steady framerate, but you want to have dynamism at the core of the experience. The same goes with resolution. People tend to look at corridor shooters, for example, where there’s a corridor and all the effects are on and it’s unbelievable, and they forget that if you apply those same global effects to an open city with people around and potential car crashes and guys in multiplayer showing up without warning, the same effect is applied to a lot of dynamic elements that are happening in every frame. So it becomes magnified in cost.”

Which, naturally raises the question: why not focus on increasing the resolution during the game’s recent delay? Because, Morin says, that was never the goal. Instead, that extra time was spent ensuring the team could fully realize their vision for Watch Dogs, polishing all aspects of the gameplay and making sure hacking is fully integrated into every system. (For more, see: Why Was Watch Dogs Delayed?) “The effort was split on continuing dynamism and making sure players can express themselves through hacking without ever being disappointed in how the game responds to them, whether it’s visually or through gameplay,” Morin says. “That’s important. Resolution has nothing to do with that. That’s why stuff like resolution can scale a bit down so that we never compromise the soul of Watch Dogs.”

Watch Dogs

And now, with Watch Dogs just a few weeks from release, Morin is confident the team at Ubisoft Montreal will deliver a true next-gen experience. “From a gameplay standpoint and an experience standpoint, the player is living something brand new,” he promises. “That’s how we proceeded with Watch Dogs. That’s why everything is connected. That’s why there’s seamless multiplayer. That’s why there are Digital Trips, which are like a way for the player to get a break from the serious tone. It’s an experience that surprises you at every level. Then, slowly but surely, through those surprises the players start changing the way they express themselves in a game.”

For more on the Watch Dogs next-gen experience, check out these UbiBlog features:

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Watch Dogs


Release date — May 27, 2014
Developer — Ubisoft Montreal
Players will assume the role of Aiden Pearce, a new type of vigilante who, with the help of his smartphone, will use his ability to hack into Chicago’s central operating system (ctOS) and control almost every element of the city. Aiden will be able to tap into the city’s omnipresent security cameras, download personal information to locate a target, control systems such as traffic lights or public transportation to stop a chase, and more. The city of Chicago is now the ultimate weapon.

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood, Intense Violence, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs and Alcohol
The Author

Gary Steinman has won numerous editorial awards, but you probably don’t care about that. He also ran multiple industry leading publications and websites including PlayStation: The Official Magazine, GamesRadar.com, PC Gamer and Newtype USA – but that’s all in the past. The real truth about Gary? He loves cats, he takes too many selfies on Facebook (according to one co-worker, at least), and he occasionally crochets. And now he’s helping share stories about Ubisoft’s amazing games and their incredible creators in his role overseeing the UbiBlog and other select Ubisoft social channels. Follow him on Twitter: @GarySteinman

olboi 5pts

ok this game along with quite a few ps4 games is average at best, better luck in the future I guess. as for next gen games on PC's that's 4k and you will need at least what I have, 2 x R9 290X's and they cost me £840 for the pair let alone with the coast of the O/S plus all the other hardware your talking stupid money I paid to build this system and that was 7 months back oh PC next gener's lets not for get how much it costs to run these systems on top of the cost of the build, my system pulls from the wall socket 658watts while playing metro last light maxed out, so taking into account how much less power the ps 4 uses I think it does a stella job for £350.


your optimisation it shit

asphalt 5pts

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jxdofficial 5pts

Nice...The key to success: dynamism. Players had to feel like they could truly influence the world around them.

ivy 5pts

Seriously HOW ABOUT YOU JUST REFUND THOSE NEXT GEN CONSOLES AND SPEND $200 EXTRA DOLLARS AND GET A DECENT PC. The pc has much more freedom. Cracked games, legit games and you get much more out of it. You can run a shit ton more games aswell. I have a ASUS ROG g750jw and I MAXED everything. I never drop a single frame. BTW 900p and 1080p barely differ

TheSci 5pts

Resolution is just a number, just like the price of your games is just a number.

Tomasz 5pts

I enjoy this game but it is NOT next gen game. Some developer's say that's to run game better they lower resolution but in this case res and frame rate is bad. Graphics are not so good. Game looks good at night. You can't say that's graphics don't matter when you talk abut next gen games. It does! Only game that's impressed me is MGS that's all for now.

John Deere
John Deere 5pts

I graduated to pc gaming a couple years ago. Between the eye popping graphics and money you save from game deals, it delivers the best experience hands down. I don't have the most expensive graphics card on the planet (although I would love to buy a titan) and watch dogs still looks amazing. It is an awesome game. Even taking the graphics blow would still make this game one of my favorite games to come around in a while. The game is still worth playing with the lower resolution.

Consoles are just crappy configured computers. You aren't going to get awesome graphics on a garbage computer. If you want the ultimate experience upgrade your garbage computer. Stop dealing with bs game promises that would never ever work. Seriously? People believed this game would run on a console in 1080p 60fps? The game is huge and loads a whole freakin city. No way in any hell that would really happen. Console gamers do yourself a favor and graduate from high school gaming.

magood 5pts

I bet you feel pretty stupid after writing this, and seeing the huge backlash.

Unless you had that ubisoft was of cash in your pocket, and are just another paid shill to write off how people should just "accept" 900p resolution.

You are a cancer to this industry, and should have your reviewing status revoked.

Kelsey 5pts

Next gen my butt. This game is just a crapppy gta knock off. Driving sucks and having to hack lights and junk to get people to stop chasing you. Ahh this game is just another average crappy game.

Jeferson 5pts

why you remove the decryption mode and the free roam from the ps3 version?

Jeferson 5pts

why you remove the decryption mode and the free roam form the ps3 version?

Nick Moore
Nick Moore 5pts

Rockstar publishers are a billion times better then you HACKS!!! You don't even care about the gamers that play your games. Add a patch or update your software. Oh wait only Rockstar publishers can. Step up Ubisoft or step down. Thanks for the one versus one multiplayer. Not!!! Lame!!!

j 5pts

this game is such a let down, multiplayer is atrocious!

Ananas 5pts

Watc h dogs is shitty overhyped game and ubisoft is bunch of liars and thieves ... shame on ubisoft i hope someone will take iphone and hac kall your founds.

If someone wants you to pay mot hen 5 euro for this game hes fucking piece of trash

Dragon 5pts

I love how people fail to see the reality of expenditures, for example: 'gaming desktops' is over three times the cost of any gaming console. To play a game like Watch Dog's at 1920x1080 resolution on Ultra settings will cost over $1000.00 for PC users. I play both, system and PC, the PS4's version of Watch Dog's looks about High settings. Not bad, in a side by side view comparison of PC's Ultra settings. PS4 is still leading console so far, better than Xbox one.

Michael 5pts

If you have watch dogs for the 360 and you buy the one, can you transfer the save game over to the one?

fsfs 5pts

This is a crap on pc Optimice the game

RainbowTrololo 5pts

So, wait. No free roam for PC, 360, or PS3? No wonder this game is going to be shit.

Asgaro 5pts

But still, although the PRE ORDER CANCELLED comments are funny as sh*t (I use them myself, even though I never pre order games), I hope most gamers can look past the downgrade and lies and enjoy the game for what it will be: a very fun and innovative game.

But I also hope Ubisoft will learn from all this.

Asgaro 5pts

Holy sh*t, what the hell happened on this page?!

It's a massacre! A true war!

As a PC gamer, I'm glad my fellow console gamers seem to get more critical of the raw specs of a game, but I didn't know we had already reached this height lol.

Neogaf can do something with people eh?

Anyway, I'm not gonna speculate whether Ubisoft is doing a good or a bad job regarding optimization: the facts are that this is still the first generation of games for the new platforms, and it's open world. So I can understand it a bit.

On the other hand, it's a cross gen game so that means it's held back for sure by the capabilities of the previous-gen consoles.

So I personally thought 1080p/30fps would have been doable.

Jason 5pts

High resolution is awesome and all, but framerate is much more important. 720p at 60fps would have been a better experience. Oh well, that's why I game on PC instead. If my rig can't handle all the pretty effects and maintain at least 60fps, I can turn them off one by one until I reach that mark.

USprogamer 5pts

just for comparrison sake, let's take the visuals for Titanfall. When compared to the maxed PC version, the Xbox 1 version looked better and was more clear and less jittery. That too ran at 720 and turned heads all over YouTube and the internet for rivaling the PC. It will be the same with Watchdogs. Only the community for console gaming is still greater than that of PC games and therefore more players to play with. So in the end each respective player will have the best experience to what your playing on.

Carmene 5pts

I'm soooo excited!! :D I just hope my pc can handle it!

Rixsta 5pts

I cannot defend the game anymore than I already have, I will wait until the 27th to post again after I have played it and made up my own mind.

I feel I'm forced to say this, I have seen some recorded uncompressed footage straight from the PS4, it didn't look anything like those awful videos on Youtube, it looked absolutely stunning and the detail and animation were amazing.

I don't want to start a discussion on this subject though out of respect to Gary and Anne and the Ubi blog but I'm sick of hearing the game being discredited.

Rixsta 5pts

7 days to go, this is going to be the longest week ever.

Rixsta 5pts

@Dustin, considering how much you hate the game and developers, you seem to spend an awful lot of time here posting the same comments over and over again, we get it, you prefer Infamous, go and play the game and give the boards a rest......you Capslock is still playing up too.

To many haters in the world, personally I'm still confident it's going to be awesome and can't wait.

FC3 fan
FC3 fan 5pts

I sincerely hope Ubi releases a 1080p patch .. I can't cancel my preorder unfortunately since I already paid. But I would even prefer a few dips over 900p. On my 42" the difference is HUGE. Look at all the comments .. how many of these are positive? I never expected 1080p 60fps ... but I expected 1080p at least

BF4 looks horrible on PS4 because it's 900p .. the amount of aliasing, the softness etc it's horrible. When all other games are hairsharp anything below 1080p sticks out like a sore thumb ...

I doubt you cannot reach 1080p when games like infamous ss mostly run 40+ I've seen screens from your game. It's utterly empty. You act as if you have guys have hundreds of NPC's on the screen at any time .. from what I've seen even Infamous has more on screen. Not to mention all the crazy effects/particles etc.

Your weather "dynamic world" etc do NOT justify sub 1080p, 360 and PS3 are getting the same "dynamic world" !!! You had SIX MONTHS .. what have you guys been doing all that time? Why first leak all that nonsense about 1080p 60fps .. why are you representatives bragging about that at demo shows?

Anyway this is pathetic .. your console parity BS will massively fire back at you. MARK MY WORDS. There is already a shit load of hate now towards ubi. and FC4 announcement doesn't change that .. neither does another rehashed AC game. When this game releases everyone will get mad about how ugly/aliased and soft it looks compared to all other games on PS4. Your franchise will die before it has a chance.

Even right now your game has so much haters because of your own dumb actions it's massively impacting hype and opinion of the community for Watchdogs. In 2012/2013 this was one of the most hyped games ... people don't expect a higher score than 8 for this game.. And it's not 2005 anymore .. it's not just the reviewers effecting the gamers. The gamers opinions massively impact the scores it gets from reviewers because the reviewers rather not go in against popular opinion.

You're going to REALLY regret this. What a waste...

Also stop with the ridiculous cross gen games .. let PS360 die already

Amin_UBISOFT 5pts

I know watch dogs should be on 1080p - 60 fps and i hope they release a 1080p patch for it, but Guys don't fight......consoles made only for playing games and the graphic used in consoles is completely different to PCs and u can't compare them....don't forget that exclusive games for consoles are far better than PC games.

Alejandro Vega Veracruz
Alejandro Vega Veracruz 5pts

I will admit that I am disappointed to see that the PS4 will only handle this game at 900p. I have invested the money in a PC and computer monitor that can easily display 1080p, but I was hoping to purchase this on my PS4 instead of PC because I like the ease and stability of working with a console. I don't appreciate Ubisoft's development team trying to downplay the importance of resolution in favor of "dynamism" or whatever the hell that is supposed to mean. I care about how the things I buy look. If you have the money to spend on a Ferrari, chances are you won't be happy with a Ford Focus. Why should the same logic be any different just because we are talking about computer games? Nonetheless, I'll wait until the official reviews come out for this title. I'm not sure if this game will meet or exceed anyone's expectations. It may be a poor's man's version of Grand Theft Auto. It may not even be as fun as Saint's Row, heaven forbid. Only time will tell.

TM 5pts

Morin says it’s much more important to deliver an amazing next-gen experience than it is to push a few more pixels onto a screen. “Resolution is a number

Ok you fucking hypocrite, why not give pc the same resolution as the PS4? Not only that pc is getting 1080p, but he "pushes" 4 fucking times more pixels into Watch Dogs! Fuck you Morin, that's 60 dollars your not getting from this costumer.



[Insert Username here]
[Insert Username here] 5pts

"Graphics were so bad that for a second I thought I was playing Scribblenauts, lol!" -IGN

"Ps2 is BACK- Oh wait, it's Ps4" -Playstation Universe

Worst graphics award 2014 -Game Critics Awards

JUST KIDDING! Here's the REAL reviews;

"Sheer Brilliance"-Playstation Universe

"Pure open-world candy"-IGN

Best Action Adventure Game- Game Critics Awards

Anatoly 5pts

Remove language lock in CIS region on Steam. Ukraine is not Russia, and wont be forced to play with Russian language.

Kenneth 5pts

You do realize Mr. Steinman works for Ubisoft, right? This isn't a review. It's the UBIBLOG. A blog for UBISOFT. I bet YOU'RE feeling pretty stupid now, aren't you?

nemesis 5pts

Actually the PC version does have free roam. They are only referring to 360 and PS3. I've been playing the game for the past 2 days on PC maxed out. Its not the best looking game ever but it has much nicer looking weather and textures than GTA 5. Night time, rain, wind, and early morning looks beautiful. Clear daytime weather is a bit dull but still passable.

Most importantly it's extremely fun to play and the hacking adds a fresh take on the open world genre that has been repetitive lately. It feels new and works well by adding a strategic element to missions. I spent hours just hacking cellphones and loving how everyone had a unique name, traits, income, job, and much more. That is truly what I want to see more of.

Don't cancel your preorders guys it's a cool game. I suggest you get it on PS4 if you don't have a nice PC. Not only will it look better but you will get the Remote Play option on the VITA which works extremely well! I'll be doing it with my Nvidia Shield. Hope to hack you guys in the future in free roam ;)

Samuel 5pts

Dude, this game will have like 60 fps on PC and a higher res. Also you can see the difference between this game on PC and PS4. And this is gonna be running on high settings on PS4. And you can actally see a big difference on xbone than PC. It actally looks may more clean on PC too. And since xbone had it at like 792p it would look very bad on HD tvs.

Coen 5pts

What are your specs?

Dustin 5pts

Not really, i am going to wait like 1-2 weeks after release date for my buddy to finish the gampaign with the 900p and then i will buy it from him... play it for 3-4 days then sell it to my other budy, who will also play it and sell it to someone else...

Dustin 5pts

Dustin i do not hate the game itself neither the developer. Except lying to us i have no problem with Ubisoft, they made some quality games like Rayman. But the fact that they confirmed 1080p for PS4 over 2 months ago, and just 10 days before shipdate they admit the truth that it is 900p had costed a many people the misslead to purchase the game with Digital Day 1 pre-order on PSN which you can not cancel.

Now I am always smart enough to make my preorders like 2 days before release date so i still get all the pre-order stuff but i can also see where the title is going. Now with the 900p they lost me, to be honest i was very positive about this game and i have been waiting for it for a long long time.

Now first not only that they downgraded the visuals from what they shown on E3, and then lying for 1080p... so they can achieve more pre-orders ?

Honestly the only reason they have the 900p is because their game is not optimised. The game was nowhere done for November 15 2013 so they postponded and postponded and thats 6 months and 2 weeks, for which they couldn't not deliver the promised by the hype and their lies. They will most likely release a 1080p patch later on like they did with Assasin`s Creed 4 but at least they had some excuse it had to be ported from last gen, they had no time etc...

Now they have time and they didn't deliver quality. AC4 has tons of buggy controls and AI but no patch was released for that so far. I am still going to get the game, a friend of mine is buying it, then he will sell it to me for 30 $ then i will sell it to some other dude for 20-25 $.

Watching 900p on 55" HX750 is a nightmare, BF4 caused headaces. I knew it was 900p i bought it second hand used , and I was able to stand the game for just enough to finish the campaign and i sold it. That's it 900p is no keeper. I felt like my eyes was bad, like putting on glasses without needing glasses. Trying to focus on the image but that's about it you cant focus on whats not there. Honestly 900p game on 900p native resolution monitor would be FINE, but when u put it on 55" 1080p it's like who turned on the fog....

On the other hand I have beaten inFamous SS 3 times, i got Platinum throphy and i am going to beat it for the 4th time on hard as good. Just staring on the top of the building watching the glorious beautiful graphics is amazing..... 1:1 native pixel, no upscaling.

P.s my caps lock is fine. I am not a hater, but Ubisoft deserves to get hit on their sales. People deserve to know the truth that Ubisoft LIE, they lied with so many games , like Far Cry 3....

Dustin 5pts

"I've seen screens from your game. It's utterly empty. You act as if you have guys have hundreds of NPC's on the screen at any time .. from what I've seen even Infamous has more on screen"

Exactly my words, inFAMOUS developer said clearly they could even bring more FPS and better graphics for the next infamous game all from optimisation and utilisation... AND INFAMOUS SS HAS TONS OF MORE STUFF ON SCREEN AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT.

Watch dogs is more like Wash Dogs / Washed out Dogs, hell GTAV on last gen consoles has more stuff coming on screen than you UBI...


AC4 WAS A VERY BUGGY GAME, AT LEAST YOU GOT A 1080p PATCH. I realise it has a huge open world but do you realise how buggy are the controls , the guards AI and so on ? Most of the time they are like CHICKENS. UBI HAVE YOU SEEN INFAMOUS AI ? HOW THE ENEMY REACTS ? WITH A 30 ENEMIES AT ONCE, TONS OF EXPLOSIONS AND EFFECTS ON SCREEN AND NONE OF THEM GOES IN TO RETARDED MODE

Samuel 5pts

They didn't actally say that it was 60fps and 1080p it was sony who said that. Also if you knew how under powered next gen consoles are then you'd realize that they are crap. But, I do you give you that they lied about 1080p 30fps. That is just really bad. They should be honest.

Dustin 5pts

Oh you got XBOX ONE ? Aah then they can't help you... you should be happy with the 792p thats alot for a crappy box...

The problem is they have not optimized the game for PS4 because i am pretty sure it would be able to run the game with at least 1080p 40fps games... as it is a simple looking game with not so good visuals. For sure it can not compare to inFAMOUS SS, lets hope atleast it will not be so buggy like Assasins Creed soldiers.... hahaha damn, their AI/IQ was worse than chickens.

Amin 5pts

I know watch dogs should be on 1080p - 60 fps and i hope they release a 1080p patch for it, but Guys don't fight......consoles made only for playing games and the graphic used in consoles is completely different to PCs and u can't compare them....don't forget that exclusive games for consoles are far better than PC games.

Jef 5pts

why you remove the decryption mode and the free roam from the ps3 version?

Samuel 5pts

Dude I am a PC but I do see what you mean about them lying. Also, I am sure WD will have a ton of npcs etc. If you don't like 900p on some console games then you should get a PC and use a controller and you can play at 1080p or higher.