It’s official. Watch Dogs has gone gold, and is right on track for worldwide release on May 27, 2014.

Watch Dogs - Gone Gold

A next-gen experience that reinvents the way gamers will interact with an interconnected open-world city, Watch Dogs arms players with the most powerful of modern weapons: a cell phone that grants unprecedented access to Chicago’s Central Operating System (ctOS). Aiden Pearce wields this weapon – along with his brawn, his guns and his high-tech gadgets – as a vigilante driven to seek out justice (or vengeance) against those who harmed his family.

First revealed at E3 2012, Watch Dogs has been in the works since 2009. Now that the game’s gone gold after an epic five-and-a-half-year development cycle, what’s that mean for the team? “It’s exciting to be gold,” says Creative Director Jonathan Morin. “But it’ll be more exciting when people are playing. For the fans it means that it’s true. It means there will be no such thing as another delay. But for us, it’s not done until they actually have it in their hands.”

Morin’s fan-centric response might be true for any game, but with Watch Dogs it’s especially important for the team to hand their creation to players and allow them to take control of this fully interactive city. That’s because Watch Dogs is all about player choice. “We tried to make a game that’s very scalable in the sense that it supports your play style,” says Lead Gameplay Designer Danny Belanger. “It supports what you want to do most of the time. And it also supports your motivation. Do you want to play a story? Do you want to drive? Do you want to shoot? Do you want to hack? Do you want to play with others? Do you want to play on a tablet? It allows players to do what they feel like, which I find really cool. There’s lots of things to explore, there’s lots of things to try. I think the greatest thing about Watch Dogs is doing what you think is fun.”

Morin agrees, comparing Watch Dogs to a musical instrument. “I invite players to play it the way they want,” he says. “To explore the different ways of playing. To not necessarily follow the instincts they know from other games. To find your own fun in it. That’s how Watch Dogs is meant to be played.”

Watch Dogs

Of course, the team still would like players to spend a lot of time with the game’s central innovation. “I hope they enjoy hacking,” Belanger laughs. After all, one of the game’s biggest development challenges was layering the hacking mechanic over all the other core gameplay elements – driving, shooting, stealth, combat – while making sure it’s both fun and useful at all times. From what we’ve played so far, the team has definitely succeeded.

As for Morin, he’s looking forward to seeing his game in a whole new light. “I’m going to have fun hearing what the players have to say and how they might surprise us,” he smiles. “I invite you to embrace the whole player creativity and impress us with it!”

Out of the Shadows

So what can you do while you wait for the game’s release later this month? Now’s the perfect time to check out the Watch Dogs Digital Shadow app. Since the app launched last month, almost a million profiles have been created. The app uses your Facebook data to piece together a comprehensive profile – and point out where you’re most vulnerable to an attack from a malicious hacker. For more on the app, check out: Watch Dogs – What Is Your Digital Shadow? And to go directly to the app (accessible only in the US), head to the official Digital Shadow website.

Watch Dogs - What is Your Digital Shadow?

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Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs


Release date — May 27, 2014
Developer — Ubisoft Montreal
Players will assume the role of Aiden Pearce, a new type of vigilante who, with the help of his smartphone, will use his ability to hack into Chicago’s central operating system (ctOS) and control almost every element of the city. Aiden will be able to tap into the city’s omnipresent security cameras, download personal information to locate a target, control systems such as traffic lights or public transportation to stop a chase, and more. The city of Chicago is now the ultimate weapon.

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood, Intense Violence, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs and Alcohol
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  1. Jimmy on May 14, 2014
    Will the PS4 digital pre-orders be pre-loaded?
    • Derp on May 14, 2014
      This.We need a answer.
      • WelfareBob on May 14, 2014
        You can pre order it on the PSN Store now for $79 comes with the season pass and full retail game.. I saw it the other day on my PS4.. I got the full game and season pass :-)
        • Delta-Infinite on May 15, 2014
          That's not what pre-loading means, WelfareBob
    • megafire777 on May 14, 2014
      yes the last update(1.70) brought preloading to the ps4. and watch dogs will be the first game for ps4 with this
      • Jimmy on May 15, 2014
        There is no official word on this yet. The story spread is false from an unofficial random twitter account.
    • Steffan on May 14, 2014
      • Jimmy on May 15, 2014
        That is the false story spread around. The twitter account is a random unofficial account.
  2. Resolution Does Matter on May 14, 2014
    So Now it will be at Least Native 1080p on PS4 ? Come on UBISOFT i know you suck at Game Optimization i've seen your games before games like AC3 on PC was the Worst Porn ever even AC4 didn't ran Well on PC cause of Bad optimization Dude ! Look at Hideo Kojima The God of Gaming MGS 5 Phantom Pain is going to be Open World With Photo Realistic Graphics and still 1080p 60Fps on PS4 and 720p 60fps on XBONE , You Guys Should of Made the game more Optimized for Console when ya'll Delayed it ......
    • Resolution Does Matter on May 14, 2014
      In there i said "PORN" i am sorry i meant "PORT" Instead My Mistake
      • Steve on May 14, 2014
        Ah, the power of habit xD.
    • Derp on May 14, 2014
      you're right, we NEED 1080p Ubi, there's still time, Day 1 Patch 1080p like COD or 1 week after like AC4, but please #1080pPatch
    • Jeffreh on May 14, 2014
      Wtf are you talking about? This game was designed on pc so it doesn't need to be ported to pc. If you are complaining about console graphics, then you should probably stop wasting your money on consoles and invest in a solid pc. This game has way more going on than mgsv, so it needs more power. Its easy to do photo realistic if the environment only has a few objects in it. Rendering a few hundred people at a time on a busy street with landscape, items, and other objects is a bit more difficult. Why don't you go learn something about how games and components work before you start babbling like a ****ing idiot.
  3. Charbel Kaloush on May 14, 2014
    My eyes are swirling with tears! One of many great moments with UBI! An incredible feeling going thru this!! Congrats to all the team!! I'll grab it on my 360 for fun! My true experience will be in June on my PS4! Can't wait. ..
    • [Insert Username Here] on May 14, 2014
      Oh dang! I wish I could've been the first to congratulate them in this thread. I am JELLY
  4. Keloric on May 14, 2014
    Well, I'll still buy it putting the resolution/fps thing aside. I hope sacrificing the resolution was really worth it.But seriously UBI, you should stop showing people high quality demos that the final retail version can't have. I've seen that a lot. Even with PC versions, like for Farcry3 . Now I'm feeling that The Division demo you claim to run on PS4 last year during E3 was a lie. I have a feeling that The Division is also going to receive a huge downgrade in terms of graphics for the retail version.
    • Derp on May 14, 2014
      Oh yeah and expect for The Division be Like 720p sub 20fps on XBO and PS4, Plus the downgrade. Just wait for E3 and a delay obviouslly, i'll never trust Ubi again.oh yeah and The Crew already got a downgrade.
      • Isaac on May 14, 2014
        You forgot about the DRM crap they're doing! That's one of the worst things Ubisoft does.
  5. PP2046 on May 14, 2014
    • Jeffreh on May 14, 2014
      Congrats on being an idiot. Even if you had the supporters, no company will take a "letter" like that seriously. You really think they didn't do all they could to make it high res? It makes absolutely no sense for them to limit the res unless they have to. If you don't like it, buy a PC and you won't have to worry about it. You can even use xbox/ps controllers on the pc. There's no real reason to buy a console anyore.
      • Brody on May 15, 2014
        Yeah but with PC there is that issue of crashes out the window and the fact you have to pay a thousand to 5 thousand if you want good one that can run in it's full 1080p 60fps and not have those lag spikes you can have
        • CodeOverflow on May 26, 2014
          You are an idiot. That's what people think and it's not true. I setup my own PC for 800$ and run watch dogs all on max at 60 frames.Do some research before spewing ignorant shit.
  6. EA on May 14, 2014
    Great news. I made a thread on the forums wondering about this--glad to see an announcement.
  7. Edward Foster on May 14, 2014
    I absolutely can not wait for this game. It is going to be ridiculous, watchdogs is just straight sick. I love this shit!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Guest on May 14, 2014
    This sucks dick, taking forever to release. Originally was supposed to be released late last year, then the 20th and now the 27th... WTF?!
  9. IronicSonic on May 14, 2014
    Now, resume your work with the Wii U version!
    • WelfareBob on May 14, 2014
      WII U sucks! It won't be the same on the wii u version compared to the PC PS4 and Xbox One.. Buy a PS4 and play the game :-)
      • Jared Garcia on May 14, 2014
        It'll be better than those versions. Why you ask? Because Ubisoft now has everyone working on it so it can be the best it can be. If they wanted another version to be the best, they'd have done the same thing.
        • Xzenor on May 15, 2014
          Yeah... The lack of decent hardware is not an issue of course..... The Wii U is a toy.. Not a serious platform.
          • Flop’ on May 17, 2014
            Wii U IS a real console, with real games, and real new fonctionalities, you just have a close spirit and you don't want to consider the differences on the bright side and the games you don't play as real games. Respect the choices of other players treating every console equal.
      • Paul on May 14, 2014
        On Wii u you will probably be able to use the tablet thingy to hack from think how amazing that is
  10. WelfareBob on May 14, 2014
    This game is going to be one of my most anticipated games of 2014! I am so obsessed with this game I have been following there blog posts and podcasts since they first announced it.. I bought the game and the season pass with it but no way am I buying the $129 version skip that.. Too expensive.. You can actually buy the scarf for $30 from ubi workshop lol..
  11. WelfareBob on May 14, 2014
    I thought it was 1080p - 60fps?
  12. [Insert Username Here] on May 14, 2014
    Congratz Ubisoft Montreal! I look forward to seeing the Extremely-Dynamic game you've spent 5 years putting together in 13 days!
  13. Airwane on May 14, 2014
    That Digital Shadow app isn't work in the UK. Why?You could have at least gave us a Demo lol
  14. LBrize on May 14, 2014
    I really think the Wii U version is going to surprise a lot of people, with resolution and framerate similar to PS4, and hopefully no missing DLC or other features.
    • Xzenor on May 15, 2014
      How can you think that? You need computing power for all that.. The Wii U doesn't have that..
      • Flop’ on May 17, 2014
        And how can you think that ? Who said it ? Nobody, a console doesn't need power to make surprise. Of course, this is a possibility, but you can make a player having fun or enjoying play video games with a wonderful graphisms, beautiful musics, new type of gameplay, a great line-up (as for Wii U) and more again. Just try to be broadminded and waitbefore telling what you don't really know.
  15. LP on May 14, 2014
    Watch_Dogs or Watch Dogs? Ubisoft, please don't be inconsistent.
  16. Said on May 14, 2014
    • Happy To be a PC GAMER on May 14, 2014
      Ok, two things here: 1) turn off your caps-lock 2) Cod is a corridor shooter (and a bad one at that) so it has nowhere near the same requirements hardware wise as watchdogs...
      • Cory Kearney on May 14, 2014
        Cod ghost was really bad well for me anyway. And I can't wait to get my limited edition of watch_dogs :)
      • Kyle on May 14, 2014
        Yeah mister "SAID" is clearly trolling :)
    • Xzenor on May 15, 2014
      ....and they're so alike......
  17. Joel monserrate on May 14, 2014
    congratulations on making the game gold wanna go to the midnight release cannot wait to play this game I might have to call in sick . Thank you.
    • Paul on May 14, 2014
      Same calling in sick for school
  18. Paul on May 14, 2014
    Congrats ubisoft amazing game. I just wanted to say this looks worth my money. Only one question. Will there ever be an option to play free roam online for xbox 360 and ps3? Maybe even you could buy a pass to play. This game still looks great and I still would be fine without free roam online, but it would be nice to have it.
    • Bijin06 on May 14, 2014
      *searched it for you* is Jonathan Morin's Twitter Post about it :)
  19. Ssdsd on May 15, 2014
  20. dopemagic on May 15, 2014
    i have something to say i have pre ordered the game on my playstation 4 and it said i would get 60 minutes of gameplay (hopefully i dont sound stupid) like before the game actually comes out i dont seem to know it said i would get 60 minutes gameplay which i think its meaning that i get 60 minutes before the game actually comes out but i dont know can someone please answer me
    • Sergiu on May 15, 2014
      It actually means you'll have extra missions when playing the game that will sum up to 60 minutes of gameplay. It has nothing to do with the release date.
    • Gungsta on May 15, 2014
      That 60 minutes of gameplay is Playstation exclusive gameplay, it happens some of their games recently, particularly AC games, it is generally just an extra mission they put in for Sony.
      • dopemagic on May 15, 2014
        thank you guys so much i was thinking that but i thought it was kind of a stupid thought at first but anyways thanks
  21. Xzenor on May 15, 2014
    1080p or not, I can't wait until the release date! I have to, I know.. But it's hard :-)
  22. Darklight on May 15, 2014
    From E3 2012 to 27th of May 2014, it's been an incredible long period of waiting. Best of luck guys!
  23. Dexter on May 15, 2014
    Hype hype hype hype!! :D
  24. Sagiri on May 15, 2014
    I love that the title of the article just refers to a paragraph that is almost not even there.And that the tiny paragraph doesn't even explain the phrase.
    • ceekay on May 15, 2014
      check the term here:
  25. NeoFAGgot on May 15, 2014
    900p SONY IS SUCK
  26. ceekay on May 15, 2014
    I'm a PC player. Will we have to wait for the hard copy to arrive with the box/edition we ordered, or the game will be downloadable via Uplay and the activation code will be sent in an email? I pre-ordered Watch Dogs DedSec Edition from Amazon and don't know what to expect.
  27. eldest on May 16, 2014
    Hey Ubisoft, Can you explain adding the language restriction on Steam? I live in Russia, but I prefer playing games on english language, because the translation is just horrible usually and it's kinda my way to improve english. I know, the game is cheaper here and I don't mind about regional restriction, but let me play it on language I want. Is there any way to buy and play this game on english for me now?
  28. Trenton on May 20, 2014
    Um...Hi Ubisoft. I pre-ordered Watch Dogs for my xbox 360, and I heard that those graphics were kinda you know where I could find xbox 360 screenshots?
  29. Aston on May 22, 2014
    Will Xbox 360 Controller for WINDOWS be aviable for Watch Dogs on PC?
    • Gary Steinman | Communications Manager Author on May 22, 2014
      The controller should work.
  30. iran on June 30, 2014
    wach dogs 2 wach dogs 2 wach dogs 2 wach dogs 2 wach dogs 2 wach dogs 2 wach dogs 2 در سراسر ایران فروش داشته است

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