Watch Dogs – Head to Head with the ctOS Mobile App

There are few things we enjoy more than griefing our friends. Lucky for people like us, we’re no longer limited to playing on a console if we want mess with each other in Watch Dogs. The game’s ctOS Mobile app pits friend against friend in thrilling and fast-paced challenges, as I experienced in my hands-on session with the app. To start things off, I had to locate my opponent on a map of Chicago, and then I was able to challenge him with a simple tap on his icon. Once he accepted, his job was to hit four checkpoints within the time limit. My job? Making sure he didn’t.

Watch Dogs - Getting Adversarial

By dragging the helicopter on the screen to hover over the console player’s marker (which moved in real time with his movements on the screen) I was able to see the various aspects of Chicago’s infrastructure I could affect. As my opponent stole a car and headed toward an intersection I quickly hacked the traffic lights, sending cars careening into him. His luck held out and he was able to keep moving. If a player dies during the challenge it’s not an automatic game over, but he’ll have to start back at the beginning and none of the time is returned.

I threw up a blocker as he sped by… and missed him by a hair. No worries, because I caught him with a steam pipe hack shortly after, sending his car rolling. Finding a new vehicle cost him precious time and the commotion he had caused in the the city – or, to be more precise, the commotion I helped cause for him – had the police on his trail, slowing him down further. Unfortunately for the console player, I was simply too skilled in hack-fu and he never made it to the finish line.

Watch Dogs – Head to Head with the ctOS Mobile App

The ctOS Mobile app will be available on both Android and iOS (tablets and phones). “Watch Dogs – ctOS Mobile players don’t need to own the console game or even a console to play,” Technical Lead Frédéric Blais told us. However, app players will need to have a friend playing the game on the console in order to hop in and challenge them. Blais went on to say, “Watch Dogs – ctOS Mobile is a free app, with its own progression skills; the more you play, the better you will get and the better the experience will become.” Take the app anywhere and play anytime. As long as you have access to wifi or a 3G network, you have access to the city of Chicago.

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Watch Dogs


Release date — May 27, 2014
Developer — Ubisoft Montreal
Players will assume the role of Aiden Pearce, a new type of vigilante who, with the help of his smartphone, will use his ability to hack into Chicago’s central operating system (ctOS) and control almost every element of the city. Aiden will be able to tap into the city’s omnipresent security cameras, download personal information to locate a target, control systems such as traffic lights or public transportation to stop a chase, and more. The city of Chicago is now the ultimate weapon.

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood, Intense Violence, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs and Alcohol
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