Watch Dogs Breaks (More) Records

Aiden Pearce has hacked his way into your hearts, and we can’t thank you enough. After breaking a Ubisoft record for first-day sales, Watch Dogs has just broken a few more. The game is now the best-selling new IP at launch across the entire videogame industry, with more than 4 million copies sold through in its first week. That also marks Watch Dogs as the best-selling game during week 1 for Ubisoft.

Watch Dogs

“With such strong sales momentum and positive feedback from gamers, Watch Dogs has positioned itself as the must-have game of the moment” said Tony Key, Ubisoft’s senior vice president of sales and marketing. “We’re really proud of this achievement, and are confident that the Watch Dogs brand has a promising future.”

Watch Dogs also launched with an innovative (and free!) companion app called ctOS Mobile. Since launch, ctOS Mobile has been downloaded and played by more than one million people. If you haven’t yet tried out ctOS Mobile, we have a full FAQ (including compatible devices) in the links below.

Hack into these Watch Dogs features for the latest intel on the game:

Watch Dogs – ctOS Mobile App FAQ

Watch Dogs – Easter Eggs (*Spoiler Alert*)

Watch Dogs – Multiplayer Guide

Watch Dogs – Open World Guide

Watch Dogs


Release date — May 27, 2014
Developer — Ubisoft Montreal
Players will assume the role of Aiden Pearce, a new type of vigilante who, with the help of his smartphone, will use his ability to hack into Chicago’s central operating system (ctOS) and control almost every element of the city. Aiden will be able to tap into the city’s omnipresent security cameras, download personal information to locate a target, control systems such as traffic lights or public transportation to stop a chase, and more. The city of Chicago is now the ultimate weapon.

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood, Intense Violence, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs and Alcohol
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Les 5pts

Fix the crap where Fixers are penalized when the Marks disconnect. Also listening to either pandora or Milk/Slacker radio would be awesome

Kill Yourself
Kill Yourself 5pts

Watch Dogs still wont run on my brand new high specs PC. Thanks UBISOFT! Will never use again. Kill yourself.

Rand 5pts

Although some people seem to experience issues, the game itself is a lot of fun and considering that other people (e.g. me) experience no issues whatsoever suggests that the game was absolutely not released in a buggy state. Tiny bugs can have big consequences for some people, which seems to be the case here... along with the fact that's it's simply trendy and easy to jump on the hatewagon of course.

If it doesn't work for you then you can't possibly judge the game. Just wait. They will fix it. Shut up in the meanwhile.

Swinny 5pts

I absolutely love this game, I'm playing on the PS4 which has been near-flawless, I truly believe that this game has the most 'alive' city ever created, I love how you can't go more than a couple feet without there being something compelling to do, and 99% of the side activities are awesome! This game has even taught me how to play poker, I'm moving on to chess next :-)

''Madness'' could almost be a game in itself, after many hours of play, I've managed to get to number 8 on the world leaderboard 'Madness', I'm chuffed with that.

Ubisoft, if you read this, I want you to know that the other day I was playing an online race where the games frame rate significantly dropped and stayed at a low FPS for more than 5 minutes, I thought I was severely lagging, but I quit from the online race and returned to my singleplayer only to find that the frame rate was still stuck in this low state, it was almost slide-show levels of FPS, I think it was a glitch and would appreciate it if you guys check it out.

I then quit out to the main menu and restarted the game, the problems went away with a reset but it really taken me out of the experience.

Online fps drops - Ps4
Online fps drops - Ps4 5pts

Heya, I've been having issues with the framerate in both Online Decryption and Online freeroam where the fps seems to hang around at 15-20, yet in Online-hacking and tailing the game runs fine. Help?

AnnSarkwater 5pts

Oh boy... Mine didn't want to work either. The load screen of a new game would crash and the system froze permamaently. The update of my graphic card driver sloved the problem. But I actually TRIED to slove it myself, not wanting to wait for Ubi to do a patch. Instead of whining take some actions, whining has never sloved a problem. And if the problem is beyond your strenght then sorry but you have to wait for Ubi to release a patch. I'm not saying Ubi didn't screw a few things but srsly what game ( especially for PC) didn't have bugs or system problems? Just chill out cos right now it looks like an army of angry teenagers got to the forums. If you're not, then sorry but how it looks like to me.

YazX 5pts

so people say they didnt look on steam or Ubi forums, a game that sold more than 4 million copies and had max 10 thousands people complaining about problems, thats called huge success in my book.

i have played the game on PC and beat it 100% recently, never had any serious issue, ofcourse game has some bugs and performance issues, but what newly released game doesnt?!

Anyway, Thank you Ubisoft for this wonderful game!

Lanje 5pts

It also holds the record of the longest loading screen; 1 week and counting!

Frosty 5pts

Great that the game broke records, but could you at least now make it playable? Haven't been able to play the game for 9 days now because of the loading screen bug. 2000 posts and 150.000+ views and Ubisoft is still counting money!

Joe 5pts

Good game IF IT WORKED

kiltedbrick 5pts

Yeah, I'm not going around raving about how fun the game is -- because it is too fun to get away from on PS4! Just wandering, profiling, and hacking people alone is fun enough to do for hours. This is great news! Congratulations Ubisoft!

ShounenBlaze 5pts

Congrats Ubisoft on you and your companies success! Everyone's hard work really paid off. Looking forward to seeing how Watch Dogs will continue to evolve in a sequel!

minaguro 5pts

Wow, babies get grumpy when they use the Internet.

Mark 5pts

" and positive feedback from gamers"

They haven't been on Steam forums

Thrade 5pts

Relax guys, the reason why its only negative comments on the forums is because the people that actually like and enjoy the game have been playing the game instead of wasting their time complaining about small things.

Just_WOW 5pts

Also the amount of false advertising and fake hype building is insane , and no one seems to care .

Just_WOW 5pts

Positive feedback? Anyone checked the forums , i don't see any "positives". Game is utter garbage released in alpha-like state on PC , broken and poor in every aspect. You sold it thanks to enormous marketing campaign which probably costed you more than actual game development of PC port.

Game as game is sometime good but mostly bad, still ok.. But far from the hype.

Tim 5pts

This game sold most on PS4, and it is because the PS4 has been so successful, there are millions and millions of PS4 gamers that bought this game.


This is your success? Thank PR managers, the whole of your success.

AnnDarkwater 5pts

You know that most of them are probably frustrated teens? At least I hope most of them are, cause I can't imagine an adult flipping over a crashing loading screen on the forum.

AnnDarkwater 5pts

Srsly? Cause I have no problem with this game, few glitches but what game doesn't has those? Anyway, at the very beginning my new game load screen used to crash and the system froze permamently. But then I've updated my graphic card driver and it works fine

wat 5pts

Looks like us "Console peasants" win this round. Anyway, hope you get your patch. I guess you can all stop giving us trouble about having consoles, now.

MattChicago 5pts

The first hour i bought the game, i did have some video card related issues and i do notice if i keep the game running for X number of hours it tends to lock up my I7 Computer where i have to do a hard reboot on the system, it seems to lock the video card in a overheated state.

After i was able to tweek the video settings in the game, and turn everything pretty much low or off the game has worked semi perfect, limited disruption and irritations, there is still issues with video card overheating but from what i gather UBI is trying to make a patch for that....

Braxton 5pts

Not just PS4 there guy. Xbox One and Xbox 360 make up about 41% of those pre-orders, about 21% goes to PC, which leaves PS4/PS3 with about 38% of the pre-orders.

Still a good portion, but not all due to PS4.