Valiant Hearts: The Great War Announced

At this year’s Digital Days Ubisoft announced Valiant Hearts: The Great War, a downloadable 2D platformer set during World War I and inspired by actual letters from the time. Developed by Ubisoft Montpellier on the UbiArt Framework (the same studio and engine that gave us Rayman Legends and Rayman Origins), Valiant Hearts tells the tale of three strangers coming together on the battlefield to help a young German soldier find love in a story about survival, sacrifice and friendship.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War Announced

Solve puzzles and sneak through enemy lines while doing your best to stay alive. Each of the four playable characters (including the lovelorn German soldier) work alongside the same faithful canine companion at different times, all trying to survive in the trenches while doing their best to hold onto their humanity in the face of loss and tragedy. Though it’s set during a dark time in history, there are lighthearted (and even comical) moments spread throughout the game.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War will be available in 2014 on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One. Check out the announce trailer right here.

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Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Release date — June 25, 2014
Developer — Ubisoft Montpellier
Valiant Hearts: The Great War is the story of crossed destinies and broken love in a world torn apart by war. The emotional journey follows four characters inextricably drawn together over the course of the game as they brave the battles and difficulties of the Great War alongside their faithful canine companion. Friendship, love, sacrifice and tragedy befall each as they help each other to retain their humanity against the horrors brought on by war.

ESRB Rating: Teen (Violence, Blood, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco)
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Kolzig 5pts

Ubisoft have really done a shameful way of first announcing supporting the great Wii U platform, and then making lots of vague excuses of not supporting it.

You lost the million sales of Rayman Legends when the artificial 6 month delay was announced, it would've sold big time on Wii U as exclusive during a time when it Wii U had no other competing titles coming out in spring. Then they delayed Watch Dogs for 6 months "to enhance gameplay and really focus on delivering the best possible game for Wii U", but that turned out to be just a map on the gamepad and off tv play. So really nicely done again, also the latest news is that Ubisoft is not even bothering to put the DLC on Wii U, that DLC campaign should be on disc included with the Wii U version and put it with a starting price of 30-40€ since the game has been out for so long already.

Valiant Hearts definitely would be a great game on Wii U, just like Rayman and Child of Light are. It's using the same engine so would be incredibly easy to port to Wii U. So what is the deal here? Ubisoft doesn't want to earn money? I have several different platforms in my usage, but if you would make the Wii U version, I would prefer to buy that. Otherwise the only way I mgiht even consider to get it is when it's sold for dirt cheap in Steam. On Wii U I would be prepared to pay premium.

Also why no Assassin's Creed Liberation HD on Wii U? The 3rd and 4th game worked well on the platform. It just doesn't make sense.

reasty 5pts

please release it on wiiu! it looks brilliant, would sorely love to play it on the gamepad. to not release a download game like this for the wiiu just comes across a bit spiteful.

Ali Afshari
Ali Afshari 5pts

Dear Ubisoft:

Please release this game on the Wii U. I have a PS3, Vita, Xbox 360, PC, and a Wii U. However, I want Child of Light and Valiant Hearts on Wii U. These kind of games are perfect on Nintendo's platform. It's a win-win....I support Nintendo and Ubisoft. Why won't you let me support you? Do you see how confusing it is when Child of Light is on the Wii U, but Valiant Hearts isn't?

I own all Assassin's Creed games on the Xbox 360, bought AC: Liberation TWICE (once on Vita, once on Xbox Live), purchased Collector's editions of ACIII, ACIV, and I have AC: Unity Collector's edition on pre-order for the PS4 WHEN I DON"T EVEN HAVE A PS4 YET! I own Far Cry 3 and Blood Dragon on PS3...All the Splinter Cell games, Rayman Origins, Beyond Good and Evil HD, I EVEN USE YOUR UPLAY SERVICE WITHOUT COMPLAINT.

All I'm asking for is Valiant Hearts on the Wii U.

Allan 5pts

I desire not to buy this on overprice fake pc! What a disgrace of Ubisoft. The art shall not be wasted. I apologize to developers, that, it's painful for me to watch the story thus Youtube.

Allan 5pts

Why not WiiU again!? I desire to play this historical game too!

Alejandro Sorroza
Alejandro Sorroza 5pts

Please release this game on Wii U!! Child of Light looks great and plays great on Wii U, and this game was first announced on Wii U alongside all the other platforms, why now is out just like that after releasing a trailer for Wii U??

Matthew 5pts

Please release this game on the Wii U.

Fox 5pts

I would love this on Wii U, but it looks like Ubi is purposely rejecting the console, they delayed Rayman, delayed Watch Dogs, miraculously got Child of Light this year, so Valiant Hearts it's the first game from UbiArt skipping Nintendo; The only game coming to Wii U this year is Just Dance, for that matter... Hopefully they're not screwing us on purpose, and we may get a "Wii U Edition" at some point.

Mindi 5pts

The narrator is voice actor Dave Pettitt .

Jarle 5pts

Wii U version, pretty please?

It probably doesn't mean much, but I would be extremenly happy and grateful if this could be released on the Wii U!

I think Ubisoft knows what it's doing and probably have a good reason for not bringing it to the Wii U, but it makes me terribly sad... :(

Spyro 5pts

Not a Wii U relase ?

Why ubisoft ? I'm enjoying Child of Light and Rayman Legends most on Wii U than other platforms

Ethan 5pts

Please bring it to the Wii U ; ;

Riley 5pts

Haha why are you all complaining about the wii u get a real game system already. Its not ubisofts fault the wii u is such a poorly built platform

Börjare 5pts

A Ubisoft game? Yes!! A game about the Great War? Oh yess!!! On Wii U? Oh no!!!!!! :-(

Come on Ubi, bring it to Ninty. As an inhabitant of Brave Little Belgium (my native town lies next to Passchendaele), I want this sooooo bad!

kelanflyter 5pts

This game seems to be really great, and o'd love to buy it. But i can't because it's not on Wii U. Wii U is the only plateform on which i buy digital games.

Swede 5pts

Will Coeur de Pirate be componing the Original Score?

Lucas 5pts

There is positively absolutely no reason this shouldn't release on Wii U also. With that said, if this doesn't release on Wii U I will commit myself to never buying another Ubisoft title as long as I live no matter how great it looks. You can take that to the bank...

Sergio 5pts

Please! Release it on Wii U. I enjoyed on it Assassins Creed III and Rayman Legends, and I will buy Assassins Creed IV, and Watch_dogs, and if you will publish Valiant Hearts on the eShop, I'll buy it too!


Wouter 5pts

Ubisoft could very well conquer the nintendo eshop with child of light but if this game were to be released on the eshop as well then they would dominate it! I never understood why the first World War/ the Great War is not as embraced as a video game genre as the second World War. I have always longed for a first World War game and this game definitely lives up to my expectations! Ubisoft if you could bring this game to the Wii U you would have my gratitude...and my money :D

sandra 5pts

When will valient hearts be released?

mario 5pts

a lot will be happy to have a wii u version, great job, amazing game

Zamiel 5pts

Sounds like Jeff Bridges, to me anyway

Nikos 5pts

Please Ubisoft release it for Wii U too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asdrubal 5pts

Great game! Please Ubisoft, bring this game to the Wii U

JLM 5pts

Why is this not on Wii U as well?

DannyBoy 5pts

First, utterly incredible-looking.

Second, WHO is that narrator? I recognize the voice from somewhere, but I cannot for the life of me place it.

Börjare 5pts

Hey! I, as a WiiU owner, am asking it really politely! ;-) I just want to say that I want it on my platform. Whether you like it or not... Uhm, don't really care!

Wait... I'm replying, so I must care, right? Never mind... ;-)

Lucas 5pts

And that's on ANY platform I own. I buy every console but is rather much have this on Wii U. I will personally have a vendetta against Ubi and never buy a product of theirs again....even if that means good bye to a Child of Light 2 (CoL is in my top 10 fav games of all time) or even a Beyond Good and Evil 2 that I've been waiting forever for. Seriously, it's only too easy to put Valiant Hearts on Wii U...I know, I'm a developer of 15 years.