Ubisoft, YouTube and Copyrights

Ubisoft, YouTube and Copyrights

Due to recent changes in how YouTube allows copyright holders to file claims – including those against YouTubers working within multi-channel networks (MCNs) – we have heard from many of you who have been frustrated by a sudden flurry of claims against your videos. At Ubisoft, we value the talented content creators on YouTube, and we want to empower all of you to produce Ubisoft-related videos. We had outlined our policy regarding monetization last month (please see the full policy here). We would like to reiterate today that nothing has changed in our policy and approach to YouTube content creators. We consider ourselves fortunate to have so many passionate fans creating great content based on our brands, and we plan to work with as many of you as possible to help remove any incorrect claims.

We are also aware that many of the Ubisoft-related claims have come from IDOL, our longtime partner in the digital distribution of our music. We are working closely with IDOL to remove these claims. We kindly ask you to be patient, as this process may take another week or so to fully resolve.

If you have specific questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to email us at videorights@ubisoft.com. We will also have various team members available to answer your questions in the comments below. (Please keep in mind that it might take a few hours to get an official response via email or comment.)

Thank you to all the YouTubers who are producing great content with our brands. We appreciate your creative work and we will continue to support your efforts.

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