Ubisoft Quebec to Lead Future Assassin’s Creed

Just like the game itself, which has been set in various locations around the globe, Assassin’s Creed’s development is now expanding into a new region. This time, however, it’s the location of the lead developer that’s changing: Today, Ubisoft announced that Ubisoft Quebec will be taking the lead on the development of a future Assassin’s Creed. (Previous Assassin’s Creeds have been lead by Ubisoft Montreal in partnership with multiple Ubisoft studios, including Quebec.)

Ubisoft Quebec

It’s all part of a major investment in the Quebec City studio, which includes a significant increase in the number of staff along with all-new facilities in Quebec’s St-Roch district, a burgeoning high-tech corridor in the historic Canadian city. Also announced today: Ubisoft Quebec will be allocating $4 million of a previously announced $28 million investment in a new workspace at 585 Boulevard Charest Est, of which the first three floors will become a state-of-the-art studio completely redesigned to support triple-A game development. This investment is bolstered by the city of Quebec, which will contribute $500,000 in financial support to help update the studio and its facilities. (Note: all amounts are in Canadian dollars.)

In the Brotherhood

Of course, Ubisoft Quebec is no stranger to Assassin’s Creed. They’ve been part of the Ubisoft’s brotherhood of developers since, well… Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. “Since 2010, our understanding of the franchise has increased each year,” says Nicolas Rioux, Managing Director of Ubisoft Quebec. “We were involved in Brotherhood. We were involved in Revelations. We were involved in Assassin’s Creed III. With AC III we were working on the biggest DLC for the franchise – The Tyranny of King Washington. After that we were also involved with Freedom Cry. We have the confidence of the brand team and also from Ubisoft to take leadership of an upcoming Assassin’s Creed title. The team is ready for the next big step.”

Adewale - Freedom Cry

Naturally, this takes people. Ubisoft announced in January that Quebec would expand its talent pool by around 100 new staff in the next three years. So far, Quebec has hired more than half of their goal, bringing the total team up to 350 people. And, yes, some of them are already at work on a future Assassins Creed right now.

While no other details about this upcoming Assassin’s Creed are forthcoming (and believe us, we tried to pry some free), Rioux was happy to share some of what makes Ubisoft Quebec special. Along with the aforementioned work, the studio also played a key role in developing the companion gaming for Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed. “One of the main missions of our studio is to be a leader in creating a universe – connected and mobile,” Rioux says. “Beyond that, it’s to be able to connect to our universe wherever you want, with whatever device you want, and at any time you want.”

Nicolas Rioux - Managing Director - Ubisoft QuebecRioux also compares the growth of Quebec to the rise of Montreal. “If you look back at the Montreal studio, you’ll see the same story,” says Rioux, who worked at Ubisoft Montreal from 1997 to 2005, before heading to Quebec. “We started from scratch with several employees. We started with the same strategy: to have employees with different kinds of experience. We’re taking it step-by-step so we can reach our goals. I was in Montreal in the beginning, too. It was the same story. We started to work on some projects, and each year we were building confidence in ourselves while working toward delivering bigger and bigger projects.”

That said, going from a supporting studio to a leading studio will bring about new challenges, but Rioux is confident that the team is ready. “You’re in charge of everything,” he says. “You’re also in charge of making sure you have a good collaboration with the other studios. It’s a team effort between studios, but when you have the responsibilities of leadership, there’s also more pressure. It’s good pressure.”

Recruit Missions

If you’re interested in joining Ubisoft Quebec, now’s a great time. The studio is committed to being in St-Roch for the next 14 years (at the very least), having signed a dozen-year lease that begins when the new location is completed in 2016. And they’re recruiting in earnest, for positions that include level designers, game designers, character artists, audio designers, animators, technical directors, testers and more. Check out all the current job openings at Ubisoft Quebec Jobs here: www.quebec.ubisoft.com/en/career

Ubisoft Quebec

“We plan to be at 425 people before the end of 2017,” Rioux says. And with the growth in both the studio and its location – an area that’s “bursting with creativity,” according to Rioux – Ubisoft Quebec is on track to build, to flourish and to be an even bigger part of Ubisoft’s global development team.

The Author

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WhiteLaohu 5pts

I'm a fan of the AC series and in my free time I've been thinking about the new place/country/war where the Assassin/templar conflict would fit. The Hungarian revolt (1848-1849) would be ideal start for a bigger plot. The story will start with a young hungarian who follows his family traditions and joins the ranks of the hungarian army (and of course the assassins too). Later he's going to meet famous historical persons such as 

Giuseppe Garibaldi or Franz Joseph I of Austria and of course famous templars like Jacob von Haynau. This period of the history if full with local revolution and wars. The main plot would be about an ancient weapon that could destroy armies and the preparations for world war 1.  I'm a hobby writer and historian so I've got a few scripts and ideas. If you're interested send me a message here: revan501@freemail.hu

garrit_baird 5pts

I think they should make an assassin's creed about juileus ceaser on how he was murdered by the senate of rome you could be agustas ceaser olso known as octavian you could like the senate was templars and octavian could ask the brootherhood for help to kill the senate of rome including Brutus juleuses great friend and the brootherhood would reject him so he would train as a assassin and join the brootherhood. PLEASE THINK ABOUT MY IDEA IF U READ THIS

AbhishekSarkar6 5pts

India has been a site of famous historic events. So, an AC game about the Mughal Empire or British Empire in India would be really great.

Mordecai 5pts

I would like to see the Texas Revolution.

basilisgreek 5pts

Ac is the best game i 've ever played.Great job guys.Unity has the best graphics.Good game but bad it wasn't published for ps3.I hope the new one will be released for ps3 and it will be better of unity.WITH CO-OP MISSIONS.

Mamuch john
Mamuch john 5pts

As a gamer assassins creed is best open world game I ever played. Started with Brotherhood and loved the feeling to it so I went back to the first game. followed the story and loved it. I think it would be great if the next game is set in east Africa during the "slave trading era". I think that would have a good story to it because people were building the idea of "freedom for all" back then.

Ac 5pts

I think in Sweden when they had its Greatness. It was many war and horses gold vinters and it can be diffrent. Maybe its to late now.

Nick 5pts

Here an great idea for AC, before civil war and also during civil war until it end where the assassin is good to try to help to save our president before a Templar kill him or have it in the western time when the train system is being built with could take place after the civil war. It is a great time of history to see how much America change after AC3

Silver 5pts

I think one dealing with Vikings would be cool. ^-^

kkm 5pts

why not make an ac game set in major asia... like some parts in china, japan, philippines etc., and like feature marcos' reign and ninoy's assassination and why marcos' after the yamashita treasure (the apple maybe)???, and hiw did it get in the philippines, and some juicy events that had happened in that timeline around major asia... and there should be 2 assassins that is playable more like brothers literally, as the story goes the other assassin slowly turns to the templars and ther other stays pure, at the end the brothers will clash and we decide what happened and who will stay alive...

just a suggestion... no need for harsh reaction... thanks :)

Leon 5pts

assassins creed with a story line around the abraham lincoln assasination would be intersting.

altahi 5pts

Asian setting please, specifically the Philippine Revolution! (KKK, Jose Rizal, etc.) :D

shiva rao
shiva rao 5pts

hi, i'd like to know about graduate program 2015 cuz my parents forcing me to study Ms in usa or canada so please tell me the details about graduate program please

Olivier 5pts

hello ! I would say better what I saw and I would like to continue with one can the history on Desmond was able to know either he(it) would have a brother hidden by the murderers or whether will have he one can more fear of beating but he one can will learn the time to beat it as Desmond was before but that will be him(her) in the machine or whether his father William miles I will help on the quest of its thread but has there less would say in the western time in the time or whether every law was by the crimes and by the justice his shall be enough a good game . unless and at the same time he will find things or will speak more his brother Desmond mile and with all this will make a new better game I since dies of Desmond many things to weaken the game ... I I would have made I! !!! ...

Ziggy 5pts

This is just a suggestion for Ubisoft Quebec related to the future Assassin's Creed game that is yet to come. I suggest make an Assassin's Creed game about the Boxer Rebellion which was about the Eight-Nation Alliance(UK, Russia, Japan, France, US, Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary) against the Qing Dynasty. You can still retain the coop gameplay and character customization. You can customize your character to be Japanese, Russian, German, etc. Each country has their own unique style, gear, and tactics(for assassins) and different players can team up and strategize the best possible plan to execute their missions with exceptional ease, beauty and awesomeness.

Ziggy 5pts

This is just a suggestion for Ubisoft Quebec related to the future Assassin's Creed game that is yet to come. I suggest make an Assassin's Creed game about the Boxer Rebellion which was about the Eight-Nation Alliance(UK, Russia, Japan, France, US, Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary) against the Qing Dynasty. You can still retain the coop gameplay and character customization because you can customize your character to be Japanese, Russian, German, etc. Each country has their own unique style, gear, and tactics(for assassins) and different players can team up and strategize the best possible plan to execute your missions with exceptional ease, beauty and awesomeness. The next Assassin's Creed game can be named Assassin's Creed Sovereignty, or Assassin's Creed Emancipation.

Ziggy 5pts

Just a suggestion for Ubisoft Quebec related to the future Assassin's Creed game. Maybe you should make an Assassin's Creed game about the Boxer Rebellion. It is about the Eight-Nation Alliance (UK, Russia, Japan, France, US, Germany, Italy,

Austria-Hungary) against the Qing Dynasty. You can still retain the coop gameplay and you can choose whether you want your player to be American, French, Italian, German, etc. Each country has their own unique style, gear and tactics. So players can team up with other players and handle their mission with exceptional ease, beauty and awesomeness.

Chris 5pts

I do defiantly hope there will be some good ones like: Medival era, ancient era or king arthur:).

Far Creed: Watch Dragon
Far Creed: Watch Dragon 5pts

I pre-ordered the game from Target, but can't find the code for the guillotine prize drop game. :(

watchdogs creed
watchdogs creed 5pts

I think the next game should be based on nazism, and then the indian independence struggle and slowly make ur way toward world wars

Nick Papiashvili
Nick Papiashvili 5pts

Hi UBISOFT! I've several ideas about this game, I think it will good to take action in old Japan with Ninjas and Samurais or try about Sparta and action with Spartan warriors and last it'll also cool to take part with Bandits and Robbers in their camp and do different troubles with them as you know they were strong and you have to fight against soldiers, also rescue slaves and fight against slaves trade stay in Shadow with them fight style will like Ninjas and freerunning style will also great because you know that they were very skilled at it...So I also have other versions maybe better that them if you're interested please E-mail me!!!

Bijin06 5pts

I love Assassin's Creed.... but a little production pause would be great. I just can't think of another assassins creed when unity isn't even released yet .... -_-"

Too much is just too much.

Wait until the release of unity and then you can talk about the 'lead design studio' of a future assassins creed. It just feels like you will rush the next one D:

Marx Phoenixarx
Marx Phoenixarx 5pts

Assassin's Creed: Brahmin is the best choice if it's set during 1850s when Doulhousie arrived india. Kolkata, Agra, Delhi, Kanour would be the best settings for the games. It'd be the best also because for the first time any asian country will be featured in AC series. Ports of West Bengal, red dressed britishers, slavers, forests, revolutions on nana in Kanpur. Oh! I am frezzing. Though I'm and britisher I'd like Ubisoft to create new game based on Assassin's Ccreed: Brahmin featuring Arbaz Mir. AN INDIAN REVOLUTION WOULD SURELY BE FUN AND ADVENTOROUS. MIND IT.

John 5pts

I'd like to see the game take place in Japan or in another east Asian country at the very least, it would be awesome to see events such as the Shimbara rebellion.

ben 5pts

The worst part about all this is that you can't get hired without experience. Can't get hired so there's no job. No job means no money. No money means I can't afford to go to a school to learn how to do all this stuff. And no job will hire you without a legitimate education in this field.

Hao 5pts

An assassin's creed about japan or china,everybody wants to see this

Alexa 5pts

I don't know witch name they will create for the nexr game, but one thing i hope to happend: Having a new Assassin's Creed witch time and history is our time XXI ;)

Kevin 5pts

Why no chinese or japan war?

Chris 5pts

Alot of cool ideas for assassin's creed 6.

My ideas for this one would be: Knights of the round table with king arthur as mentor & he has student that becomes an assassin. Irish Revoultion, Ancient greece, Rome Or some other nation. Medival era. 12th century, 13th century, 14th century, 16th century & 1`7th century which has: Shangai era, english vs scotish war era, joan of arc era, shogun era & etc.

DMGM 5pts

Ubisoft is and will always be my favorite game company I could go on and on as to why that is but first what could I do to get my foot in the door and work for you guys? I literally will do anything to work in an Ubisoft development team building

Mr. Brightside
Mr. Brightside 5pts

I think the Medieval of Lithuania is a perfect for the upcoming Assassins creed game. Lithuania was the last county in Europe, which was the pagan and not baptized. Pagan Lithuania (Assassins) was a target of the Christian crusades of the Teutonic Knights and the Livonian Order (templiers) for quite a while, who seeked power in the region with the lies, that they come with God, and they want to baptize Lithuania. Lithuanians baptized themselves to prevent further attacks from templiers, but that did not helped. While figting templier enemy, there was a lot of tension within Lithuanian country like assassinations of Lithuania King, betrayals within royal family members etc. However Battle of Grunwald (one of the largest battles of medieval Europe) where Lithuanias with the help of Poles, Tatars, Moldovans and the Czechs, defeated the Teutonic knights and their holy crusades finally ended. i think this scenario is perfect for Assassins creed with all that Templier - Assassin thing matching the subject. And the point of the story could really get to the roots of templiers and Assassins, like it was in the first AC

Troy 5pts

Kinda kinda beating a dead horse..But the games are still good quality.If u need a game tester or storyboard/concept artist, I'm in.I have tons of fresh ideas.

MANAV 5pts

why not make a assasians creed game on world war 1 and 2?????????

Yiren 5pts

I always wanted to join Ubisoft, I think i'll get a chance within next 10 years

Akash 5pts

How about a game on india? However u have a graphic novel Brahmin.

ROSEN 5pts

They could make a Assassin's Creed game about the Bulgarian National Revival (1762-1878) (mainly focusing on the April Uprising (1876) and the Russ-Turk War (1877-1878)). Meeting famous enlighteners, helping the bulgarian education and religion (like Paisius of Hilendar, Sophronius of Vratsa ,Petar Beron, Vasil Aprilov, Ivan Vazov, Neofit Rilski) as well as revolutionaries, working towards national freedom (Lyuben Karavelov, Vasil Levski, Hristo Botev, Georgi Benkovski, Stefan Karadzha, Georgi Sava Rakovski, Stefan Stambolov). There can be Assassing and Templars on both sides (bulgarians and turks). The title - "Assassin's Creed: Revival" (i could think of better, but "Liberation" and "Freedom" were already taken)

Omar Farooq
Omar Farooq 5pts

i hope the title would be "Assassin's Creed Red Rag"

steve 5pts

I hope that the next AC will be about greek revolution in 1821

Joseph 5pts

the two best developers to work for : Valve and Ubisoft

Kashif-Z 5pts


Yash Purohit
Yash Purohit 5pts

How about an assassins creed game on chinese culture?

Assassins creed ninja warriors?

Nick 5pts

The Texas Revolution!

saba 5pts

the next game should be in asia named as assasin's creed "determination"

kostas 5pts

Steve, assasins in greece are you kidding me! This would be the lamest thing ever.


Chris 5pts

Agreed. I think they should focus Assassin's Creed into more Asia locations - China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, etc. That should give the players a fresher taste.

Edals 5pts

Um, Ninja's are from Japan, dude.

Edals 5pts

Um, Ninja's are from Japan dude.

Matty 5pts

I think it would be good if they based a game in Victorian Britain, there was a ton of shit going on during the 1800's

Yash 5pts

samurai is from japan!Duh