Ubisoft At PAX East 2014

Ubisoft At PAX East 2014

We are packing our bags for Boston and prepping for PAX East 2014 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. We’ve got two booths for attendees to swing by and check out from April 11 to 13. Head to booths 824 and 836 to play our games, watch never-before-seen demos and pick up some awesome swag (because everyone loves free stuff, right?). You can also witness the birth of gaming champions in The Next Level’s area.

In the Watch Dogs area, you’ll get the chance to check out a brand new demo of the game. Get the full Watch Dogs experience and see yourselves through the eyes of a hacker. How could you be targeted? Head to our booth to find out and pre-order Watch Dogs for a free t-shirt.

When you’re done with Watch Dogs, pop over to The Crew for a hands-on session with the racing MMORPG. Rule the streets (and everything off the streets, too) in the massive world of The Crew. With hundreds of activities, you could be busy for days, but hopefully a hands-on trailer will be enough to hold you over until the game launches. Pre-order The Crew for for a free shirt.

Ubisoft At PAX East 2014

Also at the Ubisoft booth, you’ll get hands-on time with Trials Fusion, the next-gen addition to the addictive physics-based racing Trials franchise. The finalists from the Trials Track Jam competition will show off their creations and attendees will be able to vote for the track they think is the best. These tracks will then be features in the game when it launches on April 16. If that’s not cool enough for you, while you wait to get your hands-on time, you’ll be able to watch professional BMX bikers performing stunts at our very own in-booth skate park.

Ubisoft Digital Booth

For even more Ubisoft action, head over to the Digital Area and play the five games we’ll have on hand, including the recently announced AirMech Arena, which will be presenting its very first hands-on demo at PAX East. In addition to the games, we’ll also have stage presentations, swag giveaways, interviews with developers and first-looks at new game features. All this will be happening on the hour, so head to the Ubisoft booth for insider details on our games.

Fans will be able to play Child of Light for the first time. Explore the watercolor world of Lemuria and immerse yourself in this epic poem-inspired turn-based RPG. Child of Light will be available to download on April 30, so get a preview of the beautiful UbiArt Framework title at PAX East.

Ubisoft At PAX East 2014

If you’re in the mood for some looting, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot will be playable as well. The free-to-play title is opening its doors and letting you get your hands on the fourth playable character, The Runaway, in a hands-on session. Of course, you can also play as the Knight, Archer or Mage if they are your preference.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms – the latest evolution of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online – will be on the showfloor as part of the game’s launch. Ghost Recon Phantoms is all about working as a team, so make sure you bring your friends when you go Ghost hunting.

Finally, Might & Magic Duel of Champions will be at the booth as well so attendees can try out the latest expansion Heart of Nightmares, which will arrive in April and add new cards to game. You can also preview the new update, featuring a revamped UI, rebalancing new solo campaigns and achievements.

Ubisoft At PAX East 2014

The Next Level

Over in The Next Level’s area you’ll find the heart of casual competition. This year we’re adding coaches – Scott “SirScoots” Smith, Johnathon “Fatal1ty” Wendel, Stephanie “MissHarvey” Harvey and Meg Turney – and teams to make the competition even more interesting. Players will take on titles on Trials Fusion and The Crew in an attempt to win the ultimate gaming package, while coaches try to lead their teams to victory for a $5,000 donation to the charity of their choice. This competition will be restarted each day.

Those of you who are unable to attend PAX East can still watch all the action via The Next Level’s Twitch channel. Keep an eye on the UbiBlog for more details on The Next Level.