Trials Fusion – Riders of the Rustlands

The first piece of DLC content for Trials Fusion is out now! Included in the Season Pass, Riders of the Rustlands offers new tracks, challenges and Track Editor objects. This is just the first portion of DLC in the Season Pass; there will be five more similar packs coming in the following months. Players who picked up the physical version of the game got the Season Pass as part of the deal. Of course, you can still grab the Season Pass for $20 to receive all six pieces of content, set to be released by May 2015. The second content pack is Empire of the Sky, which will take players far above the planet to explore floating islands later this summer. Riders of the Rustlands will be available globally on July 29 for $4.99 (free for Season Pass holders) on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PC. Creative Director Antti Ilvessuo walked us through the details of Riders of the Rustlands, as well as the team at RedLynx’s plans for the future of Trials Fusion.

Trials Fusion - Riders of the Rustlands

Included in Riders of the Rustlands:

5 new achievements/trophies

10 new tracks

    6 classic Trials tracks
    2 new Supercross tracks (local multiplayer)
    One new Skill Game (“Laws of Motion”)
    One new FMX track (“The Gauntlet”)

18 new Track Challenges

    Each classic Trials track contains 3 Track Challenges
    Track Challenges range from secret locations to minigames:

      Infiltrate the Outsiders’ hidden base
      Compete in a game show against penguins
      Find more secret squirrels

Dozens of new Editor Objects

    Steel pipe set
    Worn ramp set
    Computer mainframes
    And much more

Trials Fusion - Riders of the Rustlands

Interview – Antti Ilvessuo

Trials Fusion has been out for almost three months. How big is the team working on the game now and what are they up to?

Antti Ilvessuo: Lots of people have asked us what we’re going to do next, and we’ve said, “We’re still working on Trials Fusion and Trials Frontier!” There are more features, content and fixes coming. Players sometimes tend to overestimate the amount of change that can be made in the short-term but underestimate the amount of change that comes in the long run. Fusion is a long-term deal for us and we are committed to this game – to listening and making it better now.

As for the Trials team size, it is basically the same size as before the launch and we are absolutely focused on the six DLCs that are coming as well as all of the upcoming free features and enhancements we will be adding to the game. These include things like Tournaments, which was released just two weeks ago along with some improvements to Track Central; the online multiplayer, which we will release later this year; and something we haven’t talked about yet, but is our next feature: Teams.

Teams will be huge. Imagine playing Trials for your Teams, against other Teams on tracks and in tournaments and, in a little bit later down the road, online.

There are many other free features after those too – things we haven’t talked about but are on the roadmap. We are dedicated to the model of continuously expanding and improving the game with new features that will make the game even greater. This is the long-term plan.

What was the inspiration for the first DLC, Riders of the Rustlands?

The base world of Trials Fusion is a futuristic city that is gleaming, polished and highly attractive. But not everything is perfect in the future. Outside the boundaries of the city are older, abandoned industrial wastelands that are called the Rustlands. In this region, groups of scraggly bikers who are not fit for the city roam the ruins, scavenging for motorcycle parts and pulling off amazing Trials tricks. They are outsiders in some way, though just why remains unknown for now.

Tell us about the Track Challenges in the DLC.

First of all, for those who don’t know, the Track Challenges are a new feature we added to Trials Fusion, and there are three on every track. These are like minigames or secrets in each of the levels that make you go back and play through the track in a totally new and unexpected way. They could range anywhere from playing tennis against a squirrel to replaying the whole level without brakes or with crazy gravity.

We have continued these fun and innovative Track Challenges in the DLC of course, with everything from finding the secret magnet minigame to competing in a game show with penguins. But it’s best to let players discover these on their own and not give away the secrets.

Can you give us a hint about something you’re working on for a future content expansion?

Yes, we are planning to take the world of Trials Fusion to places that no Trials game has gone before – into the clouds, under the sea and even deep underground. So stay tuned for more mad stuff!

Trials Fusion - Riders of the Rustlands

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Trials Fusion - Riders of the Rustlands

Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion

Release date — April 16, 2014 (April 24 on PC)
Developer — RedLynx
Trials Fusion melds the classic, proven Trials formula of simple yet addictive competition with the social and visual breakthroughs of the next generation of gaming. The first Trials game designed for multiple platforms from day one forges ahead with a first-in-class physics trick system, next-gen social features, and much more. Trials Fusion retains and enhances the vital features from the best-selling and critically acclaimed games Trials Evolution and Trials HD.

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jørn 5pts

I bought the season pass and i still have to pay for riders of the rustlands. Why?

Ryan 5pts

And this is another reason i stopped buying the season passes ..once they got your money they dont need to do the work!! And they usually don't ....already taken forever for what should have been released with purchase or shortly thereafter

G 5pts

Here are the facts ppl! At best trials fusion was a beta version at release......2 MONTHS! later they release an update that added tournaments calling it free when the creators knew it should've been released at the beginning. Keep stalling and making the ppl wait who line ur pockets you ll have the same result cod had last year and most likely this year....LOWER SALES!!!

G 5pts

What a disappointment! Every time I hear the song welcome to the future it makes me sick....only way to get through to these corp crooks is to hittem where it hurts.....their wallet.....that's the only way they'll listen ppl!!!

Nicholas 5pts

I've been severely disappointed with Fusion so far. 6 tracks for $10? Really? also, Supercross is a joke. Release a map editor for it already.

Gulzt 5pts

I have this rule of thumb that content in a game is worth the purchase if it provides me 1 hour of gameplay per 1 EURO.

Trials Fusion was my first trials game. For those 20 EUR I already got over 75 hours of gameplay and I'm still hooked to it. Not many AAA-titles can drag me in for that long. Watchdogs was way overpriced for that matter.

I'm easily spending another 5 hours to explore all these tracks and beat all these challenges.

We purchase 10 professionally crafted tracks, while providing an income to RedLynx, which gives them the means to add "free" stuff too like tournaments, online-multiplayer etc.

If you want quantity, try the usertracks, there are plenty.

Nicolai 5pts

6 trials tracks? That's pretty funny. 30 would be more like it.

Angry Joe
Angry Joe 5pts

I wished I never bought this, even though I just bought the base game. Evolution had a ton of content, including lots of awesome skill games - I love(d) skill games! As soon as I fired it up, the game looked bare bones as hell. The inclusion of a season pass at launch should have sent alarm bells ringing that content was going to be missing. Let me guess, next time the track creation feature will have some track items locked to XP levels? Don't worry though I am sure we can pay to unlock it straight away! Never again Ubisoft.

Paul 5pts

I bought the season pass expecting the same level of support as Trials Evo got. It seems I was sadly mistaken.

Trials Fusion: 10 tracks for $5. Trials Evo: 36 tracks for $5. Hmmmmmm. The Ubisoft effect has started, and I don't like where this is going...

Sorry RedLynx, no season pass for me when you release your next Trials game unless the other packs are more comparable in content levels to what you released before. I'll be saving my money and buying when I've seen the content - after Evo I felt confident enough in RedLynx's quality and support levels in previous games to purchase the pass blindly. I won't make the same mistake again.

G 5pts

U call tourneys, and multiplayer free stuff.....look up trials the release mp was up and running.....fusion will b lucky if it has mp b4 it's been out 6months! Last I checked features like tourney and mp within a single game hav always been free! No offense but I've been around since hd in 2009 and the creaters hav pulled the wool over the eyes of every new trials player? Last but not least when mp is released how it going to run? Think about that! Ubisoft can't even keep simple leaderboards up without crashing.....WoW

Molex 5pts

No QC , not you. You can't give up on Trials. I'm working on a new GigaBike.

I admit trials has changed, but the game is still damn good, and the community will keep it alive.