Trials Fusion – New Announcement Details

It was our biggest stage yet for a Trials game, and we couldn’t be more delighted with positive response from both press and fans alike! At the E3 2013 Ubisoft media briefing, we announced two new games – Trials Fusion and Trials Frontier – with our big surprise trailer. Now that the dust has settled, we’re back with some new details to share with you, particularly about Trials Fusion, which is the first Trials game to not only be multi-console but also next-gen!

Now, everything in our announcement trailer (above) is CGI pre-rendered footage, not actual gameplay. We have not yet released any in-game video or screenshots of Trials Fusion just yet – but stay tuned, it will be a treat!

We also revealed that the game will feature a physics-based freestyle motocross tricks system (FMX), and we really highlighted that in the trailer. But rest assured, we know what makes Trials tick and what the fans want, and the FMX system is not a replacement for the core Trials gameplay, but an enhancement – much like when we added the multiplayer Supercross feature to Trials Evolution.

Trials Fusion - New Announce Details

Another key feature of the new game is its breathtaking futuristic setting. Our earliest Trials games have been set primarily in darkened warehouses. Later, with Trials Evolution we threw outdoor environments and gorgeous landscapes into the mix. We definitely still have all that with Trials Fusion, but this time around we are going for a more unified look and feel for the game, to put you into a competitive state of mind as you race through this futuristic landscape.

Don’t worry though, there will be a ton of environments and terrains to explore, and of course trademark wild finishes will make a return for each track. The same goes with the level editor, which will be bigger and better than ever, as well as many more ways to customize your bike and rider, share your accomplishments with friends, and compete and connect with other gamers – no matter which platform you choose.

Trials Fusion - New Announce Details

Trials Fusion will also be the biggest, most challenging Trials project we’ve ever undertaken. Our studio has increased dramatically in size over the last year and a half, and for these projects we’re also getting help from a number of Ubisoft studios, particularly Ubisoft Shanghai.

So stay tuned! There’s plenty more information to share, and plenty of other exciting features that will be revealed on the road ahead. Ride on, and we’ll see you on the leaderboards!

Trials Fusion - New Announce Details

Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion

Release date — April 16, 2014 (April 24 on PC)
Developer — RedLynx
Trials Fusion melds the classic, proven Trials formula of simple yet addictive competition with the social and visual breakthroughs of the next generation of gaming. The first Trials game designed for multiple platforms from day one forges ahead with a first-in-class physics trick system, next-gen social features, and much more. Trials Fusion retains and enhances the vital features from the best-selling and critically acclaimed games Trials Evolution and Trials HD.

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Davy boy
Davy boy 5pts

I need this game , we had so much for playing trails hd , please hurry up and release , ;))))

LoveTrials (but not on PC)
LoveTrials (but not on PC) 5pts

Probably good for this to NOT appear on PC. Many, many issues with Trials latest release on PC (frame rate, stutter etc.). Not everybody had them, but at least on the consoles it's one, stable platform with no variables. RedLynx doesn't appear to be able to program for PC anymore. Oh well...I'll play it on a PS4.

Blast 5pts

Wrong, Trials Fusion WILL appear on PC. Didn't you saw the PC icon at the end of the trailer??

Trials Evolution PC edition was laggy because ubisoft shanghai developed the PC version. Redlynx did nothing about it, and they didn't had the resources for it, because they are using it for Trials Fusion. They couldn't fix these issues on TE: GE, and that was maybe ubisoft shanghai used Chinese program language. I'm sure Fusion won't be that lagging again, because it will be released along with the console versions.

Who knows, if the PS4 could the the worst platform for this upcoming game? :shifty:

finn 5pts

I dont think its coming to wii u look at the tags. I think that is a mistake brcause the wii u would Be perfect for this game

Giddi 5pts

How should you be able to control the game without analog triggers on the pad and pro controller?