The UbiBlog Weekly: We Let the Dogs Out

The UbiBlog Weekly: We Let the Dogs Out

You waited. We waited. And now the wait is over. After numerous delays, South Park: The Stick of Truth is out now around the world, and it is wonderful. Don’t believe us? Check out our roundup of the reviews in the links below – and if you need a little help as you flatulate around town as the New Kid, we’ve got you covered with a guide to the classes in the game. And that’s all the news of the week…

Wait, you want more? We’ve got another doozy for you! Watch Dogs is coming on May 27, 2014. Along with the latest news about the game and a spectacular story trailer, we have a hands-on preview based on a full hour wandering around Chicago in Aiden Pearce’s trademark trench coat. Plus, we answer the question on everyone’s minds: Why the game was delayed in the first place (and what exactly does “polish” mean)? Big news on a very big game, and we’ll have plenty more about Watch Dogs next week too. Check it out, along with of this week’s other highlights from the UbiBlog and around the web.

Highlights From the UbiBlog

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South Park: The Stick of Truth – Review Roundup

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Child of Light – Co-op Trailer

Assassin’s Creed Pirates – Second Major Update

What We’re Reading On the Web

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Preston king
Preston king 5pts

Can you please take off the nudity on watch dogs my parents won't let me get it because Of the nudity

hrushi 5pts

is it possible to change aiden's dress

hrushi 5pts

is it possible to change aiden's clothes...

Can't wait
Can't wait 5pts

Im glad not all the comments are about graphics.... Personally i can't wait for the 27th, and probably won't go outside till you guys make another game. Good job, ubisoft.

sungin 5pts

very dispointed about watchdogs downgrade graphic.i don't know if i will trust ubisoft again .and the division will have the downgrade 100%.i hate false advertising

Kadzait 5pts

I think if this downgrade on PS4 comes out to be true, something happened with Microsoft , their Xbox One and the PC Windows 8.1 DirectX 12 thing they just announced.

Ubisoft cant do this just for nothing. MS just wanted the PC to be better in the case the PC version looks like E3, because the DX12 crap and the Videocard companies sellins the DX12 capable videocards. So... to clarify... Watch Dogs on PC will be using DX12 capable stuff and people will need to upgrade their videocards as a MUST since the game on other videocards will run like crap. PC optimization matters, marketing matters, MS money matters. Windows 8.1 matters. DX12 matters. All crap matters here. I love how gaming is being affected every damn year just because 1 monopoly. And some people loves it and gets fanboy about it and defends it. Just awesome. They will never learn.

bobbyLee 5pts

to bad bookmakers don't take my bet for 1k€ on the fail of the year in games.should not let the dogs out.

Kadzait 5pts

If the game comes out like that... someone will hack ubisoft cuz of this.

Kadzait 5pts

I also forgot to mention that the Watch Dogs March 2014 footage is using other road map too. All is changed. It doesnt even have the same physics or lighting. The textures looks awful and the people looks like robots without life now. Even the clothes doesnt moves like before and the worse thing you taked out all the ambience effects. You did it just how it would be for the PS3 or Xbox 360.

italodance 5pts

But you don't let to have it on our PS VITA :(

Kadzait 5pts

Well that video shows nothing. Does the ¨PS4 March Gameplay 2014¨ is the final build for the PS4 or its just a beta build? Since it does looks extremely awful. That is PS3 graphics tech. Not PS4. The PS4 does MUCH better than that. So its not about the PS4, it must be a beta build looking really only engine and nothing much added yet. The PC could look better, but not that better if you say the E3 Gameplay is only PC and the PS4 gameplay is that crap from the March 2014 Video footage.

Its ok Ubisoft is trying to explain this but they fail doing it. Its pretty easy to say the things the way they are in just a little words , just say ¨The PS4 March Gameplay is BETA¨ or just say ¨The PS4 March Gameplay is actually how its going to be on PS4¨ .

If the final outcome is the final build for PS4, this is a mistake from Ubisoft. The game on PS4 should never look like that. We know PC is more powerful, but the PS4 is powerful enough to render the same E3 footage. It will actually do much better things in the coming years.

Hope either you or Ubisoft finally replies to the people needs.

RaunchyUndead 5pts

That's fake why would the battery indicators be different

Davide 5pts

And still no one answered why the graphic don't look like the one we have seen during E3

Rainer 5pts

Could you clarify on the downgrade stuff regarding Watch_Dogs? The .gif going around the internet looks damning. :(

Rainer 5pts

Looks like Ubisoft doesn't care about its fans. :(

D-500 5pts

Man, PC has always been better than consoles.

Just to clarify this, if you have the money and buy the necessary equipment you can get a resolution of 4k on a PC, while PS4 has res of 1k (1080 = HD) and XboxOne has an even lower res.

Most "mainstream" PC users will have a resolution of 1k+ Add downsampling techniques like AA and other graphical extras and the PC version will look 2 times as good as any console version for every normal PC user.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to start another "PC is better" discussion here (to each their own, all platforms have their advantages) but what I am saying is that WD had PC as lead platform from the get-go (developer said so in an interview) because when they started with WD they did not know how powerful next-gen was exactly, and that therefore the PC version will of course look way better than the console version.

I think non the less the next gen console versions will look as good as possible and I think there might even be some PS3/Xbox360 or Alpha footage in that story trailer.

Let's just not jump on conclusions here, even if the evidence suggests a downgrade...

Let's just wait and see.

Ubisoft stated they did not downgrade anything, so let's believe them for now and wait for new footage.

Kadzait 5pts

LOL. Well actually if the game is downgraded like this, it could be made for PSVita without too much issues. Just a little more downgrade and it will look like Need for Speed Most Wanted on PS Vita.

brandon (@ghostroboBH)
brandon (@ghostroboBH) 5pts

It's not the fact that the PS4 can't handle it, but it does have some limitations. They probably scaled down the graphics to optimize the game more.

Rainer 5pts

Do you mean the .gif? The first is from E3 2012 when the game was revealed and the second is from last weeks release date announcement.

Kadzait 5pts

Yeah thats your thinking. And its just fine since most people thinks the same way you do, as everything is new and not much has been explained.

This is just a transition. The normal transition any console generation has to do but this one is harder since the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation is still alive and kicking. So it will take longer. But expect the real next gen and real PS4 potential to be available in 2015.

Thats the date where you will see whats going to happen with the next gen consoles. Most people just likes to talk and do some weird comparisions with PC but its just wrong. I dont really care what you have to say about my comment i will just give you some hint and from there just wait to see the reality in 2015.

The PS4 system is the most advanced and complicated custom x86 system AMD has ever created. They said it , but people like you just thinks they can laugh out about it with the ¨supercharged architecture¨ thing. And by just looking at todays performance and games , that is just nothing.

The PS4 has got 2x API overload but thats the lower limit.

At some situations it can be up to 10x. The PS4 has an APU-HSA, The CPU can help the GPU in situations of extreme loads. Also using the parallelism system and the GDDR5 memory bandwidth for system and video. Something unique in technology for gaming.

So according to this real technological specs it can be said a safe value would be 5x times :

1.84 TFLOP x 5 = 9.2 TFLOP.

So, i know you will likely laugh about it, but thats just reality. Thats the PS4 raw power most people like you thinks impossible.

Not only that raw power is real, but the PS4 is using different OS, Drivers and API that doesnt have the PC limitations for its graphics cards and game coding. Any GPU for PC doesnt have the power its supposed to get ( Teraflops this case ) .

Lets explain this with some reference :

Nvidia GTX 780TI : 5.04 Teraflops

Nvidia GTX TITAN: 4.49 Teraflops

AMD R9 290X : 5.63 Teraflops

And the ridiculous PC GPU that is being compared with the PS4 power is :

AMD Radeon HD 7870 : 2.60 Teraflops

But there you have the PS4 with a RAW power of about 9.2 Teraflops or maybe some more. But without SOFTWARE and CODING LIMITATIONS. Optimization in its glory.


So, no my friend... Watch Dogs downgrade has nothing to do with the PS4 potential.

Im in this field so i dont really care what you want to say, think or post after this message. I will just say for you to wait until the first months next 2015 and the coming years so you will see it with your own eyes.

And remember... this time PC will have to fight harder. Now PC Gamers will have to be those ¨master race¨ they talk about to play the next gen gaming on PC.

So no more cheap PC systems. This time PC gaming will be for the real master race.

Enjoy the rest of the day.

Kadzait 5pts

Yeah it does have limitations but you have a launch game like Second Son that looks 100 times better than the supposed final build from Watch Dogs on PS4. And Second Son is not even using the full PS4 potential either.

Actually the Watch Dogs PS4 version that looks to be final build on March 2014 Gameplay footage looks like a PS3 version.

Something can be limitation but other different thing is downgrade it to make it look like its running on a PS3 system but at higher resolution only.

Im sure you know what im talking about, something weird happened here with this game and i dont care the reasons, but you cant say the PS4 graphics potential are the Watch Dogs march gameplay 2014 footage.

Even Second Son looks more next gen and its not even using all the PS4 potential yet ( and not even a next gen game ) . Take a look at what Uncharted 4 will do with the PS4 and tell me there if the PS4 has something to do with the Watch Dogs downgrade.

Same guy as above
Same guy as above 5pts

Prove it! We want an explanation on all the graphics controversy, and, better still, some photographic evidence!