The UbiBlog Weekly: We Let the Dogs Out

The UbiBlog Weekly: We Let the Dogs Out

You waited. We waited. And now the wait is over. After numerous delays, South Park: The Stick of Truth is out now around the world, and it is wonderful. Don’t believe us? Check out our roundup of the reviews in the links below – and if you need a little help as you flatulate around town as the New Kid, we’ve got you covered with a guide to the classes in the game. And that’s all the news of the week…

Wait, you want more? We’ve got another doozy for you! Watch Dogs is coming on May 27, 2014. Along with the latest news about the game and a spectacular story trailer, we have a hands-on preview based on a full hour wandering around Chicago in Aiden Pearce’s trademark trench coat. Plus, we answer the question on everyone’s minds: Why the game was delayed in the first place (and what exactly does “polish” mean)? Big news on a very big game, and we’ll have plenty more about Watch Dogs next week too. Check it out, along with of this week’s other highlights from the UbiBlog and around the web.

Highlights From the UbiBlog

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South Park: The Stick of Truth – Review Roundup

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Child of Light – Co-op Trailer

Assassin’s Creed Pirates – Second Major Update

What We’re Reading On the Web

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