Here at Ubisoft it’s not often that we’re starstruck. We’ve seen our fair share of celebrities, both at E3 and elsewhere. (And, of course, we love meeting with them all!) But every now and then, we can’t help but marvel when faced with true gaming royalty. Once such moment happened at this year’s big show, when none other than Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima strolled into our booth to check out The Division.

The Division - Hideo Kojima visiting at E3

Now, that would generally be enough of an honor for developer Massive Entertainment and the rest of us at Ubisoft, but then this quote emerged from Japanese gaming site 4Gamer:

I thought it received a good reaction, but after seeing Ubisoft’s The Division I felt I have to work harder. At E3 we’re fighting against the powerhouses of the whole world. At one time I thought I managed to win that battle with Metal Gear Solid 3. For that reason we gave ourselves the objective to “win the world once more” with Metal Gear Solid V. The V in the title is the V for victory.

(Translated quote courtesy of our friends at DualShockers, who first spotted the story and posted about it.)

So how did Massive feel about to the visit and Kojima-san’s subsequent statement? “Very humbled and proud,” says Executive Producer Fredrik Rundqvist. “Kojima is one of the greatest creators in our industry. It was a real honor to meet him.”

It’s not just the admiration that’s mutual. When we asked if Rundqvist has ever been inspired by any of Kojima’s works, he responded enthusiastically: “Of course, Metal Gear Solid is one of the best IP’s ever!”

Tom Clancy's The Division

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Tom Clancy's The Divison

Tom Clancy's The Division

Release date — TBA 2015
Developer — Massive Entertainment
A devastating pandemic sweeps through New York City, and one by one, basic services fail. In only days, without food or water, society collapses into chaos. The Division, a classified unit of self-supported tactical agents, is activated. Leading seemingly ordinary lives among us, Division agents are trained to operate independently in order to save society. When society falls, your mission begins.

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  1. michael on June 20, 2013
  2. Kevin on June 20, 2013
    I think it's awesome that Hideo had a strong interest in this game as do I. He even said he needs to work harder. Looks like this game is going to inspire game developers! Really can't wait to play this game The Division!!
  3. Andrew on June 20, 2013
    Please make it PC ?
  4. dking on June 20, 2013
  5. PC FFS on June 20, 2013
  6. Alfred on June 20, 2013
    In a world where the line between reality and imagination becomes thinner as we tread it, Hideo's MGSV trailer from E3 2013 was clearly the most polished and therefore the closest to breaking that barrier. There'll surely be many type of reactions when this happens, but I hope I can look forward when it does.
  7. Jordan on June 20, 2013
    Being recognized as competitors by Hideo Kojima is a very good sign, I have high hopes for The Division.
  8. jake on June 23, 2013
  9. Dome500 on June 24, 2013
    Release it for PC and everything is fine. Game is looking awesome. MGS rocks. MGS will also be for PC (will be released later) UBisoft is a PC-loving publisher. Make it for PC please.
  10. Dome500 on June 24, 2013
  11. Matt Damon on June 26, 2013
    PC please.
  12. Hossein on August 25, 2013
    Kojima is trying to raise the expectation for The Division so that people expect too much out of it and thus when it comes out, the crowd doesnt buy it as they would!!

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