The Division – Answering the Community’s Questions

The Division team spilled tons of fresh details about the game’s treacherous Dark Zone at this year’s E3. In this massive PvP area, every person you encounter is a potential ally or a potential enemy, and you may not know until it’s too late for you and your squad. Of course, in the wake of big floods of information like this one, some questions tend to pop up among members of the community. How exactly does the PvP work? What is Rogue status? Is there still plenty of cool loot to be found outside of the Dark Zone? This Community Q&A with the developers, hopes to answer all of those questions.

The topic of Rogue status gained a lot of attention following the E3 demo. People wanted to know more about how Rogue status works, and the pros and cons of slipping the bonds of camaraderie and turning against their fellow agents. “When you turn Rogue, you get a bounty on your head and all the players can see it. The more you kill, the bigger the bounty,” explains Senior Game Designer Matthieu Delisle. “You climb the levels of Rogue by killing other players. If you are a level one Rogue, you’re Rogue for two minutes. But if you kill more players, you’re Rogue for a longer period of time. Every time you kill a player you refresh that counter and it increases up to five minutes. If you manage to survive your Rogue status – which is pretty difficult because all the players want to kill you and can see you on the map – then you receive your own bounty. So you can progress in the Dark Zone by being a Rogue, but it’s pretty risky and difficult.”

The Division

Delisle goes on to point out that, should you die in Rogue status, you lose a big chunk of your Dark Zone XP, and the other players gain that XP. So there are quite a few incentives for people to hunt down these Rogue agents and put them in their place.

Of course, the developers were also sure to point out that when you get your hands on the game, you won’t be facing the same team setup we showed off at E3. For the purposes of the demo, we showed three teams of three meeting up in the Dark Zone, but in the final game there will be way more people, though the exact number is yet to be decided. The development team is still working on balancing the final total based on testing and, eventually, player feedback from the upcoming beta. “Will we have more than 9 players? Hell yes,” says Online Producer Johan Oldbring.

The Division

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