The Division Community Q&A – Your Questions Answered

At Ubisoft’s E3 2013 Media Briefing we unveiled the latest game in the Tom Clancy franchise: The Division, an online open-world action-RPG set in a very troubled version of New York. Since its reveal, questions about the game have been pouring in so we decided to open the floor up to the community and offer our fans on Twitter and Facebook the chance to ask the team at Massive anything and everything about the brand-new IP.

The Division Community Q&A - Your Questions Answered

We caught up with Antoine Emond, Senior Community Developer on The Division, to ask a selection of questions we received from you on our Ubisoft Facebook and Twitter accounts.

As I’m sure you’ve seen there are a lot of people asking whether or not this game will make it to PC? Is that something that has been considered?

Firstly, we are incredibly proud of the reception the game received at E3 and it has been amazing to see how the fans have responded. We designed The Division with the next generation of consoles in mind; however, we are not ruling out any platforms in the future.

We’ve got one from Aaron on Facebook who asks: What is the online aspect of the game? Is it small teams doing objectives? Vs matches? MMO?

The Division is an online, open world RPG experience where exploration, objectives and player progression are all essential. You can team up with a group of friends in co-op and jump in and jump out at any time. In certain areas, you can also seamlessly engage in PvP and experience suspenseful scenarios where danger can come from anywhere and anyone.

The Division Community Q&A - Your Questions Answered

Tommy on Twitter asks: Will The Division have open world PVP?

Player vs. Player combat will play a very big role in our game. The choices you make as a Division agent can either spur a recovery or plunge the city further into chaos. The people you meet in certain areas of the game can either be your best friends or your worst enemies. So you’ll constantly be making decisions that will impact the world around you.

We’ve got another question on Facebook from Jonas, who asks: I noticed in the demo all players played as different characters. Can you create your own character in the game?

The Division is an RPG, so we really want the player to feel unique; there will be tons of possibilities to customize your agent (thousands of weapon types, skill combinations, gear and much more).

Kevin on Facebook asks: How many players will be part of a clan/guild?

Right now we have no plans to cap the number of players who can be affiliated to any particular clan. We are also looking to have a very extensive web-based clan support system for all players in The Division. But we should have more to come around all this soon.

The Division Community Q&A - Your Questions Answered

Is the Division based on a particular Tom Clancy book or series of books?

No, not a specific book, but the Tom Clancy universe is key to the story of The Division.

When will the game be released? Have you got a release date in mind at this stage?

The game will be released when it’s ready. At this stage that is the most important thing to us. We really just want to focus on creating the best game possible.

Are we going to see more from the Division soon?

You’re going to have to wait and see…

The Division Community Q&A - Your Questions Answered

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Tom Clancy's The Divison

Tom Clancy's The Division

Release date — March 8, 2016
Developer — Massive Entertainment
A devastating pandemic sweeps through New York City, and one by one, basic services fail. In only days, without food or water, society collapses into chaos. The Division, a classified unit of self-supported tactical agents, is activated. Leading seemingly ordinary lives among us, Division agents are trained to operate independently in order to save society. When society falls, your mission begins.

ESRB Rating: Mature
The Author

Nick Ross-Edwards is neither an Olympian nor an Oscar-winning actor, but is surprisingly Australian. Working out of the Paris HQ he is mostly found navigating the sometimes tricky and always interesting world of Community Management for Ubisoft. He also enjoys comics, video games, pandas and pies. Follow Nick on Twitter: @nickrossedwards

Chelbele 5pts

With character creation, will you be able to play as a female and if so will there be more than one?? I get tired of only having male options most of the time in games such as this.

margeson_jamie 5pts

So we have seen what happens with shooting things in the Snowdrop engine. But what happens when you punch things? Will the physics be as immersive there as well?

Tory 5pts

I know im not the only one thats really looking forward to customizing my character and playing PvP. This game is going to be an addiction.

Berry 5pts

Will you be able to play by yourself? Lot of people like MMO / PVP, i dont want an open world with everyone running around or people butting in on my game play. Will it be possible to play buy yourself without anyone else in your world?

Julie G. Ruiz
Julie G. Ruiz 5pts

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Jack 5pts

The amount of drivel that's being thrown around on this thread is incredible and I'd thought I'd add to it.

Yes, the game is being released on PC, get over it. Yes, the game was originally designed for console (get over it); but the E3 demo could most definitely be a PC build unless SnowDrop is the most revolutionary thing since sliced bread; but before I get hate, I know my computers/consoles and I have worked with them for over 10 years of my life, I know exactly what performance all 3 platforms could output; and for being a mediocre games and 3D designer, I have personal experience to back me up. The gameplay released at E3 was native 1080p with high multi-sampling and AA, outstanding Global Lighting and a high level of texture filtering, which I know for a fact that the Xbox One is unable to render a small map from CoD Ghosts at native 1080p let alone a completely open world RPG. So please, stop with the fanboy/girl crap. Stick to whatever platform you're playing with, because when this game comes out, the multi-platform servers that you'll be playing on, won't just be occupied by the people on the same platform as you, so get comfy.

Jack 5pts

No information has been released about the squads yet, but rumours are speculating around unique PvP areas thrown around the map (probably random sections of the map that move location every so often), hopefully to stop common bandit style gameplay seen in DayZ/Rust. Also, the support flare that drops a care package for your squad will create a small area around you on the map that will allow enemy players/squads to attack you.

Thomas H. Fant
Thomas H. Fant 5pts

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Thomas H. Fant

kohl 5pts

this game looks outstanding way better then any game i could ask for but there is one thing i have concerns about the game in the game play there is invirement that reacts like it would in real life so dose that meen if i was to hit a bilding with a missile would it do no damage to the body of the building or will it blow up but only realisticly?

Playa del carmen
Playa del carmen 5pts

naturally like your web site but you need to test the spelling on several of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very troublesome to tell the truth nevertheless I¡¦ll surely come again again.

EyeDentify 5pts

Well they decided to make a PC release and do it from the ground up, no port.

So all you console fan-boys can calm down now.

Misterpurp 5pts

Oh and by the way...this is the whining section, its the Q&A section!! Is there a next game update soon, or fresh gameplay to be shown? Will squads be 3 + Tablet or 4 + tablet? Are there going to be open world events or instances where you can form larger groups?

BallBrak3r 5pts

I am very please to see that this game is being release on PC, at a later date than the console release mind you! They have confirmed exclusive content for the xboxuno, So while the bitter people with too much time on their hands continue to whine about everything, I will simply await the next update, as we have not seen or heard much since E3. These guys are not stupid, I mean this is a game that needs good hardware to even make it possible, we all know that people willing to spend 4x the amount of a console should be able to play one the most promising looking RPG's to date!

To think that it has taken this long for an open world, with instanced combat and open pvp zones, but instead of fighting hords of orcs and fairies shooting lighting, The Division uses real world setting and weaponary...very promising to say the least!! I rarely take the time to create a user and post comments about a game, but this is one I want to see come to fruition and yes Ubi I am a PC player, so thank you for releasing on the online playing platform of choice.

Vig 5pts

No where it's said that it will be released for PS3? there are talks that it might be released in PC ? why then no talks on PS3??

gskane 5pts

So yes my friend.

gskane 5pts

Oh dear lord, they just said it's coming for pc man.

Ren 5pts

Thatz a great Idea I can finally ues my likeness in a game this way I can act like im on the show Nikita as a member od division

Ren 5pts

AS for the customize character builds what ethnicities will be available?

Patrick 5pts

they designed it for next gen consoles, but it would be an easy port, considering all next gen consoles will use the x86 processor architecture, which essentially means its a PC, besides the OS, and the hardware itself of course... plus its been announced for PC anyways, which at least makes your response correct (considering one day in the future was 2 - 3 months after you responded).

Walker 5pts

Its finny because they just released it on PC .....

Mustafa 5pts

is there any luck we see it in the xbox360 as well as the PS3 as they will release it for the PC ?

ryan 5pts

consoles can keep cod for 80% of little kids who plays

ryan 5pts

petition for pc!!!

#include 5pts

The whole "We don't want it on PC because people always pirate on PC" was already proven false quite recently...look up Star Citizen. Already $15 million raised by fans alone and it's not even out for another 2 years. It'll like hit over $30 million by the time it releases. PC gamers are often huge supporters of the industry, the catch is, you need to have a game worth buying, not low quality content with always online requirements stamped all over it. If you respect PC Gamers, they'll back you up quite well. Like I said, just look at Star Citizen's success as a PC only title. There are always a few people who will steal, regardless, but those people would have never been customers to begin with, so it's no loss in sales. Additionally, "MMO" style games are very difficult to pirate, regardless. Ubisoft has no reason NOT to release this for PC. I just hope they don't bork it up with console controls that are so awkward and hard to properly control like they often do to console games.

Aris 5pts

First I wanna say, I haven't played video games in a while, just little spurs of gaming here and there. But this game actually is making me want to start gaming again. I have a question regarding game play. Seeing as this game is going to be an online game; Are players from all platforms (Xbox One, PS4 & Maybe PC) going to be able to interact or is each platform going to have its own community of players.

Nate 5pts

Yes, please continue yelling and belittling Ubisoft for not making a game on the PC (FOR NOW), that will motivate them to hurry up and port it over. Just chill out, they built in with consoles in mind, but do you really think PC won't get an online RPG? They are just doing what DayZ standalone is doing, they are taking their time to make sure it's perfect, then they will do all the extra crap everyone is crying about. So for once, just let console gamer's enjoy something. I don't mind waiting for perfection!

javier 5pts

will the divison for pc in the future?

Joker 5pts

Well considering that the architecture for the "next gen" consoles is pretty much identical to the architecture for PC games, it seems a pretty fair bet that they could simply just port it over to PC without a second thought.

They are doing this to try and drum up sales for the next gen systems. It's always been like this. I just don't like the idea of going out and buying some superfluous piece of equipment that my current PC already outperforms. A system that can't be upgraded and improved upon in the future.

If it means me NOT playing The Division because I'm not going to shell out money for pieces of crap that I don't need? Then that's Ubisoft screwing themselves out of another market worth of revenue. Just bad business the way I see it.

Miegel 5pts

will ppl on xbox one be able to use 3d pictures of themselves to play the character in the game

Rip 5pts

I am so looking forward to this game but...

what if none of my 80 friends have it or don't happen to be online when I decide to attempt one of the "cooperative play" areas? are you telling me to I have to cooperate with a stranger and hope he/she is not your typical xbox live moron? why not just put a level qualifier on an area? you can attempt it with your friends at any level or by yourself if you have reached level 20. to me open world should be play when, how and with who you want. i don't like the idea that if i want to play a slower, laid back or more tactical style by myself that half the game may not be available to me. that being said...HERE UBISOFT...TAKE MY MONEY AND GIVE ME THIS GAME !!!

Jamie 5pts

Can't wait for this game, I've watched the videos a thousand times over and they still never get old. All you PC gamers need to stop moaning, if it doesn't get released on your platform then buy a console. There's gunna be some really good exclusive titles on both PS4 and Xbox One which gives you plenty of reason to buy either (or both of them like I will be). So chin up and get your hands in your pockets you tight fisted fkers :D

Silence 5pts

The reason it probably won't be on PC is because while you all seem to think you are the Master Race of Gamers people who play PC games generally don't pay for their games which doesn't make it worth the hassle of putting all the money into a game just for it to be massively pirated.

Natraaj 5pts


I can see no reason for them to not to launch this AWESOME game on PC. :(

Game come out on PC or i m not even looking at it. : p

Yaz 5pts

funny when he says next gen consoles in mind while the game is running on PC. hahahahhaa

Rob USMC 5pts

You know, I really am getting tired of reading all the comments that are full of whining - whether it be because it probably won't be released for PC, or that it's being released so far in the future, or whatever the case may be. The fact of the matter is, the game looks great and everybody is excited for it. As many others before me have already said (including Ubisoft) it was created with the next-gen consoles in mind. If I were to explain what that means into great detail, then I would just be giving all the mentally challenged people on here a headache, and I would be wasting my time. Also, I don't care if they release later in 2014, and you shouldn't either. Why, you ask? If they have this much done with the game right now (you saw the gameplay trailer) and they are going until late 2014, then I imagine that they will have released a pretty great game by then. Now let's say they try to act like many other companies and try to meet a release deadline, resulting in an unstable, bugged piece of crap being put out on the market and immediately crushing everyone's expectations and making others reluctant toward buying a copy of their own. No, I am perfectly fine with them taking their time on this game and doing it right. If it is a masterpiece, then we will all get our money's worth out of the infinite replayability because of a great first impression that will likely draw an enormous number of other players into the game - thus, keeping the game packed with plenty of gamers to play and have fun with.

Try to apply some logic. If you're still unsatisfied, then all I have to say is "Get over it," because you can't do anything about it anyway; you're not creating the game. Just be patient, enjoy the videos they release, read and keep up on updates, and purchase it when it comes out.

Have fun.

Matt 5pts

You should probably use proper grammar before trying to tell people to fix spelling errors.

Simon 5pts

PS3 Hardware is too old/slow for the technical requirements of the Snowdrop engine, hence, no PS3 discussion.

Ahmed 5pts

Can I Play it with out Internet like any other Games ?? I mean for PC >

I Just hered They Confermed it will relased on PC . ^^

ryan 5pts

well said

Rip 5pts

i keep thinkin up new things i want..after the epidemic...theres probably gonna be a booty bout scattering some playboy magazines around the city...there can be an achievement for storin every month from 2009 in your bathroom...

Rip 5pts

forgot to mention...please give me a nice crib with lots of toys, storage boxes, workbenches, etc. so i can walk around it and pat myself on the back for being death incarnate delivered to nyc to destroy all evil...

effconsoles 5pts

while your a self righteous cocksmoke that thinks you know everything, if you pirate an mmo you will have fun trying to play it....

The Dude
The Dude 5pts

IIRC, a lot is said about it running on "PCs", when nothing is confirmed. Sure. It is. It's running on a development computer that is far more powerful than your desk top PC. More then likely, it is also running with the dev kits Sony and M$ sent out ages ago.

The Dude
The Dude 5pts

You mean, people should stop complaining? Ha. The comments on this site have always been full of assholes who can't appreciate what goes into developing games. Whether they can't appreciate the time that goes into making games, or the intricacies of each platform. No matter how they like to act, the average, angry, John Doe in these comments just prove one thing: They no nothing.