Steep – How You’ll Go From Scrub to Ski Legend

Combining winter action sports with open-world freedom, Steep is a downhill thrill ride that lets players carve their own paths through the Alps with skis, snowboards, wingsuits, and paragliders. With all that freedom, though, what will progression be like? What can you do besides explore a mountain at high speeds?

As it turns out, exploration isn’t just a big part of Steep – it’s also one of the ways you’ll grow as a virtual winter sports athlete. Steep has four announced play styles that can feed into your progression: Explorer, Freerider, Freestyler, and Bone Collector, each of which reward you for doing very different things.

To progress along the Explorer path, you’ll need to discover new challenges and points of interest. When you begin Steep, you’ll have access to a handful of base camps that give you quick access to different parts of the mountain, and which are associated with different play styles. From there, you can discover new drop zones, which are attached to challenges and other points of interest.

This one’s the most straightforward. No matter where you are in the game world or what you’re doing, every trick you successfully land feeds into your Freestyler score. Were you able to execute a triple somersault off a cliff and land upright? Your score just went up a bit.

Bone Collector
Do you love putting yourself into mortal danger? Is your favorite snowboard trick the 360 Headfirst Crash Into Snowbank? Then you can expect to go far with the Bone Collector style, which rewards you for pulling off crazy stunts and, yes, crashing into things.

Freerider may be the most complex of the play styles, because it takes the most into account. Focusing on the overall quality of your line, it pays attention to your use of the environment, keeping track of whether you use cool environmental features – cliffs, ridges, and so on – to your full advantage to pull off tricks or near-misses.

Steep will launch this December on Xbox One, PC, and PS4. For more on Steep, check out our previous coverage:

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