Steep Out Now on Xbox One, PS4, PC

The winter season just got a lot more exciting with the release of Steep, an open-world action sports game that lets players loose in the Alps to ski, snowboard, wingsuit, paraglide, and take in the gorgeous vistas. The mountains are full of challenges that will test every aspect of your alpine prowess as you speed down daring runs, perform high-flying tricks, trek to distant peaks, and even tumble head-over-heels down the slopes. It’s all part of the massive, freewheeling experience of Steep, where the mountains are what you make of them.

Steep’s slopes aren’t just meant to be explored solo. The seamless multiplayer will ensure you come across other adventurers in your explorations, and every run you make can be turned into a challenge for your fellow riders. From carving powder 8s on the side of the Mont Blanc with a friend, to sharing custom slow-motion replays with the world, Steep is a social experience meant to bring people together in the spirit of enjoying the mountains.

Steep is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The Gold Edition is also available and comes with the Season Pass, which includes three packs of exclusive challenges, unique costumes, and new add-on sports such as sledding, rocket wings, base jumping, and speed gliding. For more on Steep, check out UbiBlog’s previous coverage:

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