Splinter Cell Blacklist – Wii U Features Explored

Splinter Cell Blacklist is fast-approaching and fans are clamoring for details on the Wii U version. Well, we have a treat for you. Splinter Cell Community Developer Zack Cooper walks you through part of a level, showing off the benefits of the Wii U gamepad. Select gadgets, peek under doors and direct your tri-rotor from your gamepad screen. You’ll even be able to mark and track enemies just by tapping on them on the gamepad when using your sonar goggles, as you’ll see demonstrated in the video. Check out the full 8-minute walkthrough to learn more about the exclusive features found on the Wii U.

The clock is ticking down and the world needs Sam Fisher. Use your Wii U gamepad to give yourself a leg up on the enemy and take full advantage of its unique features.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Sneaks Onto the Wii U

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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell® Blacklist™

Release date — August 20, 2013
Developer — Ubisoft Toronto, Ubisoft Shanghai (Wii U)
The United States has a military presence in two-thirds of the countries around the world. A group of terrorists calling themselves The Engineers have had enough and initiate a terror ultimatum called the Blacklist – a deadly countdown of escalating attacks on U.S. interests. Special operative Sam Fisher is now the leader of the newly formed 4th Echelon: a clandestine unit that answers solely to the President of the United States. Together, Sam and his team must hunt down The Engineers by any means necessary, and stop the Blacklist countdown before it reaches zero.

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Strong Language
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