Space Junkies Closed Beta Begins on Oculus Rift in Early 2018

Space Junkies features free-flying movement and rapid-fire first-person combat in a virtual-reality environment, and you can try it for yourself when the Closed Beta begins in early 2018. Planned for Oculus Rift, the beta will be a chance not only to dive in and shoot your way through Space Junkies’ zero-gravity arenas, but to directly contribute to the game’s development with your feedback.

Giving players the chance to battle one-on-one or in two-person teams, Space Junkies’ multiplayer action challenges you to move quickly and use motion controllers to literally grab whatever weapons you can find floating in space. With a variety of futuristic firearms within reach and an energy sword strapped to your back, you’ll be thrust into a fast-paced test of aim, skill, and speed. You can sign up for the Closed Beta by visiting the official registration page. Space Junkies will launch in spring 2018 on PC for Oculus Rift + Touch and HTC Vive.