Rocksmith Coming to iOS; Soft Launch Starts Today

Here’s something you already know: Rocksmith is the fastest way to learn guitar or bass. If you’re one of the 4 million people who have used the software themselves, you may even be able to attest to its speed and effectiveness personally. However, what Rocksmith has never been is the most portable way to learn guitar or bass. We’ve heard players ask if and when Ubisoft will put out a version of Rocksmith for mobile devices, and we can finally give them an answer: The “if” is yes, and the “when” is… complicated.

Rocksmith for iOS is now available as an iPad app on the App Store in Canada as part of what we call a soft launch. The app is free to download and features several tools that console and PC players already know and love, including interactive video lessons, dynamic difficulty that automatically tailors the difficulty to your skill level, and the celebrated Riff Repeater. Riff Repeater lets you dive into any song, adjust its speed, repeat specific phrases and sections, and tailor your practice sessions to your exact personal goals. It’s a powerful tool made even easier with the advent of touch controls. There are no time limits or subscription fees with the app, so you can practice to your heart’s content.


The free app comes with four songs — three of which are completely new to the Rocksmith library – and you’ll find more than 20 additional hit songs available for purchase at launch. Of course, that’s just the beginning; just like its PC and console siblings, the iOS edition of Rocksmith will release new songs on a weekly basis for in-app purchase.


Rocksmith for iOS will eventually be available worldwide on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, but for now, Canadian players with iPads get the first taste of what we have in store. When the app is ready for a global rollout, we’ll let you know! For more detailed information, check out the FAQ at or stop by the official forums for deeper discussions. We’ll be there!