Music is a highly personal and entirely subjective thing. What inspires one person may annoy another. So when you create something like Rocksmith – which has helped more than a million people learn to play guitar, and teaches them faster than they ever thought possible – you wind up with all those people – guitars and basses at the ready – asking the same question: Why isn’t my favorite song in Rocksmith 2014?

Rocksmith 2014

One of the main answers to that question is deceptively simple: Did you suggest it? Some fans may not realize that we have an official Request a Song tool for people to suggest their favorite artists and songs for future batches of DLC. Just enter your Uplay ID, type in the artist and song title for what you’d like to see in the game, and click Submit. The results go straight to us here at the studio, and those suggestions help us as we choose and prioritize new DLC for the game.

Rocksmith 2014 – How A Request Becomes a Song

Some people don’t believe that. They tell me they think the request app is a black hole where player suggestions go to die, but in reality it’s just the opposite. To prove it, we scooped up a year’s worth of request data from the app, added a few more fun facts, and the result is the infographic you see at the bottom of the page. Which artists were the most requested? How long does it take to create this stuff? What is it that you people actually do in that studio? Hopefully this answers those questions with a bit more transparency. (If you want even more detailed answers about how we do what we do, check out the notetracking FAQ and song selection FAQ in the Rocksmith forums. Be warned, it’s a lot of information.)

We know we’re not going to be able to fulfill every request we get. Again, there are millions of you, only some of us, and a few important parts to the process that we can’t fully control. But we’re planning on making new Rocksmith 2014 DLC available on a weekly basis until further notice, so we’d rather hear your ideas than not. Give it a whirl and let us know what you think in the official Rocksmith forums. And, of course, rock on.

Rocksmith 2014 – How A Request Becomes a Song

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Rocksmith 2014

Rocksmith 2014

Release date — October 2013
Developer — Ubisoft San Francisco
The all-new Rocksmith 2014 Edition is bigger, better, and faster than ever. Rebuilt from the ground-up, you’ll experience vastly improved features, a new look, more flexible and deeper practice tools, new techniques and tunings, over 50 new hit songs, and much more. With the revolutionary Session Mode, Rocksmith 2014 Edition takes guitar-learning to the next level by allowing you to play guitar with a virtual band that follows your every lead. Select from an assortment of backing instruments or styles, and Session Mode reacts to the notes you play. Start your journey with Rocksmith 2014 Edition.

ESRB Rating: TEEN with Mild Lyrics and Mild Fantasy Violence
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After years of covering the videogame industry as a magazine and website editor, Dan Amrich hopped the fence and is now the Community Developer for Rocksmith at Ubisoft San Francisco, which he hopes retroactively justifies his sizeable guitar collection. For fun, he juggles fire and cohosts a geek interview podcast with his wife. Follow him on Twitter: @DanAmrich.

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  1. Jason on June 26, 2014
    Holy crap, if someone is going to take the time to request the same song 403 times, they could have just learned the song themselves with that much effort spent.
  2. Garrie on June 26, 2014
    The majority of the top 40 most requested already have songs in the games. I'm just praying for some dinosaur jr., built to spill, pavement or grandaddy (I have requested them)
    • Dan Amrich on June 26, 2014
      Actually, of the top 40 bands, 18 are current represented in the game in some form -- either as DLC or on-disc.
    • Mike on August 6, 2014
      These are some of the artists I would love to hear too. If I could play like J. Mascis I would be a very happy Rosckmithist.
  3. TJ on June 26, 2014
    What was the song that was requested 403 times?
    • Dan Amrich on June 26, 2014
      A very popular classic rock song that we are hoping to one day add to the game, so we should not reveal it, lest it affect our discussions with the artist!
      • TJ on June 26, 2014
        Makes sense. Sorry if I caused a Bustle In Your Hedgerow.
        • John on June 27, 2014
          I see what you did there.
  4. Pat on June 26, 2014
    What is the problem with AC/DC ?
    • Dan Amrich on June 26, 2014
      Please see the infographic. :) There are a few reasons why a requested band hasn't given us permission yet, and it could be any one of those listed.
      • helderzion on June 27, 2014
        Hi Dan,Very good article. CrongratulationsWhy number #2 is a problem to publish the songs? Is it not possible to recreate them from the scratch?
        • Dan Amrich on June 27, 2014
          People generally want to play the songs they recognize from the radio, the way they remember hearing it. They want the original tracks. Plus, if we were to rerecord all the songs from scratch, we would not be able to put out nearly the amount of stuff we currently do.
          • helderzion on June 27, 2014
            I understand. Does it mean if a really good song without original tracks available will never be available on RS?I agree about the amount of stuff, but not about people interesting. E.g.: The solo (or even the whole song) of "Smoke on the water" is not the original track from the Machine Head Album but it is very interesting as well.
    • EvenG on July 7, 2014
      Because we already have Nickelback DLC and we don't need any more shitty, generic rock.
  5. Luke on June 26, 2014
    Can't believe Prince isn't in the top 40!
    • Dan Amrich on June 26, 2014
      I wonder if Prince will be requested more often once he re-releases his early albums, which I understand is supposed to happen later this year.
      • Luke on June 26, 2014
        That's not been announced yet, only theorised due to the agreement with WB, who knows tho. Just wondering, is he in the top 100 at least?Also, if you haven't already, see and the last sentence.
        • flo on July 1, 2014
          To sum up; Yes just ask them there : by the way, the best guitar work effort by prince is called "the undertaker" only released on video, it will be a blast to have that on rocksmith!
          • Luke on July 1, 2014
            I've never seen it. But I think that Dreamer is awesome.
        • flo on July 2, 2014
          Agree with You Dreamer is an awesome track. here is a snippet of the undertaker by the way (
    • Dan Conley on October 4, 2014
      I can't believe Bruce Springsteen isn't in the top 40.
      • Dan Amrich on October 6, 2014
        You and all the other Springsteen fans have the power to change that. :)
  6. Luke on June 26, 2014
    It would be cool if your requests were linked to your uplay account so you could see what you already requested.
    • Dan Amrich on June 26, 2014
      Agreed, that's a good idea. We were just talking about some Uplay integration ideas today. No idea if they will make it through, but we're on the same wavelength here.
      • Luke on July 5, 2014
        Another thing that would be cool is a list of all songs requested with a count of each unique requests of that song. Would give people an idea of what has been requested and maybe remind them of some they haven't requested.
  7. charlie99 on June 26, 2014
    Would really like to see some more alter bridge stuff on rocksmith especially from "fortress" album.
    • Fred on June 26, 2014
      God. Did you read the blog before posting that?
  8. David on June 26, 2014
    Hey Dan, are you allowed to say an estimate on how many of the artists from the list are likely to get dlc in the near future?The list doesn't surprise me I would buy multiple packs from every artist
    • Dan Amrich on June 26, 2014
      It's not a question of being allowed, it's simply not something we can estimate! We've had artists who said no for a while then suddenly said yes -- and vice versa. So we cannot predict how many of those artists will appear in Rocksmith; that list is just a mirror, showing you all what we're being asked to track down.
  9. Vincent on June 26, 2014
    If an artist already has a song pack available as DLC and the artist approves the usage of the new song, would the new song be added to the existing DLC pack or would it be individually listed?
    • Dan Amrich on June 26, 2014
      Once a song pack is released, we would not add content to it; any new material from that artist would be released either as a single or as part of another pack.
  10. rene on June 26, 2014
    No Metallica content so far. Fuck Lars?
    • Dan Amrich on June 26, 2014
      Please check out the infographic -- Metallica is among the bands we have approached.
  11. Rico on June 26, 2014
    I realize you guys have to go off what will sell, but it is a shame that some popular stuff is not popular enough now to make it into the cut. I would LOVE to see Our Lady Peace, Bryan Adams, Flyleaf, and more in the game.
    • Dan Amrich on June 27, 2014
      Bands don't have to be at the top of the popularity listings to get in the game. As the infographic notes, we get thousands of band requests and tens of thousands of song requests. By all means, use the request app and suggest specific songs from those artists.
  12. Wagnelles on June 26, 2014
    I really think it should be consideres adding Ubisoft game soundtracks on Rocksmith. If it's an Ubisoft game, It shoud be alot easier to get permission and release the soundtracks. And there's alot of Ubisoft games that have amazing soundtracks! Take Rayman and Assassin's Creed for example!
    • Wagnelles on June 26, 2014
      In addition, I should adding the idea of trying to negociate with other game Developers/Publishers to add their game soundtracks as well on Rocksmith. I think they may not suggest a low price for that, but there's the "Alot of people *will* buy it" factor. There's countless games with shines on the soundtrack, expecially the classic ones. I'm looking at you, Sonic the Hedgehog! I'm also looking at Crash Bandicoot, Mortal Kombat, Sparkster and many more!Maybe I'm just saying things that looks impossible to happen, but, we're all free to suggest, right? Who knows, faith is the last one that we lost. Expecially on the gaming world.
      • Rico on June 26, 2014
        This could be difficult since many songs don't have guitars/bass in them and such when it comes to video games. Of course the songs could be remade with those instruments. I would LOVE to see some Zelda music in Rocksmith. Better yet, go listen to "Crystal Flash" by Virt (a metal themed Metroid remix). Holy hell that would be sweet.
        • Dan Amrich on June 27, 2014
          The team often does custom arrangements, so the guitarist winds up playing, say, the keyboard part if that's the most prominent. It's still worth requesting.
      • tortue22 on June 27, 2014
        I would really suggest to take a look at 331Erock (youtube user) videos. He makes metal arrangements for a lot of musics, including Games OST, famous TV series, and movies OST as well. Thoses are arrangements he makes by himself, so the owner's rights problem is quite different in this case (I am in the music industry so I can tell). Thoses arrangements really are awesome so maybe Ubisoft could translate them into the game (331Erock translated the partitions already), and I am sure both of Ubi & 331Erock would really enjoy making this. Not even talking about the Rocksmith 2014 players !
        • Dan Amrich on June 27, 2014
          331Erock owns the copyright to his arrangements, but cannot grant the rights to the song/material itself. It is likely that he did not get legal permission from the creator/rights holder, if he's just doing it as a fan. We may be fans too, but we must follow the law! So we would still have to contact the owners for permission/a license, then contact him for permission if we wanted to use his arrangement.But if you are in the music industry, you probably already knew that. For everyone else, check the song selection FAQ linked above for more information on how licensing works.
      • Dan Amrich on June 27, 2014
        Use the link in the article above to request songs from those games.
  13. John on June 26, 2014
    Great infographic.I have a small request about how you sell the DLC. First, isn't cheap but I know about the licensing issues. Second, doesn't go on sale enough.So, I suggest if you guys can get the DLC be sold on more official digital stores like Green Man Gaming or GamersGate. I would also suggest but... Anyways, please give us more options where to buy. I'm sure you guys will get the money =)
    • Dan Amrich on July 16, 2014
      DLC is only sold through the platform retailers; there's no feasible way and no real benefit to putting it out through other outlets. That said, all DLC was on sale during Steam's Summer Sale; the sales vary because each of the retailers put things on sale at different times. Licensing fees mean that DLC is always going to have to stay above a certain price threshhold, so simply putting the DLC out through additional retailers would not change the price.
  14. Jimi on June 26, 2014
    Thanks for the article. Have there been many Australian artists requested (other than AC/DC)? If so, how likely are they to get approved (is it more difficult to get permission from Aussie artist.. assuming there has been enough requests)? A classic Oz Rock song pack would be nice, though it would be difficult to limit to 3-5 songs. Saw LRB play a couple of months ago, just requested a few of their songs.
    • Dan Amrich on June 27, 2014
      As long as we can contact the people who hold the rights, the nationality doesn't matter. We have a nice collection of songs from Japanese rock bands, for instance, where rock guitar is alive and well. Request away!
  15. Brodie Salmon on June 26, 2014
    I would really love some Rammstein on rocksmith, such as Mann Gegen Mann and Other world :D
    • Ryan on June 27, 2014
      I'd also love some Rammstein... however, Otherworld isn't a song by them.
    • Dan Amrich on June 27, 2014
      Please use the request app linked in the article above.
    • Dan Amrich on June 27, 2014
      For any artist and song suggestions, please use the request app linked in the article above.
  16. Hebininja on June 26, 2014
    I know, I'm off topic... :)Will you ever release a Rocksmith Game, or else, to be used with a Drumset? I know it is something different, but I think it could be successfull, moreover if you think it playable even without a real drumset...
    • tortue22 on June 27, 2014
      There are games to learn the drums, which are based on a similar concept than Rocksmith (Rockband), or as additional content for Guitar Hero, that you can buy with a "home-training-drumset" style. It had not that much success, because it takes a lot of space to use and the drum-pad is not precise enough. And it's not cheap either. But still you can find it. Check out "Rockband Drums" or "Wii Drums" on the internet, you'll find what I am talking about - and sorry for talking about other games brand here Ubisoft.
    • Dan Amrich on June 27, 2014
      The future is unwritten, but right now we are focused on guitar & bass DLC.
      • Jimi on August 4, 2014
        I am surprised no-one has asked about a keyboard version/patch? Is this too hard considering only about half of the songs would have keyboard content?
        • Dan Amrich on August 5, 2014
          Keyboards would not be something we could "patch" in. Totally different instrument, totally different approach to music, totally different learning techniques would be needed. Nothing along these lines to discuss at this time.
  17. Dave on June 26, 2014
    Hey Dan. True or False: Metallica is not on Rocksmith due to you are unable to reach financial agreement? Would be cool to know which artist contacted were simply not interested? Appreciate the effort, you guys.
    • Dan Amrich on June 27, 2014
      This one is tackled in the song selection FAQ, linked above. Give that a look and you will find the answer.
  18. Blaahbook on June 27, 2014
    How does one make a request without facebook account?
    • Dan Amrich on June 27, 2014
      You do not need a Facebook account, even though the app lives on Facebook. You just need a Uplay account. Use a desktop computer (per the infographic's suggestion) and try it again. (It also works if you use your mobile browser but request the desktop version of the page.)
  19. Heyjacob on June 27, 2014
    I respect the request app. However, I have little faith in Ubisoft's avenues of communication. I will post the problem here as the final attempt at getting it fixed.The Inlay for the prophecy fret board in Rocksmith 2014 is mirrored instead of being correctly represented in the game . It was fine in Rocksmith. This may sound like a minor problem but I happen to own an Epiphone prophecy and would like it if my gutiar was properly represented in the game. It would feel more immersive.I have bought and will always buy every piece of DLC released regardless of what is. But having tried to fix or report problems with the game to Ubisoft (a job that should be done in the quality control stage before the game is released) has given me little faith that they will ever be fixed.I understand that brands are far from catering to each individuals needs but offering customer service such as I experienced through tech support will only further alienate and piss off people who want the value they are promised for their money.Fix the prophecy Inlay! How hard can it be?!!
    • Dan Amrich on June 27, 2014
      I will bring this up to the team, but please do not take this personally in the meantime.
    • HumanJHawkins on October 14, 2014
      I work in totally unrelated software development. I have to say that when you have a million customers (literally) and you know that 200,000 of them want one thing, and 100,000 want something else, and between 10,000 and 99,000 of them want 89 other features, it is pretty easy to lose track of that one guy's request for a graphic to be inverted.And when the corporate office decided that 1 million sales was about 10 million short of expectations, so they shifted the entire dev team to a different game, it makes it even tougher.And when it turns out that a graphic artist could just fix it, so you think you are golden, you sometimes find that the cost, QA, and risk of introducing error in coordinating with Steam to deploy the fix is not remotely worth it unless you have more issues to patch. And yet you don't, because your dev team is immersed in a first-person shooter.That said, I would love to see something like this song request app, yet opened up to be an anything request app... There are a dozen or more different bugs and minor enhancements I would request.
      • Dan Amrich on October 15, 2014
        We are currently keeping RS2014 running, but we're not planning any major content additions beyond music DLC. That said, we are absolutely taking feedback and ideas over at our forums -- there's a 70-page thread filled with great stuff that we will dig into one day if we get a green light to do a new edition of Rocksmith. So please, don't wait for an app (though that in and of itself is a fine idea too) to share your ideas -- we do have that path open!
  20. brett on June 27, 2014
    no through the fire and flames yet
  21. brett on June 27, 2014
    hey Dan is it possible to get dragonforce?
    • Dan Amrich on June 27, 2014
      We assume anything is possible until we are told otherwise. So if that's what you'd like to see in the game, please use the request app linked in the article above.
      • brett on June 27, 2014
        yes but I tried using the app but it was glitchy and broken and I couldn't remember my username so can you keep dragonforce in mind plz.
  22. DallasDave on June 27, 2014
    Are any labels easier to work with than others? just wondering if I would be better off spending my time focusing on bands I like from a certain label.
    • Dan Amrich on June 27, 2014
      Nope -- each situation is different, so you might as well request whatever your heart desires and we'll see how it goes from there. :)
  23. RedHotFuzz on June 27, 2014
    I think we as fans could be a lot more effective expressing our strong interest in Rocksmith DLC to the bands themselves rather than constantly harassing Ubisoft. Use those band websites, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, people! Make your voices heard with the people that actually have the ability to say "yes."
    • Dan Amrich on June 27, 2014
      If you do that, just be polite -- some of the bands might not know what Rocksmith is, and it would be a drag to have their first exposure be someone saying something rude like "Why don't you just give Rocksmith the rights already?" :)Certainly if they have a personal awareness or interest, that might help move things along, so bringing it up through fan channels with a simple "Hey, I'd love to play your music in Rocksmith" is a fine idea.
  24. shikamaru on June 28, 2014
    Pretty sure the most requested song is hotel california, because the eagles are about the only one hit wonder in this list (no offense). Glad to see dire straits and tool in this list, sad dream theater isn't but SRV's nice too. Studioforce, that would be annoying, especially since rocksmith can't detect fast repeated notes, but if that's your thing I would suggest you to try Death Mental by Golden Bomber, it has that same power speed metal vibe to it.Thanks a lot for this post Dan, really interesting data
    • Dan Amrich on June 30, 2014
      Sorry, not confirming or denying here, but I cannot agree that the Eagles are a one-hit wonder. Their greatest hits album is 5th on the all-time top selling albums chart in the US and 3rd internationally, behind Thriller and Dark Side of the Moon. It is the highest-selling greatest hits album of all time...and it does *not* have "Hotel California" on it!No offense taken, just...I don't think the data backs up your claim. :) Dig into their back catalog and check out some of the other songs that made them so popular.
  25. asvarox on June 30, 2014
    Do some bands also contact you with proposition of giving you the rights to use their songs? Are there many or just a few? Just curious
    • Dan Amrich on June 30, 2014
      Some bands or labels do suggest working together -- some are fans of the game and want to see their material in it -- but mostly we come to them.
      • Dan Conley on October 4, 2014
        Do you ever re-approach bands for additional songs? I'd love more R.E.M. and Radiohead songs. The Radiohead transcriptions in particular are outstanding.
        • Dan Amrich on October 6, 2014
          It's not ruled out. We have been focusing on bringing as much variety to the library as possible, but we've slowly added Muse songs both on disc and as DLC until we've amassed eight now. If you'd like to see more songs by artists who have already appeared as DLC, by all means, use the request app and let us know which ones.
  26. Greg the cat on June 30, 2014
    What's the story with stp? Hard to believe they aren't near the top 40 with some of the names listed there.
    • Dan Amrich on July 1, 2014
      As the infographic states, we got requests for thousands of bands. The top 40 is only the top 40. :)
  27. Angela Hickman on July 3, 2014
    Is there a way to find out if you are working on getting songs from or have approached a favorite artist (that has been requested using the app but isn't in the top 40 most popular)? :) pretty please??
    • Dan Amrich on July 7, 2014
      We've contacted a fair amount of artists; there are too many to count, and lots of instances where we are waiting. We picked 40 because it was a manageable number, but don't assume that other bands have not been requested too. :)
  28. lightbr on July 7, 2014
    Sad to not see Dream Theater on top 40, but is little odd, if you google Rocksmith and Dream Theater will be a lot of people saying that wish it on RS and since they are on other musical games i ask myself what is the problem with that band? I saw one guy saying that is too hard to use it on a learning musical game, but i disagree, i want explore my limits and use RS for it and im sure a lot of people think like me too... For me would be like a dream finally learn they songs...
    • Dan Amrich on July 7, 2014
      If you see those discussions out there in the wild where Dream Theater fans wish the band's music would be in Rocksmith...point them toward that request app. I don't doubt the desire is there, but they're not using the direct channel to the developers to request it. It's difficult material but that wasn't a barrier for Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, or any of the other more technically complex music that appears in RS.
  29. Ryan on July 7, 2014
    I can think of a few bands and dozens of songs that I want to request, but it's difficult because I know the songs are played on either a 7 string or an 8 string guitar, and obviously Ubisoft isn't going to redo the whole game just to accommodate these few songs and a minority of players who would actually have access to one of those guitars.
    • Dan Amrich on July 8, 2014
      Yeah, the software as it stands is not built to accomodate 7- and 8-string guitars, so Animals as Leaders requests can be made, but they will not be easy to fulfill. Of course, you can use a 7-string guitar or a 5-string bass with the game, but the material isn't created for those instruments.
  30. Edward on July 7, 2014
    Is there any chance of any other dlc such as more guitarcade games or more lessions? Or an update for using effect pedals or a even a wah pedal?
    • Dan Amrich on July 8, 2014
      No DLC planned for Guitarcade, pedals, or session mode instruments, sorry. We're focused on songs.
  31. Nobody on July 8, 2014
    I guess as the game gets more popular more bands want in?
    • Dan Amrich on July 8, 2014
      That's our hope. I can understand that some bands might not be interested early on, but we're hoping as more and more people learn about the game -- both players and artists -- our requests might be more likely to be approved. But we'll see!
  32. lightbr on July 9, 2014
    Just to remmember that most of bands that uses 7 Strings Guitar or 5 Strings Bass dont use all strings on all musics (tbh most of cases there is only a few songs that you really need an extra string). Pull me Under is a good example of it. There is even some cases that the bassist use an extra string only to support the finger on it
    • Jimi on July 18, 2014
      On a similar note, I recently submitted a request for some songs by The Living End. It has since occurred to me that Scott Owen plays the double bass (upright bass). Does RS support this?
      • Dan Amrich on July 18, 2014
        We would simply transcribe it for electric bass. Same notes, same positions, but a different tone.
  33. Maxheadroom on July 15, 2014
    Any chance they'll be adding genre packs Like new wave Post punk ect?
    • Dan Amrich on July 15, 2014
      Certainly possible. We just did a surf pack, and a few weeks ago we had a smattering of 70s FM staples that all came out at the same time. We have more themed weeks in the works.
  34. Paul on July 15, 2014
    Does Rocksmith have any plans to feature guitar tablature in the future? Many guitar players learned from tabs and are very familiar with the format. The color system used in Rocksmith requires learning another musical "language". It's very frustrating because I'm so used to tabs.
    • Dan Amrich on July 15, 2014
      This isn't something you'll see in 2014, but it's an idea we've considered in the past and will reconsider in the future if we have that opportunity. But the Rocksmith interface was developed because it was the most effective in helping people learn songs quickly.If you are used to tabs, invert the strings in RS and you may find it more comfortable. That option is in the menus.And of course...tablature is a different language from standard musical notation, which has been used by musicians for hundreds of years. There's clearly room for more than one approach to conveying music in a visual format.
  35. 61Cadillac on July 16, 2014
    Thank you for the informative article. I can only imagine how difficult the licensing agreements can be to get and the negotiations that go into any given song from request to release in the game. Do you have multi-hit artists who are willing to give rights for one song and not another? Also why were there songs in the original Rocksmith that aren't included in the Rocksmith 2014 edition? If you already had the licensing agreement in place wouldn't it still be valid?
    • 61Cadillac on July 16, 2014
      And on another note, cudos for all the music you have released. You are never going to make all the users of this game happy, but I do see the efforts that go into making a wide variety of genres available to a broad spectrum of your customers.
    • Dan Amrich on July 16, 2014
      Yeah, some artists will say "yes to these songs, no to these songs" -- and those songs might be on the same album. It could be any of the reasons listed above -- maybe the track isn't available, or maybe it's not a song they simply want used in this context.The handful of songs that are not importable from RS1 to RS2014 were generally because the license could not be extended or renegotiated. Like, they were okay with RS1, but not RS2014, for whatever individual reasons they may have had. But since RS2014 is a different product, the extension deal is not automatic -- it's not for "all RS products," so much as "this RS product and now this other RS product." So they have the opportunity to say no, and some did!
  36. ThinkGraphical on July 17, 2014
    I really don't understand why the song requests go through a stupid webform on a facebook-page. Why not make a dedicated website, where we can actually see what songs other people have requested & how many times, if you guys contacted the band yet & the status of the agreement. And where people just can upvote the song with just one click. This really would make your lives (and ours) easier, because you don't have to check mistyped bands/songs. And you could make this infographic above, interactive & even in realtime. Think about how cool that would be...
    • Dan Amrich on July 17, 2014
      Sorry, but a lot of the information you are asking for is simply not information that you are entitled to see, or that we feel compelled to share. Things like the status of the agreement with the band -- no, that's just not information that will be made public, nor is it reasonable to expect that level of transparency. I had hoped that by showing the top 40 requested bands and noting that we have contacted all 40 for permission would be sufficient; sorry this was not enough for you, but that -- along with all the other insight into our process -- is what we feel comfortable offering at this time.For the record: 70,000 suggestions came through the song request app in the last three months alone, so it's a system that works, and we have integrated it into our processes on the developer side. We are hoping to add a few upgrades to the app -- like spelling correction, for instance -- but a new website with real-time tracking of requests and Reddit-style upvotes is not being planned. That would require more money and manpower than can be justified when compared to our other goals. The system we have works quite well and we'd rather spend the bulk of our time making new content for the game.
      • ThinkGraphical on July 18, 2014
        "The status of the agreement" wouldn't be more than a little flag 'contacted the band', 'in progress' or something. I didn't expect the look into the contracts or anything like that.And sorry but "not entitled to see", that's just crazy. It's not like were using sensitive information here, it's just some song requests...I appreciate you showing this data in this infographic, I really do... but with (almost) the same amount of time, you just could output the list from your database. Which would have been always up-to-date data.Adding auto-sugget to those inputfields wouldn't take more than 4 hours, so that's a relatively small update.Again, I appreciate you showing the data... I just can't grasp that a company like that didn't think of making such little user-friendly website. And just make a not-so-user-friendly form on a facebook-page.
        • Dan Amrich on July 18, 2014
          Ultimately, I think we are coming at this from different perspectives. Things that I know are not all that easy for a variety of reasons look easy to you, so you're assuming they should have already been done. I understand your requests and I see the value in them, but you don't understand some of the other factors going on behind the scenes that I am not at liberty to divulge -- there are more moving parts on something like this than you may immediately expect. And honestly, there is a difference between transparency and all access. We'll take criticism and suggestions in equal measure, but telling us what steps to take and how to take them and how long they should take when you're not really aware of what system we are using or how it is maintained is presumptuous, even if your intentions are good. So I was just hoping to set your expectations accordingly.
  37. lightbr on July 22, 2014
    May i suggest something different? I understand the importance of this board guys but i think would be much more usefull a coming soon board than a board that basic says "Im sorry but is not our fault", you see people want to know what will happens on RS, you dont see a movie channel saying "im sorry guys but you wont see that movie on our channel", they promove what they will got. You guys could make a coming soon board including the bands that people ask on app, not the low profile one´s that most of people dont care about... That board could have information about the bands that are confirmed to come soon on RS and the ETA for it, is quite frustrating waiting a entire week then come on FB page and know that next DLC will be about a band that we never heard about, and wait another week and happens again and again... Its much more interesting for us customers know that, for example, Metallica is coming for RS in August 2014 (That is just a random example). Even if had delay people will understand better than wait a week and nothing, another week nothing, and another and another... Please think about it!
    • Dan Amrich on July 30, 2014
      Unfortunately, things have swapped out at the last minute. There have been instances where we had permission, created the DLC, put it out on the schedule...and then the artist or the artist's camp changed their mind. The nature of this DLC is a bit less stable that, say, a boxed game or DLC that is entirely original content. As long as it's a partnership -- which is inherent to this stuff -- there's always going to be a certain amount of risk.Also, by announcing something every week, we are finding that people come back every week. There is constant new content and also new discussion and attention around that content.
  38. Mike on July 28, 2014
    Hey Dan, why do idiots love to spam DLC requests instead of doing what Ubisoft tells them to do?
    • Dan Amrich on July 30, 2014
      People get excited about music and it's only natural that some people will just announce what they want to see. But we're hoping we can build the good habit of using the request app.
  39. Lando on July 29, 2014
    Loved the infographic, however there is one questions that I've been thinking about since Rocksmith's release. Since Guitar Hero and Rockband came out, there were a lot of artists, mostly the older bands that have been around a while, that always scoffed at the musical game genre because of the use of plastic instruments. Now that Rocksmith has established itself, and is showing that it is possible to learn an instrument through a video game, has that made it easier to negotiate with some bands regarding licensing their songs whereas before they were adamantly against it because of the use of plastic instruments?
    • Dan Amrich on July 31, 2014
      It's really down to the artist and how they feel about their music being used in an interactive context. For some, the earlier music games made it easier to get them on board for Rocksmith; for others, the earlier music games made them wary about doing anything that looks even remotely similar. Every artist had a different experience, so you never know if that experience is going to help or hurt when it comes to Rocksmith.
  40. Enak on July 31, 2014
    I miss the "concerts" style in RS1 is there a way to choose 5 songs and play just that?? Non stop play is good but tuning for every other song sucks
    • Dan Amrich on July 31, 2014
      Best way to do this would be to group your Nonstop playlist songs so that all the alt tunings are together. Sort by Tuning, pick the songs you want to play in that tuning, and then set the time for the approximate length of those songs.
  41. Enak on July 31, 2014
    I will try that. thnks Dan!!!
  42. Nexus on August 1, 2014
    Any way to improve on importing songs from older versions of RS??I've bought RS 2014 and love it, I've bought DLC and that's great, but then a lot of songs that I would love to see are only available for the older versions of the game.It seems like an unnecessary annoyance to require someone to purchase multiple versions of the same game and buy a tool on top of that to import the songs they love, especially as that person may have no intention of playing the outdated version, surely the songs from older versions could be bought as an expansion to the new game??
    • Nexus on August 1, 2014
      Just to put it in perspective, if I wanted to buy Pearl Jam Alive it should cost £2.39 but it doesn't. I have to buy original rocksmith £19.99 and the import tool £7.99 so that one song ends up costing £30.37 admittedly you get the original songs as well but its still a steep price to pay (Prices from Steam).
      • Dan Amrich on August 1, 2014
        Well, two things: For DLC, this is a bug unique to Steam and we have reached out to Valve to ask them to remove this restriction. All DLC is supposed to be compatible with RS2014, as it is with the console versions -- you can buy a DLC track that was created for the original RS and it simply shows up in your song list for RS2014.For the on-disc songs for the original RS, however, it's necessarily a different arrangement. The songs that were licensed for the original Rocksmith are licensed just for that context -- just for people who bought that specific product. This is not unusual when it comes to music games. The import tool is an add-on licensing agreement dependent on the original product, and it has proven very popular, extremely easy, and quite affordable ($10 for 50+ songs) -- so I don't think there is a reasonable way to "improve" it. It works as designed; it works the only way it legally can.
        • Nexus on August 1, 2014
          Thanks that's great to hear. I've always stayed away from buying the old DLC because of that warning on Steam, good to know that if I ignore that warning it all works. I must admit I didn't realise the import tool was priced to account for licencing as I assumed licencing cost would have been covered in the cost of the initial game. Cheers
        • Nexus on August 2, 2014
          And good luck with getting Tool into Rocksmith, I would love to see that but with the years of law suits over artwork I can see that they wouldn't be interested in discussing licencing for their songs.
          • Nexus on August 2, 2014
  43. Thomaz on August 4, 2014
    hey dan, can you explain why you guys only do packs of 5 songs maximum? i would love to see ( and to buy) full albums like london calling, or at least a pack with more songs.
    • Dan Amrich on August 5, 2014
      It's a reasonable amount of songs for the team to produce. Five is really the maximum of what can be achieved with the current staff on a realistic schedule. No plans for full albums at this time.
  44. TC56 on August 5, 2014
    Would you consider doing a "random pick" of a band or song say once a month so some of the artists that maybe would not get a look in have a chance? One thing I found with Rocksmith is that it has introduced me to bands and songs that I would normally never listen to.
    • Dan Amrich on August 5, 2014
      I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "random pick" or "artists that maybe would not get a look in." We work with a lot of artists that are familiar to a wide audience but several who are not. For instance, in America, bands like Billy Talent, The Libertines and Biffy Clyro are not household names -- but we put all three of those out in the last six weeks or so. It's amazing that the world is no connected and yet still isolated when it comes to regional music. Biffy Clyro sells out stadiums -- but is virtually unknown in the US.
  45. dallasdave on August 5, 2014
    Hi Dan, have lessor known bands approached you guys asking to be put into RS for publicity? I never heard of Gold Motel until RS2014 and it's a fun track to play. Is it possible we will see more of these types of bands in RS in the future? For example one a week or month offer a discounted spotlight artist song?
    • Dan Amrich on August 5, 2014
      Sometimes we hear from bands who are fans of the game and suggest themselves -- and sometimes they make it in! A rotating sale on lesser-known bands isn't really in the offing, but we've kicked around some ideas on how to make Rocksmith a good platform for finding new music. The last six weeks have contained three bands who are big in their homelands but not huge in the US, so this is a good litmus test -- do Rocksmith players want what they know, or are they looking to be exposed to things they don't know? Time will tell. :)
      • dallasdave on August 5, 2014
        I'm looking for songs that are fun to play on bass, usually that means a cool bass riff.Speaking of that, do you think we will ever see Sunshine of your love in RS 2014?
        • Dan Amrich on August 8, 2014
          We tried to get the license, but the license holder was not interested. So without their permission, no, sorry.
          • Ethan on September 14, 2014
            I can't see why they said no as there is a cover in guitar hero 3 and a cover of the multitracks at Did you tell them you don't need to use the multitracks just the audio you most likely have
  46. Minuteman on August 5, 2014
    Great support and I love how active the Rocksmith team is active in the community. This is a great product and I hope we'll see a next Gen rocksmith - maybe with online multiplayer.
  47. Arran Stewart on August 8, 2014
    Is there any chance of you releasing multiple DLC packs for the same artist?
    • Dan Amrich on August 8, 2014
      Yes. We haven't done it yet, but it's not ruled out. Definitely keep requesting the songs from the artists you want to see.
  48. Johny Kash on August 8, 2014
    I would never mind top reasons 1, 3 and 4 as requests killers of very populars songs before, but seems pretty logical right now, can't blame ubisoft for that. But at the same time i feel like top 2 and educational value and fun factor are just bogus. Nobody cares about education or fun factor in playing a song.The fun factor is to like enough a song already, and everything else is bs. I just hope for better dlc most times. Some RS/RS2014 songs aren't all that great or popular, dlc or not.
    • Dan Amrich on August 8, 2014
      "Nobody cares about education or fun factor in playing a song." I could not disagree more. Please remember that we are not making a jukebox or an iTunes playlist here -- this is not purely a popularity contest and we are not selecting music JUST because it was a hit. Our music team -- the notetrackers who actually create the DLC -- is a mix of guitar instructors, composers/arrangers, and working musicians in successful bands. Rocksmith is, at its core, a teaching tool -- so its educational value is the opposite of bogus, it's critical. Does this feature a technique that is useful to learn? Can you acquire skills that will help you become a guitarist outside of the context of Rocksmith? And fun factor is also important -- is it enjoyable to play, are you challenged by it? We get a fair amount of feedback from people saying some songs in the game are "boring" or "just strummers" or "nothing but power chords." We try to avoid that; we try to select material that requires dexterity and encourages true musicianship. So if you feel those reasons are "bs"...well, they're not.
  49. Dyarky on August 9, 2014
    Thank you for that great infographic! I figured that getting songs for the game is pretty rough. Is there a chance that you'll be going for more foreign artist? For example: I requested some great german bands like the Beatsteaks or the Donots. I would love to see some songs! Another questions I have is in regards to Twitchs new policy for VODs. If a streamer plays some Rocksmith 2014, will his VODs be muted or is the Rocksmith License "strong" enough to prevent the flagging?
    • Dan Amrich on August 11, 2014
      International bands are a possibility -- we got a bunch of Japanese artists last year, and we get requests for artists all over the globe, because Rocksmith is played all over the globe. As for the Twitch situation, that's not something we're involved in; if they say you need a license for the music, you need a license for the music.
  50. Ethan on August 10, 2014
    Do you know if we can get I Ran So Far Away?
    • Dan Amrich on August 11, 2014
      It's worth requesting via the app.
      • Ethan on August 15, 2014
        So does that mean I should save some of my $50 Steam gift card most of the time it's been dlc I don't know for a long time only dlc since miss murder was laid to rest but to me that would be the last song for me to buy
  51. MIADolphins on August 12, 2014
    I can't believe U2 isn't in the 40 most requested! Maybe its because they've been mostly quiet since 2011 aside from the Mandela & Charity songs from this past Winter. If it helps, I think I've requested half of their catalog since getting the game in May. :) I don't have high hopes for them agreeing, but you never know (especially with a new album coming this fall apparently). Have they been contacted at all?
    • dallasdave on August 12, 2014
      New Years Day was the first song I requested via the app :)
      • MIADolphins on August 12, 2014
        Bass players would go nuts for that one. It would have to at least be a 6 pack. I'd hope: New Year's Day, One Tree Hill, The Fly, Walk On, Beautiful Day, Vertigo. But these would be fun too: Sunday Bloody Sunday, Sort of Homecoming, Bullet The Blue Sky, Streets, Desire, Mysterious Ways, Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, Stay, Staring at the Sun, Kite, City of Blinding Lights, Breathe. I'll take any really!
        • Dan Amrich on August 12, 2014
          There are plenty of great U2 songs that we'd love to add to the game, if permissions can be acquired. But all requests should be sent in via the request app.
          • MIADolphins on August 12, 2014
            Oh yes I did that, just speculating what the best would be to play. Conclusion: all of them. :)
  52. Scott on August 13, 2014
    Two words: Ace FrehleyI talked to him myself recently, and he said KISS probably wouldn't want his songs used, but he would say yes to his solo stuff. That was from the artist.
  53. Yrd on August 14, 2014
    Do you guys have a list of DLC to work on for a long time to come? Do you have piles of songs already completed waiting on a schedule for release? Or is it a struggle to reach the weekly schedule?The waffling blows my mind, that some band could say "yeah we're all in, take these 3 songs" then renege and pull out their support. Lets say on this latest No Doubt release, you all had everything ready to go. Then some video gamer kid went on a mad spree of beating up a bunch of people using video game discs as a weapon because people weren't playing enough video games. Of course, No Doubt will want to speak out against all video games and pull their support. Can they pull the deal at any point or once everything is signed, it's a done deal?
    • Dan Amrich on August 14, 2014
      We work a bit in advance, so it's a bit like air traffic control. We have planes in the air and a schedule of how we want them to land, but sometimes we get something that has to circle over the airport for a bit or something that has to land sooner than the rest. We are not running too close to the metal, but we do have a workflow and a schedule that keeps content pretty fresh -- completed songs are not just lying around. As for your tragedy example, the lead singer of Sum 41 was in rehab and looking pretty bad during recovery, but those photos made headlines about two weeks before our Sum 41 pack came out. I was concerned that someone might feel it was tacky to put out our DLC while the guy was looking so unhealthy, but nobody was upset. I cannot predict what an artist would do in a tragic hypothetical situation like the one you describe (I'm not a fan of hypothetical tragedies anyway and cannot predict my own behavior let alone that of others) but ultimately, we are in a legal agreement with the artist and that commitment goes both ways, so the instinct would be "how do we keep our word?" We have had some scares where we had the rights, then someone said we didn't have the rights after DLC was being created and on the schedule, and then we had the rights again. Those instances are rare.
  54. Steve Garcia on August 15, 2014
    Excellent Performance! I just want to say RockSmith has led me to pick up my guitar again. I'm playing more, learning more, and having more fun guitar-playing than I have in years. I'm an old guy so the classic rock songs are where the magic is for me, but RS has introduced me to some great newer artists as well. Keep up the great work and I'll keep supporting the product by buying songs and telling friends.
    • Dan Amrich on August 18, 2014
      We take all kinds of feedback here at Studio SF, but I must say feedback like yours is the kind we love to hear. :) So glad to hear it works for you and we do appreciate you spreading the love -- the goal is to create as many guitarists as we can!
  55. Dolphin on August 16, 2014
    I really hope they put Pierce the Veil and Sleeping With Sirens into the game.
    • Dan Amrich on October 6, 2014
      Use the request app and let us know which songs you'd like to see in Rocksmith 2014.
  56. David on August 20, 2014
    Read the comments regarding the educational value of RS1 and RS2014. I have to say that I have improved significantly since 'gaming' after years of reading tabs and music (the sight reading is lacking these days). I love the diversity the game provides. Currently dreaming up my OZ Rock Pack and thinking which bands would allow their music to be used.
  57. Koschtschak on August 28, 2014
    Hello Dan!! What's the chance to get local bands? For example, I'm Brazilian, I would love to play musics from Brazilian bands. What do you think?
    • dallasdave on September 2, 2014
      I requested Soulfly and so should you!!!
    • Dan Amrich on September 2, 2014
      Request away! It doesn't hurt and you have no idea how many other people might be requesting the same thing.
      • Koschtschak on September 23, 2014
        Great!! I'll do it!!
  58. Paul on September 4, 2014
    I just want to voice support for DLC with educational value. Some songs are great to listen to, or may be great for experienced musicians, but as a rank beginner, there are songs I have really enjoyed because they drove my learning process. That turns them into favorites quickly. When picking songs, please keep us beginners in mind. Sometimes a fairly simple song is nice to learn at this stage of development. The opportunity to practice the basics is very useful.I would love to see some words written about the educational value of specific songs, and suggestions as to progressions. Like "If you found this song to be a good challenge that you were able to master, try this other song which is similar and will re-enforce the concepts you just picked up", or "beginners may like this song because it makes use of xyz techniques", and the occasional "don't even attempt this song until you are very comfortable with xyz technique". And some lists, like "for learning basic chords, here are a few songs that might make for a good starting point" and "if you haven't got the hang of hammer-ons, try these songs, they have some hammer ons that will help you get a feel for the technique". The new sublime pack, for example, pushed me to get hammer ons working on bass, which was something I had been shying away from. In context, it makes total sense now.
    • Dan Amrich on September 4, 2014
      As it stands, the game sort of works in reverse -- it introduces the techniques by surprise, then when your curiosity is piqued, it says "OK, here's what that was, and here's a little lesson on it." But a more comprehensive content guide is a good idea!
  59. Dave on September 8, 2014
    couple of suggestions/questions any chance of adding more guitarcade games for bass like a game to help with popping and slaping or perhaps one for bass chordsis there perhaps some primus in the works or bass dominant tracks eg. muse, motorhead, rage againist the machine, kornalso i have an 8string bass but my question is there any possiblity of adding 5string basses or 7 string guitars into a future expansion?
    • Dan Amrich on September 8, 2014
      No plans to add Guitarcade games or support for more than six-stirng guitars & four-string basses; RS2014 is "feature complete" for better or worse. We're taking note of ideas like yours for future installments, if they happen. But an expansion to the current product is not in the cards.
  60. Alex on September 16, 2014
    In the Infographic i can see, that you transcribe the songs for Rocksmith. Does that mean, that one plays the original notes or just something that some musicians in your studio "heard & wrote down"? For example, if i play a song, do i play in the "orignal" way or just "one of many" ways?With kind regards from Germany
    • Jimi on September 20, 2014
      The interface seems to fairly flexible. I have played barre chords when an open chord was asked for and it worked okay (but then, sometimes it doesn't seem to register when playing what is asked for, but that might be my fat fingers).
  61. Alex on September 16, 2014
    What about some basic songs like "Happy Birthday". Just some kind of Riffs or evergreens for beginners like me, that we can learn in a "short" time just to have a kind of success. Songs to play entirely free. Because often it takes a long time until you can play a song completely free in front of your family for example.
    • Dan Amrich on October 6, 2014
      There are plenty of songs in the game that are not terribly complicated and are a lot more interesting to play and fun to hear than "Happy Birthday." The whole goal of Rocksmith is to teach you what you need to know in order to play outside of Rocksmith, but everybody learns at a different pace. For RS2014, I would recommend "Pour Some Sugar On Me" and "Blitzkreig Bop" as very attainable first songs.
  62. dallasdave on September 17, 2014
    Their notetrackers listen to songs and watch videos to figure out the notes. There are times when a song has an open note and I think it would be better/easier to play the 5th fret equivalent- you can do that of course since it's the same note, but can become confusing.
    • Dan Amrich on October 6, 2014
      The notetrackers are following what the original artists are doing whenever possible. They're checking videos, considering hand positions for efficiency, and listening to tonality. The way a fretted string rings out is subtly different from the way an open string rings out, so sometimes that factors in. But if it's more comfortable for you to play it in one position and the game is asking for another but still recognizes the note as valid, by all means, play it your way. :)
  63. Decoy_NDA on September 20, 2014
    Any chance for a country pack?
    • Dan Amrich on October 6, 2014
      Always a chance, but it's going to be request-driven. Roy Bucananan's "Sweet Dreams" is out now and we're curious to see how the country audience responds/supports that.
  64. War13east_Godz on September 21, 2014
    Thanks for trying to get Metallica on rocksmith Dan, I Love Rocksmith and Ive purchased atleast $100 in dlc, and I Love it, just simply because it takes the time out of playing and let alone that it teaches you more than just the song you get everything! Looking Forward to One, (Metallica) One Day Thanks!!! :D
  65. Dark161000 on September 25, 2014
    Hey Dan, do you have a list of J-Rock songs requested? I would like to see what people want from J-Rock (^_^)
    • Dan Amrich on October 6, 2014
      What you see is the level of request data we feel comfortable sharing publicly. But don't let a lack of a list stop you from requesting what you want.
  66. Ethan on September 25, 2014
    Any chance for holy diver one day? as i'm sure lots of people would like holy diver
    • Dan Amrich on October 6, 2014
      There's always a chance for anything, but if a lot of people would like Holy Diver, then a lot of people need to use the request app linked above to suggest Holy Diver. :) (BTW, Dio or Killswitch Engage?)
      • Ethan on October 7, 2014
        The one from Dio :) and yes I have use the app :)
  67. Zachariah on October 6, 2014
    Honestly I'd like a way to transfer dlc cross-platform. I got 2011 and 2014 on ps3 but I bought an Xbox One. Maybe do what Rockstar is doing with Grand Theft Auto Online and Social Club cross-platform/gen character transfers and apply that concept with U-Play and dlc.
    • Dan Amrich on October 6, 2014
      Sorry, this is not possible, for the same reason you can't get a refill of a McDonald's cup at Burger King. Sure, they both serve Coca-Cola, but you paid one restaurant and the other restaurant isn't going to honor that purchase by giving you food you didn't buy specifically from them. In the GTA example, you're talking about user-generated content (a customized character) with no fees attached, but here, we're talking about copyrighted material that is purchased from a specific retailer.
  68. Catherine on October 9, 2014
    What about Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Ghana, any kind of international music? Can that be requested and will it be accepted?
    • Dan Amrich on October 16, 2014
      Anything can be requested -- we have several Japanese songs in the library already.
  69. James on October 16, 2014
    Dan, apologies if this question has already been asked. There are a ton of comments on this blog to read through!Would it be possible for you to list the difficulty of the songs in the song list on the website or in Store inside the game? Even a "Beg/Int/Adv" rating would be helpful. I think a ranking from 1 to 10 would be awesome!
    • Dan Amrich on October 16, 2014
      The game dynamically adjusts the difficult of each song to the player. So honestly, there's no need for a rating like this -- one of the unique features of RS2014 is that the game listens to you, sets difficulty/complexity accordingly, and moves it up when it feels you are ready.

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