Rocksmith 2014 – 5 Things to Know About the PS4 & Xbox One Edition

You’ve probably heard Ubisoft’s recent announcement about Rocksmith 2014 coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – and it’s coming very soon! With a November 4 release date in the US and a November 6 date internationally, it won’t be long until PS4 and Xbox One owners have the chance to join more than two million people who have already learned how to play guitar – real guitar, with strings and everything – using Rocksmith.

Rocksmith 2014 Edition

If you’ve already tried the Rocksmith method, first of all, thanks! Hopefully you’re on your way to achieving your musical dreams. If you’re just now considering that Rocksmith 2014 might be your method to finally learning guitar, welcome aboard. We’ve posted a handy FAQ in the official Rocksmith forums, but if you’re not looking for a deep dive, here’s the main stuff you need to know…

The DLC you already bought works

If you’re an Xbox 360 owner, your DLC carries forward to your Xbox One at no additional fee. PlayStation 3 players, same thing – just import your already-purchased tracks onto your PS4 when you get your new version of Rocksmith 2014. And you don’t have to do any fancy data transfer on your end — the song licenses are tied to your Gamertag/PSN ID, so all you’ll need to do is re-download your previous purchases on your new machine.

Rocksmith 2014 Edition

The DLC you didn’t buy yet also works

The PS4 and Xbox One editions of the game benefit from a DLC song library three years in the making. All the tracks released for Rocksmith 2014 as well as all the DLC available for the original 2011 edition of Rocksmith will be made available for purchase and download on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (here’s the complete list on the Rocksmith website). And, of course, we’ll keep making more DLC! We’ll hit 500 songs in the Rocksmith library before the year is over, so whatever kind of music you like, you’re bound to find something that inspires you to pick up and play. And as always, your suggestions for future DLC songs are welcome.

The cable you already own works

Rocksmith Real Tone CableMusic is universal, and so is our Real Tone Cable. If you already play Rocksmith on any system, any of your existing Real Tone Cables will work with any other platform, including the forthcoming PS4 and Xbox One editions. If you need a new one or want a second one for multiplayer, every physical copy of Rocksmith 2014 on PS4 and Xbox One comes with one. (You can also buy them separately here.) If you don’t need another cable, watch for the digital download version of the game, which will be available on launch day.

Optical audio is your new jam

HDMI technology is simple, streamlined, and generally awesome… unless you play Rocksmith. Most TVs add latency to the audio signal from an HDMI connection, causing an annoying delay between what you play on your guitar and what you hear from your TV. For this reason, we’ve always recommended an analog audio connection when playing Rocksmith. Sharp-eyed readers will note that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One don’t have analog audio connectors the way the PS3 and Xbox 360 did; the new boxes offer HDMI and optical outputs. Of the two, optical is going to be your best bet this time around. You can also split the audio out of the HDMI cable before it reaches your TV, but that’s a little messier. There’s more on this in the FAQ, too.

Yes, it really works

Three years after the debut of the original Rocksmith, it’s still a little surprising to hear people ask, “Yeah, but…it doesn’t really teach you to play guitar, does it?” Yes, it most certainly does. It will still require effort on your part – learning something new doesn’t happen overnight, and you’ll find challenges along the way – but Rocksmith 2014 is designed to be a personal tutor that listens to you as you play and adjusts the difficulty based on your skill. You choose the songs you want to learn from the bands you already know and love, and Rocksmith will show you what you need to know. We hear fresh stories every week from people who thought they could never learn to play guitar because all the other methods they tried didn’t work – but Rocksmith was their answer. So yeah – we wouldn’t be bringing it to two new platforms if we didn’t know it works!

Rocksmith 2014 Edition

I’m stoked for the November release of Rocksmith 2014 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and I hope you are too. Keep an eye on that FAQ; we’ll keep updating it as we get fresh questions, and of course, you can always chime in below. I’ll do my best to answer.

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Rocksmith 2014

Rocksmith 2014

Release date — October 2013
Developer — Ubisoft San Francisco
The all-new Rocksmith 2014 Edition is bigger, better, and faster than ever. Rebuilt from the ground-up, you’ll experience vastly improved features, a new look, more flexible and deeper practice tools, new techniques and tunings, over 50 new hit songs, and much more. With the revolutionary Session Mode, Rocksmith 2014 Edition takes guitar-learning to the next level by allowing you to play guitar with a virtual band that follows your every lead. Select from an assortment of backing instruments or styles, and Session Mode reacts to the notes you play. Start your journey with Rocksmith 2014 Edition.

ESRB Rating: TEEN with Mild Lyrics and Mild Fantasy Violence
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After 15 years in the games media, Dan Amrich hopped the fence and is now the Community Developer for Rocksmith at Ubisoft San Francisco, which he hopes retroactively justifies his sizeable guitar collection. For fun, he creates puzzles and juggles fire, but not at the same time. Follow him on Twitter: @DanAmrich.