Rayman Fiesta Run Is Out Now!

Are you ready, Rayman fans? The follow-up to the hit Rayman Jungle Run app is now available for you to download. Rayman Fiesta Run features 76 absolutely stunning levels, all created in the same engine that brought you Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends, as well as the recently revealed Child of Light and Valiant Hearts. For only $2.99 you can enjoy hours of sliding, jumping, punching and swimming through a fiesta-themed world. Take a look at the launch trailer for a taste of the wacky antics you’ll be getting yourself into.

Good news for those of you who played Rayman Jungle Run: You’ll be able to transfer the Lums you’ve already gathered so you can get a head start in Fiesta Run. Spend those Lums on special power-ups to help you achieve a perfect level. Once a level has been perfected, you’ll unlock the Invasion mode, which will provide all-new challenges for you to test your skills.

Speaking of testing your skills, Rayman Fiesta Run now lets you share your achievements with friends and challenge them to beat your scores. Thanks to the addition of a world map, you can also track their progression through the game. Grab Rayman Fiesta Run now iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and Windows 8.

Rayman Fiesta Run is Out Now!

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Mark 5pts

Just lost all my progress after saving to iCloud. Unable to restore. It remembers all of the Lums I collected but reset my progress back to square one. Very annoying. I would recommend avoiding the iCloud save feature.

Pawel 5pts

Can I save my progress before I reinstall my phone? Or what if I decide to change phone (I would still use the same google account)?

Scott 5pts

Is this game capable of saving progress across iOS devices? This was a great feature of jungle run that let me play on my phone on the go and then contine on my iPad when I got home.

Neil 5pts

I have a bug in my copy. I cannot get to the last skull level as the blue dot isn't lit up. I have all my crowns though. Can you email me for more info on my problem? I really want to get to the last level!!

Z 5pts

I got this game yesterday and the second I open the app the u I soft symbol appears and then I just crashes ! Not fair ubisoft

I have an iPad 4 with iOS 7.0.4

And it crashes

Waste of $2.99

But I works on iPod 3 with iOS 6.1.3!

Please do fix the bug, I'am w8ting for the new update that will fix the bug

Looking forward

Daniel 5pts

How do I save my progress on iCloud. It's not doing it automatically as it did in Raymond run.

Lachlan 5pts

Hi, could you please explain how to transfer the lums? I can't figure it out...

Zep 5pts

No release on Windows RT... again....

Nick 5pts

Trying to buy this game for my Surface RT, but I don't see it in the Store. :(

eve 5pts

Hey, i have the same thing... :( Actually everything was fine, i had all the levels opened, i had only that last scull level to pass, well, then my little brother took the phone to play the game, and after that i discovered, that the progress has gone back, the last level is locked and i have one last blue lum missing. But all levels are passed 100%. I guess i will have to reset and start again from the 1 level...:/

Raymanfan 5pts

I'm having that exact same problem even now a few months later, any resolution yet? :/

Alex 5pts

Not yet available. Some people are saying tomorrow (the 8th) and some are saying they have no idea when. Ubisoft hasn't said anything, that I know of.