Rayman Adventures Is Now Available on Apple TV

Rayman is back in a brand new adventure. Starting today you can download Rayman Adventures on your Apple TV. Explore each unique level in a range of exciting new environments – from towering castles to the islands of Olympus and magical forests. Unlike Rayman Jungle Run and Rayman Fiesta Run, Rayman Adventures is an action-adventure game that will let players freely explore the levels, solving puzzles and completing various challenges.

Head out with Rayman and Barbara as they begin their quest to rescue the Incrediballs and save the enchanted forest. The Incrediball eggs that sustain the sacred tree have been stolen and scattered around the world, and it’s up to our heroes to track all of them down. You can even hatch the Incrediball eggs to gain access to creatures with special abilities. You’ll have Inhalers, who can suck in Lums from a distange; Seekers, who will point out hidden items and trapped Teensies; and Protectors, who will temporarily protect you from enemies and other hazards.

Rayman Adventures

With the new Siri Remote, you’ll have direct control over everything your character does. Run, jump and punch your way through an incredible world with the new single-touch gameplay. “Developing the game for Apple TV was an amazing experience, and we had the opportunity to use this new device to the fullest,” said Thomas Le Grand, producer, Ubisoft Montpellier. “It was great to see how the Siri Remote fits so well with our gameplay.”

“Apple has already revolutionized the way hundreds of millions enjoy high quality games, enabling people to play in an intuitive and accessible way,” said Jean-Michel Detoc, executive director of mobile division, Ubisoft. “We’re very excited to be present at the launch of the Apple TV with an exclusive version one of our biggest and most beloved franchises, Rayman Adventures.”

Rayman Adventures is available for download right now on Apple TV, and will be arriving on iOS and Android devices this winter.

Rayman Adventures

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