Rainbow Six Siege – Red Crow Operator Echo Teased

Another type of drone will soon be appearing on the battlefields of Rainbow Six Siege, and it will be controlled by SAT Operator Masaru Enatsu, aka Echo. As the designated Defender of Operation Red Crow, Echo packs a small quadrotor drone that you can glimpse in the teaser video below. Does it fly? Can it affix itself to walls? The teaser raises more questions than it answers, but the full reveal of Operation Red Crow is only a few days away.

This weekend, November 12 and 13, the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Semifinals and Finals are taking place in Katowice, Poland. During the live broadcast of the weekend’s matches on twitch.tv/rainbow6, a live panel and demo will delve into Operation Red Crow and show what Echo and the attacking Operator, Hibana, can do.

Both are members of the Japanese SAT, a unit known for its proficiency in close-quarters combat. Echo will wield the SuperNova and MP5SD4 as primary weapons, and the PM9 and P229 as secondary weapons. For more on Echo’s background, check out the announcement on the official Rainbow Six Siege website. For more on Rainbow Six Siege, catch up on the UbiBlog coverage below:

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