Rainbow Six Siege – Raising the Stakes with Caveira and Capitao

Two new operators have entered the fray in Rainbow Six Siege, thanks to the release of the Operation Skull Rain DLC. Caveira is a stealthy lone wolf who has the potential to make a huge impact if you can make the most of her unique ability. Capitão is a versatile support agent with new ways to help the attacking team pry loose staunch defenders. Check out the video below to learn more about the unique ways that these Brazilian BOPE operators change the tactical landscape.

Caveira and Capitão are available now for everyone to purchase using Renown or R6 credits. The Skull Rain update also brings an array of free additions to the game, including the Favela map, the Tactical Realism custom game mode, an angled grip attachment, and myriad game improvements.

You can read all about the update on the Rainbow Six Siege official site and get a deeper look at Skull Rain through the links below.

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