Rainbow Six Siege Operation Blood Orchid Map Teased

There’s a new video showing off the dark, eerie interior of the new map coming on August 29 with the launch of Operation Blood Orchid. Dubbed “Theme Park,” the map is set in a deteriorating amusement park in Hong Kong, where smiling tiger and monkey mascots welcome players to the field of conflict. Proceeding past teacup rides into a spacious hall, players will have to resist the temptation to check out the arcade games and stop for a snack at the concession stands while proceeding to the objective. Gargoyles and mummies await inside what appears to be a haunted house section of the park, as you can see in the teaser video below:

The Theme Park map will be available for free to all players when Operation Blood Orchid launches on August 29. Siege fans can get a look at the new map and three new Operators in action during the Rainbow Six Pro League finals. For more on Rainbow Six Siege, check out the UbiBlog’s previous coverage.