Rainbow Six Siege – The Making Of Operation White Noise

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating new Operators for Rainbow Six Siege? How the team decides on the new abilities they want to introduce, and how they create the new gadgets? In the video below, you’ll hear from the developers themselves about the creation process for Operation White Noise. Learn where Dokkaebi’s name originated, and how it ties into her ability to hack defenders’ devices. Hear how Vigil’s mask became a jumping-off point for the writing team, and why making Ela and Zofia sisters was so crucial to their conception. And what was Zofia bringing to the battlefield before she got her grenade launcher? Find out now:

Of course, it isn’t just the three new Operators arriving with White Noise, it’s also a new map. Tower plays with the familiar elements of a Rainbow Six Siege map in some very big ways, and you can hear straight from the level designers just how much they decided to push it. As Rainbow Six Siege approaches Year 3, the conception process for new Operators and maps is always evolving. Get a glimpse of where things are going in the video above.

Rainbow Six Siege is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. For more details on Operation White Noise and what’s coming in Year 3, check out our previous coverage.