Rainbow Six Siege – First Velvet Shell Operator Revealed

“They always leave something behind.” These are the first (and only) words spoken by Jackal, the first Operator to be revealed from the Velvet Shell DLC that will kick off Year 2 of Rainbow Six Siege. This line comes as he activates a special light-and-goggles combo on his head, causing enemy footprints on the ground to be revealed in his field of view. Jackal appears to be an Operator focused on gathering intel on enemy positions and movements, so it seems things could be getting more dangerous for lone wolves roaming away from the team.

Jackal is one of two new Operators coming in the Velvet Shell DLC. The new Coastline map has already been teased, showing an opulent compound on the Mediterranean coast. A full reveal of the Operators and a live demo of the Velvet Shell DLC in action will take place during the Six Invitational from February 3-5. Check out the full schedule for the weekend’s tournament and panels, and read below for more coverage on Rainbow Six Siege.

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