Rainbow Six Siege – Everything You Need to Know to Start Strong

The world of Rainbow Six Siege is an exciting one, full of intense firefights and clever tactics that combine to create some of the most dynamic moments in any first-person shooter. So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t gotten into Siege yet, don’t worry; the video guides below are specifically tailored to ease you into the game and get you going. And better yet, from now until October 13, the Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition is only $15 on Steam and Uplay. Grab the game, and while it’s downloading, check out this video for six steps to follow so you can hit the ground running.

Now that you’re briefed on the basics, it’s time to dabble in specialties. Each Operator in Rainbow Six Siege has a unique gadget that can give you and your teammates an edge in battle. Find out who they are and what they can do in this comprehensive rundown.

Remember how the first video recommended you spend some Renown on sights and attachments? You should really do that. Watch this video to find out more about how each attachment can improve your gun, and learn how you can improve your look in-game.

The Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition includes the whole game and will put you into matches with owners of any other edition of Siege, but there are a few differences you can read about in this FAQ. For more information on the latest DLC Operators, recent game updates, and the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League, check out the Ubiblog coverage below.

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