Rainbow Six Siege Dos and Don’ts

Rainbow Six Siege has finally arrived on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Experience the destructive siege technology in the game’s single-player Situations, PvE, or PvP. With only one life per round, you must carefully fortify and defend or breach and attack, but maybe you want some guidance to set you down the path toward victory. We’ve put together a few handy dos and don’ts to help you get started in Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege


…Communicate. Your team needs to know what’s up. Let them know where you’re headed, if you can see any enemies, what the plan is, etc. Don’t leave your teammates in the dark.

…Study up on the Operators. Try all of them. There may be some you’re a secret badass with, but wouldn’t necessarily go to because they don’t seem like your style.

…Listen. Keep an ear out for the sound of approaching footsteps, the telltale hiss of Bombers and the rhythmic beeping of nearby C4. Paying close attention to your surroundings will save your life.

…Feather your triggers. Almost every weapon has some serious kick, so holding down the trigger will only make hitting your target more difficult.

…Remember your gadgets. The Operators’ unique gadgets aren’t the only tools in their inventories. Each Operator can also equip two secondary gadgets, and both attackers and defenders have additional goodies they can rely on. All defensive Operators have an infinite supply of wooden barricades, plus a couple reinforced barricades that can be placed on walls to give them an extra layer of fortification. All offensive Operators have two scouting drones that can be tossed out at any point during the match to locate objectives, tag enemies and investigate fortifications.

Rainbow Six Siege

…Remember your sidearm, too. If your gun runs dry just as an enemy rounds the corner in front of you, switching to your pistol will put a ready firearm in your hand faster than reloading will. When every second counts, being quick on the draw can spell the difference between victory and having to sit out the rest of the round.

…Buddy up. Some Operators work really well together. Find pairings like Mute and Castle (whose signal jammer and armored barricades create extra-durable barriers), and learn the best ways to use them.

…Pay attention to which Operators work well against each other. Just like some Operators fit well with each, some are perfect for going up against other Operators. Ash is great against the aforementioned Mute and Castle duo, thanks to her long-distance breaching rounds, which are unaffected by Mute’s signal jammer and can punch right through Castle’s armored barricades.

…Recon. Recon. Recon. We really can’t emphasize this one enough. Yes, we discussed the drones in another Do, but seriously. Use the time before a match to thoroughly scout enemy placements, booby-traps and areas that will provide the most effective breach.

…Go prone, especially on defense. Having less body mass in an enemy’s line of sight means you’re less likely to get hit by bullets.

…Look up. Breaches won’t just come from your level; they can also occur above you. It’s a good idea to scout for those potential entry points before the round starts. Maybe send one teammate to the floor above to place a reinforced barricade on the floor, forcing the attacking team to use an Operator like Thermite to get through that way.

…Fortify. Turn the area you’re defending into a veritable fortress. Fortify every door, window and weak wall you can. These barricades aren’t foolproof, but they’ll slow your enemies down and potentially funnel them toward paths of least resistance – where you’ll be waiting.

Rainbow Six Siege


…Ignore the Situations. In addition to helping you learn mechanics, map layouts and mode structures, the Situations will also teach you how to use different Operators effectively, and help you earn some quick Renown.

…Shoot your teammates. On top of kinda making you look like a jerk, friendly fire will cost you some of your Renown. Be careful where you point that thing.

…Run into your teammates’ line of fire. Just as important as not shooting your teammates, is not walking directly in front of their gun while they are firing. If you need to move in front of them, communicate. Let them know what you’re doing so they can hold fire.

…Rush. Running headfirst into an unknown area is a surefire way to get yourself knocked out of the match. Take your time and investigate your surroundings. You never know who (or what) is just around that blind corner. This is when listening and drones really come in handy.

…Place your drone near the hostage in Terrorist Hunt. The White Masks may try to destroy it and end up shooting the hostage in the process, causing you to fail the mission.

…Misuse your gadgets. Definitely don’t zap a downed teammate with Twitch’s special taser-equipped drone. This seems like common sense, but…well, we made that mistake once. It was an accident. The teammate died. We felt bad about the whole ordeal. Tasers are not defibrillators.

Rainbow Six Siege

…Forget to upgrade your weapons. You can spend some of your Renown on upgrades for your weapons. While you can certainly get by without adding new scopes and attachments to your weapons, they’ll make some noticeable improvements to your favorites. In fact, if you’re in a groove with a particular Operator, it may be wiser for you to spend some Renown to make them more powerful, rather than unlocking a new Operator right away. One of our personal favorite upgrades is the silencer for Glaz’s high-powered rifle. It knocks a little off the weapon’s overall damage, but it won’t alert enemies to your presence.

…Wander off on your own. Danger can come quickly and unexpectedly, and everything can go belly-up in seconds if a teammate has to sprint halfway across the map to revive you.

…Always fire down the sights. Sometimes you’re better off firing from the hip, especially if you’re playing as a shield-carrying Operator. When you aim down your pistol’s sights, you’ll automatically lower your shield to prop your gun on top of it. Lowering the shield to fire makes you much more accurate, but also much more vulnerable.

…Ever assume you’re safe. Even if you’re outside and everything seems quiet. Even in the Terrorist Hunt modes, enemies can and will go outside to search for you. Every so often, the White Masks will have someone patrolling outside, and it’s not uncommon for Bombers to come out to play.

Rainbow Six Siege

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