Ready your army for battle and step into the open-beta world of Panzer General Online. The free-to-play browser-based title is now open to all players, so now’s the perfect time to become an armchair general. Take on historically inspired battles in an experience that combines collectible card games with old-school board games. Check out the open beta trailer to see the game in action.

Those of you who took part in the closed beta will get exclusive access to two new tanks – one for the German army and one for the US army – as thanks for your support. The closed beta was a great learning experience for the team at Blue Byte. They were able to listen to the fans and make improvements based on your suggestions. For example, Skirmish 2.0 has been added to the game to enhance multiplayer. Go into battle on equal footing when you square off against another player with pre-constructed decks. No one has the distinct advantage and everyone must rely on their wits.

Panzer General Online Enters Open Beta

New units have also been added to create new strategic elements for players. All the new changes plus a whole lot of fine-tuning have created an optimized experience to ensure players are able to exercise their minds in turn-based tactical combat in both the single-player and multiplayer. Build your deck out of tanks, artillery and infantry to ensure you have the strongest army. Join the open beta now for free at the official Panzer General Online website.

Panzer General Online Enters Open Beta

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