Ode – A New Musical Exploration Adventure Out Now on PC

Joy, the star of the new music exploration adventure Ode, is a small blobby creature with two goals: collecting fallen stars, and spreading her namesake around alien landscapes as much as possible. How you achieve these goals is up to you; Ode has no tutorial or guide, and you’re encouraged to explore its four garden worlds at your own pace.

Created by Ubisoft Reflections (the studio behind Grow Home, Grow Up, and Atomega), Ode lets you experiment in open environments where everything reacts to you. As you collect the orb-like fallen stars scattered throughout each level, you’ll be able to throw them, attract them, and even use them to alter Joy’s form, assuming different shapes to reach new areas. By investigating your surroundings and solving Ode’s musical puzzles, you’ll light up the landscape and add new layers to the soundtrack, gradually creating a musical and visual backdrop tailored to your play style.

Ready to give Ode a look? It’s available today on PC, and you can grab it through Uplay for $4.99 or €4.99.